28 nov 2013

Spoek Mathambo : ‘Wave Crusher′ Mixtape

This playlist contains 9 tracks, total time: 33.03

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Simba & Milton Gulli’s (Maputo - Mozambique) Tribute To A Tribe Called Quest + Video : Simba & Milton Gulli - Scenario feat. Zubz (SA)

The Heroes: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest:

3.African Tour 
4.Can I Kick It (Chuta) 
5.Electric Relaxation 
6.Bonita Intro 
7.Bonita Applebum 
9.God Lives Through (I Love My God) 
10.We've Got The Jazz 

About the album
Music is not just art, just words, just sounds, it is an invisible net that binds

us, fusing with our souls, telling our stories. This is the story of how A Tribe Called Quest inspired these artists to make a difference musically, to not fear being different, to not fear self expression. This tribute is to thank ATCQ for being the first to take these steps, and to make it easier for those who followed.

Like all art forms, music is a means of self-expression. This album is an

expression whose purpose is to thank A Tribe Called Quest for being, not only a

source of inspiration, but more importantly a source of positive energy.

This album also serves as a message to ATCQ, urging them to get past their

differences and remember their roots as a hip hop band. We hope that the

response will remind the band of why they started making music, of their roots, and of their duty to their fans.
“The Heroes: A Tribute To A Tribe Called Quest” is a voyage, from the 90’s when ATCQ was at its peak, to now, taking the listener on an evolutionary tour of hip hop to Southern Africa. This album is not only a tribute to ATCQ, but also a symbol of the happiness and joy in the simplicity of life, love, and music.
Recorded Live in Mozambique.

Publicado el 09/09/2013

Simba & Milton Gulli - Scenario feat. Zubz The Last Letta (Johanesbourg - SA)

"The Heroes: A Tribute To A Tribe Called Quest" is a voyage, from the 90's when ATCQ was at its peak, to now, taking the listener on an evolutionary tour of hip hop to Southern Africa. This album is not only a tribute to ATCQ, but also a symbol of the happiness and joy in the simplicity of life, love, and music.

Recorded Live in Mozambique.

Scenario is the first single taken from the album


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27 nov 2013

UrbanArt : Dreams Close To Home Tour : [Rough Draft] | Mooki Mooks, Skubalisto & Fuzzy Slipperz (Joburg SA)

Three Joburg-based artist friends embarked on a road trip across the country, painting murals and documenting their adventure. Painter/illustrator/muralists Lisolomzi Pikoli (Mr Fuzzy Slipperz) and Skumbuzo Vabaza (Skubalisto), and photographer Karabo Mooki (Mooki Mooks) had all been travelling overseas and on their return wanted to rediscover and better understand their home country through public art and service. The painting tour, titled Dreams Close To Home and co-sponsored by RVCA’s artist network program, took 15 days to complete.

[Rough Draft] | Mooki Mooks, Skubalisto, Fuzzy Slipperz from Corporate Nemesis on Vimeo.

Shot + Edited: Tseliso Monaheng
*work in progress

Source :  10and5.com

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Voici Le Retour de la Cométe : Alien Zik 2014 Bientôt Dans les Bacs


Source : Karismatik Diksa on Fb

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Submit ur Muzik : The Predators' Ball Entertainment - VNova's "Murder Scene" Official Video #HD

Publicado el 30/10/2013

VNova's "Murder Scene" is the second single from his street album "Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 2". 
It is produced by G Casso. The video is edited and directed by VNova and Wit.

Checkout the new video:  VNova’s “Murder Scene” is the second single from his street album “
Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 2″. It is produced by G Casso. The video is edited and directed by 
VNova and Wit. “Murder Scene” is a cinematic depiction of the street life and neighborhoods that 
VNova was raised in. It is an anthem for neighborhoods like Brownsville and East New York, 
among others that give New York City its gritty reputation and character.

To Find out more about VNova: 
All media should contact admin@thepredatorsball.com


Apparel by I Am Brooklyn.

