5 feb 2013

Lady Leshurr : "Good God" Video On NANGTV (Uk)

Subido el 06/02/2012


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Let me just unlesh the beat
Flows are fire so il release the heat they don't wanna ever try and be mean to lesh
Cus I will tell em they will never compete with me
So just come meet the queen
Never defeat my team
Get in the booth I spit bury the beat and leave
Very obscene to these
Tell em achieve my dreams
Every Mc will scream
Cus I will just murder the track
Got more lines then Burberry has
Your a Mark return of the Mac
Got the bomb give the word to Iraq
Fly il never land (Netherlands) I ain't on the Germany map
They ain't got the nerves to attack
Stand straight perm in ya back
My bars will leave em discombobulated
Your work rate well it's not tolerated
I'm a take the beat apart operate it
And I glisten in the light got holiday skin
Your best to quit just cooperate quick
Never on a late tip
Got a one away spit
Got alot of haters
And they hover they think
I am the 1 but were not on the matrix
I'm ill and now they wanna catch the cold
And they can hear me no matter how fast I flow
Always surf the net like a basketball
Your headtop will be gone Amber Rose
It's going down Amber Cole
My moneys in check (cheque) I don't need a bank to know
So go get on your knees and pray like
I bun down all stage shows
Watching and imitating is all they know
Never be close to next (necks) like short canerows
Mc's will get spun like Tornados
Anybody that wanit with lesh well their be suffering
And now I got em nervous stuttering

Source : @LadyLeshurr

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