27 feb 2013

Raiza Biza - Waves ft Depth (Prod. Haan 808) #FD On Afrihooop

New Music: Raiza Biza - 'Waves'

This song is the first single from my 'Summer' album. I am very excited about putting out this project. It was written almost entirely while I was on the road performing my Dream Something LP.

It is inspired by the beautiful Summers we enjoy in New Zealand.

You can listen and download it at http://soundcloud.com/raizabiza/raiza-biza-waves-ft-depth-prod

I will be releasing my album no later than the middle of March..

I hope wherever you are, the weather is treating you as well as its treating me.


Raiza Biza


Download my new LP, 'Dream Something' for free at raizabiza.bandcamp.com/
Rapper from Rwanda, grew up in Joburg, now trying to fly in NZ. Download and share the songs as you want.
Keep in touch with me via:
Or email me rayruzibiza@gmail.com
Safe, Raiza Biza

Destin et Beyond by Monk.e & Kenlo (Montreal) On Afrihooop

Copies physiques / Hard copies: www.monke.bigcartel.com


released 18 October 2012
Producteur exécutif: Monk.e
Musique: Kenlo
Paroles: Monk.e
Avec la participation de: CeasRock, Markings, UrbN LogiX, OneNess



all rights reserved


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M.anifest (Ghana) - Blue (Chale What Dey Happen) [Official Video]

M.anifest speaks of nostalgia in this video. There's even a line that puts certain words directed at him and his recent adoption of pidgin in his rhyme in a different light. As usual, pristine visuals from the man.
The video was shot on location in Saltpond and Accra. It tells a story of longing and nostalgia inspired by living away from home. The video shows M.anifest in soliloquy whiles his mind travels to many childhood memories that remind him of home. From longing for kelewele, beans, gari (foods readily available on the streets of Accra) to girls shaking their "wele," "Blue" shows a man journeying through time, torn between melancholy and fond remembrance.
"Blue" (Chale what dey happen) is also a throwback to M.anifest's adolescent years but perhaps more importantly a historical document of the cultural shifts that hiplife/ rap spawned in the 90s. In the 3rd verse you hear and see images that serve as a reflection on the beginnings of a new wave of contemporary Ghanaian pop/hiplife music.
@manifestive | YouTube LINK

Dj Seanski : Public Enemy Tribute #FD On Hip Hop Life And Times UK

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DJ Seanski, best known for his involvement on Guru’s Jazzmatazz album series, returns to the scene with his brand new mixtape, A Tribute to Public Enemy. The 18-track mixtape features classic P.E. material such as “Fight The Power” and “Bring The Noise,” but Seanski also mixes in tracks that were sampled by Public Enemy’s production team, the Bomb Squad. According to Seanski, expect to see a lot more from him in 2013. Enjoy and be educated.

Da Video Of The Week : Bril Fight 4..., Kab II Seus (Fuk'n'Kuk) - Lawone Fawone



Publicado el 17/02/2013
Bril ak Platineum on da beat ,,
Légui Légui crew "Dasupa ak Da Hanger"
Real shit for the real HH lovers

(This was made entirely on the iPhone 4S, including all shooting, color grading, editing, and effects...
by #dasupacreator )

26 feb 2013

The Rhyme Traveler's Wife by Lyrical Thought In Parenthesis #FD

The Rhyme Traveler's Wife is the debut album from South African emcee LYRICAL TIP released under Audible Braile Entertainment and Only The Illest.








released 21 February 2013



all rights reserved


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19 feb 2013

[Strictly Bussines] “Galvanising Golden Era” 22.02.2013 In London

Promo Vid -> www.youtube.com/watch
From 8:00pm || Live Graff From The Read And Weep Crew
ADV £6 from || www.skiddle.com/events/11800242/
Or buy direct || From The Silver Bullet. 

[STRICTLY BUSINESS] is a new hip hop event that brings the golden age vibes back to the city at The Silver Bullet just opposite Finsbury Park Station. No barriers, no beef and the best bar staff around. Every other month. After hosting legends Lords of The Underground & Jeru The Damaja we're starting the year with some heavy weights from our home turf. Get set to see the ‘Daddy of UK Hip Hop’ Skitz grace the stage with PROfit for his album debut. Supported by crews that have been representing since the 90s to now as well as live graff from the Read And Weep crew and Planet Rocks Clothing Debut. Hosted by David J who's lyrical wordplay, verbal dexterity and freestyle skills are simply awe inspiring, it’s an education to see this gentleman let loose on a stage. Let the good times roll....

SKITZ + PROFIT ||| Album Debut…


IVY FEED ||| DMC Finalist

210 ||| RH / 210 Presents

SONNY DELIGHT & DJ EVER ||| Strictly B Residents. 


DAVID J ||| Host 

+ Planet Rock Graphics Clothing Debut 
Strictly Business FB PAGE -> http://bitly.com/YvETon
Stay tuned....
The Silver Bullet 
5 Station Place
N4 2DH
Nearest tubes: Finsbury Park (directly opposite)
->Hear & See the stage from anywhere in the venue 
& if your out having a smoke... hip hop hooray
Happy Hour Drinks -> 6-8pm. 
£2.50 cans of Red Stripe 
£2.50 House Spirit & Mixer 
£2.50 Small Glass of House Wine.