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26 nov 2013

"Urban Griot Battle" 2ème Édition by Jkr NaLounde l'AfrOptimiste (Dakar - Senegal)

Urban Griot Battle" la première ligue de Battle Rap à capella d'Afrique francophone", elle a pour but 
de détecter et promouvoir les meilleurs rappeurs du Sénégal et du continent Africain.
Urban Griot n'est pas une simple battle rap de plus... Bien plus que ça, c'est une ligue de rap africaine 
qui a pour but d'organiser des rencontres internationnales avec les ligues partenaires Rap Contenders (France) 
et d'autres à venir pour ainsi créer des passerelles entre les pays de la francophonie (France, Quebec, Afrique)

et d'autres à venir.

Infos et inscriptions : 

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JOEY le SOLDAT - Album "Burkin Bâ" Sortie Février 2014 (Itunes/CD/LP)

Après 4 mois de travail , le mix de l'album de JOEY le SOLDAT , "Burkin Bâ" est maintenant terminé. C'est Dave Cooley de Elysian Master Studio à Los Angeles qui se chargera cette semaine de mettre la touche finale à l'album. (Madvillain, Jdilla/Donuts, Spoek Mathambo, Melody Nelson/Gainsbourg, Liars, Art Melody, etc ...). L'album sortira en mars 2014 sur le label Akwaaba Music. Paix. (Tentacule Records) — avec JoEy le Soldat.

JOEY le SOLDAT - Album "Burkin Bâ" - Produit par Dj FORM / Redrum / 76 os - Featuring: Anny Kassy / Elom 20ce / Fils du Béton - Prises de voix: Philippe Raclet ( Filou Guitare ) Mastering: Dave Cooley Elysian Master Studio (Los Angeles) - Art Cover: Romain Leveque - Photos: Vincent Erlenbach - Production: Ludovic Germain / Tentacule Records / Akwaaba Music - Management: Alexia Fournier - Label: Akwaaba Music / Tentacule R 
Sortie Février 2014. (Itunes/CD/LP) – avec JoEy le Soldat.

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25 nov 2013

Taf "The Mixtape" 2014 *** Bientôt Dans Les Bacs ***

Publiée le 20 nov. 2013


Source : Mc Taf on FB

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PUBLIC ENEMY - Hoover Music OFFICIAL VIDEO #cojonudos #asalways

Publicado el 19/11/2013
PUBLIC ENEMY - Hoover Music OFFICIAL video
New Heroes vs. Evil: http://j.mp/187cEoo

24 nov 2013

The Library : Lesotho Producers and Mc's Living For Real Hip Hop

The Library is: Johnson, Ell D, Sage and Raymo.
A Musical Group of Emcees and Music Producers, with influences from many kinds 
of Genres and walks of Life... 
Not forgetting Hip Hop itself... The real Hip Hop.

The Library from Corporate Nemesis on Vimeo.

The Library is a Lesotho-based production quartet comprising Johnson, Ell D, The Sage, and Raymo.
Check their music out on bandcamp: thelibrarymusic.bandcamp.com
Follow them on twitter: @johnsonmusique | @labanesage | @elldlibrary | @raymolution

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Medley : The Single by "The Library" - Johnson And The Sage (Lesotho) on #FD

The Library's own Johnson and The Sage worked with Futuristic (Olive Branch), Poison Foul (Cuts On Raps), Charles Alvin and OG SKills (Broken Record) to make this classic track.


released 07 June 2013



all rights reserved


 feeds for this albumthis artist

Twitter | Bandcamp

To read an interview of "The Sage" on "The African Hip Hop Blog" click Here

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23 nov 2013

21 nov 2013

Heavywords.co.za : We’re giving away 3 copies of Blaklez latest album "Black Beast"

Released on 18th March 2013, Blaklez's debut album Black Beast features the hit singles Don't be scared
Hush andFly Away.
Guest artists include PdotO, Nveigh, Maggz, J-Lawless, Da Kidx and more.