14 feb 2013

14.02.2013 #iluvusomuch: Mister Rae + Teck-Zilla: So Long Featuring Ryan Lague

Mister Rae(London based) and Teck-Zilla(Montreal based), founding members of the str8buttah crew are back with a one off single titled "So Long". A song that deals with love from a quirky stand point. The single produced by Teck-Zilla is a laid back cut with boom bap-ish drums laced with a spacey/atmospheric background and its something to kick back and relax to.  The track also features Montreal singer Ryan Lague whose pop styled vocals help add some extra variety to the mix.

NB: The song is for streaming purposes only: a buy link is available on our bandcamp page. 
Release date: 14th of February

Along with the song is a short animation using clips of retro cartoons from the 50s.
Thanks for the support and love.
Audio: Soundcloud / AudioMack
Purchase the track HERE
Video Link: Youtube

6 feb 2013

Rhyme Traveler's Wife (Official Trailer) "Lyrical Thought In Parenthesis"

Lyrical Thought In Parenthesis is an emcee and producer based in Pretoria, 

South Africa. Senior partner at Audible Braile Entertainment and Member of Only The Illest.

Elihle Siwisa


..Words are my capital, i'll start a franchise/on the corners of 
rhyme & reason's where establishments lie.. (c)
Cap City, South Africa

5 feb 2013

Concert Aniversaire De Biba Arif a Paris 9 Fevrier 2013

Biba Arif Official Myspace

"Dc Loves Dilla" on Feb the 17th 2013

Each and every year a select few major cities across the country celebrate the life and musical legacy of the late James "Jay Dee/J Dilla" Yancey.  This year in DC we're going to turn it up a notch by having 10 DJ's on the lineup, including Detroit’s own Waajeed [founding member ofSlum Village & Platinum Pied Pipers].  Mrs. Maureen ‘Ma Dukes’ Yancey will be there as our honorary special guest, and Aniekan Udofia will be doing a live art installation throughout the night.  Last but certainly not least, the night will be hosted by the Soul Brother #2, Grap Luva.

Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the J Dilla Foundation for arts education and Lupus research.


[The DJ Edition]

featuring DJ sets by:


[Bling47.com/Platinum Pied Pipers/Slum Village]


Roddy Rod

2-Tone Jones





Marshall Law

Minus 9

Harvey Dent

special honorary guest:
Mrs. Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey

hosted by:
Grap Luva

live art installation by:
Aniekan Udofia

Sunday, February 17, 2013 (holiday weekend)
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street, NW | DC
$10 at the door

Lady Leshurr : "Good God" Video On NANGTV (Uk)

Subido el 06/02/2012


DOWNLOAD LINK - www.ladyleshurr.com

For Videos like this EMAIL - INFO.NANGTV@GMAIL.COM


Let me just unlesh the beat
Flows are fire so il release the heat they don't wanna ever try and be mean to lesh
Cus I will tell em they will never compete with me
So just come meet the queen
Never defeat my team
Get in the booth I spit bury the beat and leave
Very obscene to these
Tell em achieve my dreams
Every Mc will scream
Cus I will just murder the track
Got more lines then Burberry has
Your a Mark return of the Mac
Got the bomb give the word to Iraq
Fly il never land (Netherlands) I ain't on the Germany map
They ain't got the nerves to attack
Stand straight perm in ya back
My bars will leave em discombobulated
Your work rate well it's not tolerated
I'm a take the beat apart operate it
And I glisten in the light got holiday skin
Your best to quit just cooperate quick
Never on a late tip
Got a one away spit
Got alot of haters
And they hover they think
I am the 1 but were not on the matrix
I'm ill and now they wanna catch the cold
And they can hear me no matter how fast I flow
Always surf the net like a basketball
Your headtop will be gone Amber Rose
It's going down Amber Cole
My moneys in check (cheque) I don't need a bank to know
So go get on your knees and pray like
I bun down all stage shows
Watching and imitating is all they know
Never be close to next (necks) like short canerows
Mc's will get spun like Tornados
Anybody that wanit with lesh well their be suffering
And now I got em nervous stuttering

Source : @LadyLeshurr

To Download 4 free Lady Leshurr's  Mixtapes click Here 

Crime Heats Records : New Zealand Beatz On Afrihooop

Grafics Crimeheat 
Hamilton, New Zealand
Waddup ppl, a lil bit about me...
I'm a beat maker that loves to make beats with creative edge, and I try hard not to be influenced by any other artists on most occasions...it's hard not to be influenced by others but I believe in bein original most of the time...thats when u make the best music, when u pull it from your soul strings, I'm sick of hearin the same thing over and over
I been makin music with the likes of Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, Vers'z and Blaze The Emperor, who are all very talented artists, I totally believe that it is so healthy surrounding yourself with good artists, it's definitively a key ingredient for anybody makin music
Cool, have a listen to my beats, c wot u think, if you like 'em then cool, if you don't then it's still all good, peace
Grafics / CRIME HEAT

Is a Fact : Raiza Biza doesn't sleep !!!

Raiza Biza & Crime Heat – Art & Soul

Publicado el 03/02/2013

Download my latest LP, 'Dream Something' at www.raizabiza.bandcamp.com

Raiza Biza's new video  titled Hearts & Soul produced by  Crime Heat Beats

2 feb 2013

Art Melody (Burkina Faso) "YAM SABAAB" On Free Download

Art Melody's husky, powerful voice has been catapulting the Burkinabé people's daily concerns into the ears and minds of hip hop lovers worldwide. Just recently, Melo performed all across France with fellow rapper Joey le Soldat, as Waga 3000, and now he blesses us with the first single off of his upcoming album Wogdog Blues, due in March.
Yam Sabaab is produced by French beatmaker extraordinaire Redrum for Tentacule Records who has collaborated with Melo on his last album, Zound Zandé. On this song, Art Melody gives love back to Ouaga and his people, as he talks about his routine growing up in Ouaga, discovering hip hop and freestyling from one end of town to the other.

Premier single "YAM SABAAB".
Extrait de son nouvel album WOGDOG BLUES.
(Akwaaba Music / Mars 2013)

Raiza Biza (Rwanda)"They Told Me" On Free Download

New Project out mid Feb.
'They Told Me' is a sort of reflection of some of the feelings, thoughts and ideas that have started developing during my journey, over the last 4 months. Crime Heat on the beat.

New Music Video Submission: Jasiri X "Ascension" On Free Download (Montreal - Quebec - Canada)

Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is one of the rising stars in Pittsburgh's burgeoning hip-hop scene. Following in the footsteps of Steel City natives Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, Jasiri is the latest Pittsburgh rapper to garner national attention. Jasiri brings a socially conscious message to his music, delivering hard-hitting edutainment in the tradition of hip-hop greats from Public Enemy to Dead Prez. After garnering significant attention last year for his tribute track "Trayvon" and being featured on outlets as diverse as AllHipHop and The Huffington Post, Jasiri kicks off 2013 with his latest album, Ascension. Produced entirely by Religion, Ascension hits iTunes and all other digital retailers on March 26th, 2013.

L-Tore From Maseru (Lesotho) : Say What’s Real

Lerato L -Tore Leteka from Maseru, Lesotho shows there’s more to the country than snow and pointy hats.Say Whats Real is on Royalty Presents The Commercial Mix.

L tore torey tana


Producer/beat maker, rapper, voice artist, part time graphic artist, and writer. 
For bookings (+266) 58109726, letekajnr@gmail.com
Maseru, Lesotho · reverbnation.com/ltore

Dyme A Duzin ft Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers - New Brooklyn Remix

Complex.com premieres the remix of Dyme a Duzin's track "New Brooklyn" featuring the Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers.
Download Dyme's mixtape "A Portrait of Donnovan" here! bit.ly/DymeAPOD
The remix will be premiered on Peter Rosenberg's upcoming SXSW mixtape "The New York Renaissance"!

The Underachievers : "Indigoism" (Indigos On the Rise) On Free Download

As members of the Beast Coast movement (which includes Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew), The Underachievers are part of the new wave of rappers that have been coming out of New York. But they’re also repping the West: last summer the duo signed to Flying Lotus’ label in LA, Brainfeeder. ‘Indigoism’ marks the first Brainfeeder/Underachievers collaboration. Dropping February 1st, the 17-track mixtape features the duo’s underground hits (including ‘Gold Soul Theory,’ ‘Herb Shuttles’ and ‘Leopard Shepherd’), in addition to brand new tracks produced by the likes of Mr Bristol, Rich Flyer, The Entreproducers, Bruce Lee Kixxs, Juice and Lou Chapo from Tribe Gang, and Dreamrite. Listening to their sage lyrics, it’s hard to believe they’re only 21 (Ak) and 22 (Issa Dash) years old. And on the strength of ‘Indigoism,’ it’s near impossible to believe that up until 9 months ago, Ak and Dash had no set intention to be in the rap game at all. As they say themselves: “Indigos on the rise.”

Lesotho + Japan : SAN + RONIN BEATS by SAN + RONIN on Free Download (Released 01.02.2013)

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format 
    you could possibly desire.
SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist is a producer from Maseru, Lesotho. RONIN BEATS is a producer from Osaka, Japan. 

What you have in your possession is the duo's debut offering as a two man beat making team. 

The work is mixed and mastered by Mr. RIZ, a sound engineer from Pretoria, South Africa


released 01 February 2013 
Produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist and RONIN BEATS. mixed and mastered 
by Mr. RIZ.



all rights reserved


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Source : http://ko35h32.bandcamp.com/album/san-ronin-beats

**Brand New** "NDT Mixtape Vol 1 **CASHINO** 27 tracks...Hosted by Deejay Yemster" @DeeJay_Yemster

Cashino NDT is a talented UK-Naija MC/Rapper. This Mixtape displays his unique rap style and capability to rap onto any genre. Not many MC/Rappers are capable of doing this and this is where he stands out from the rest. Theres no question of doubt anyone who listens to this mixtape will surely appreciate his style and efforts.