How To Enter To Win A Copy of Black Beast
Follow @Blaklez & @heavywordz on Twitter and tweet them the hashtags #BlaklezBlackBeastAlbum #NameOfTheLatestSingle
Winners will be announced on Twitter on the 4th Dec 2013. Good luck!

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18 nov 2013

The Sage (Maputsoe, Lesotho) - State Of Affairs (Prod. Suuth)

Written and performed by: The Sage (of Library Productions)
Produced by: Suuth (of slumREC)
Recorded and mixed by The Sage at Library Productions
Artwork by: Johnson (of Library Productions)
Follow @slumREC, @Suuth_TGD, @LabaneSage and @JohnsonMusique on twitter
Verse 1:
Sometimes I just zone and write bars everyday,
nothin' much, you know, I just... scribble the page,
Writing rhymes is an escape and how I relax,
And all of my good days ends with lacin' a track,
But ignore all o' that, this one is taking me back,
To the days of getting beats and first starting to rap,
Back then it was...kinda cool for rapping dudes,
'Cause pretty much everyone sorta had clue,
What it means to emcee, and not wastin' a beat,
It was sorta like, not being snide when you greet,
Girls being discrete,
Music and heartbeats,
Sacrificing your seat,
Man, all o' that feat,
Yeah, man, you know, back in the day it was kinda cool though, it's
not like today, man.
Nowadays cats is like....
Verse 2:
Living the lavish from rhymes that are average,
I do wonder if in niggas domes there's a cabbage,
Or just vegetables that are not quite edible,
Broiled so much that they've lost all minerals,
The key-point, niggas make weak-ass joints,
With beats sounding like a good reason for annoyance,
The message is clear so let me get to the point, it's...
You cats ain't real, you're just flamboyant,
The fact is today, there's less respect for the art,
And everybody wants to see their name on a chart,
I mean, last I seen, it could easily drop,
So I dare you, a dare to write some shit from the heart,
Basically, nowadays when you rhyme there's a catch, it's:
You need to be aware that it's a fallible practice,
If you want a sewage where your mouth will drain,
Join this industry and find faeces aside your name,
Do away with your decency, your pride and shame,
To proclaim your legacy of risin' fame,
This illusion has hip hop in a perilous clout,
I know a few Do know what I'm talkin' about,
And it may not even help tryna speak out,
But seriously? We need to back-track and re-route,
Sometimes I just feel like we can bury this corpus,
Have this era in a permanent stage of rigor mortis.

Source : http://www.africanhhb.com
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17 nov 2013

Chub Heightz ft Young Slugz (Botswana) - Hot Property (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

3rd Official Single from Marked Men Records recording artist Chub Heightz and features Young Slugz.
Title: Hot Property
Artist: Chub Heightz ft Young Slugz
Composer: Lazy-I
Label: Marked Men Records
Publisher: Marked Men Records
ISRC: ZA15A1200015
Listen to the single on Soundcloud:

Buy Chub Heightz's album on Bandcamp:

14 nov 2013

The Full Final List Of Nominees For The ZIM HIP HOP AWARDS 2013

1. Best Male
Stunner | Junior Brown | TehN Diamond | P.O.Y | Simba Tagz
2. Best Female
Trae Yung | Alvina | DJ Naida
3. Best New Comer
Marcques | Alvina | Sinbad | Bris Mbada | Crooger
4. Best Collaboration
Happy | Zvidhori Remix | KaLife | Chibhodhoro | My Own Doe
5. Best Promoter
Magamba | P.O.Y | Da Grape Vine | Jibilika | Kritic Igwe
6. Best Song Of The Year
MaDrinks | Happy | Chibhodhoro | Zunguza | Zvidhori
7. Best Album
The Feeling Ain’t Fair | Road 2 Fame | The Maps | Victrae | Black
8. People’s Choice
Junior Brown | Stunner | Maskiri | Mudiwa TehN Diamond
9. Best Dance Crew
AntiVirus | Explosion | Magnetic Force | Royal Bboy | Hood Crankers
10. Best Radio DJ
Davis Mugadza
11. Lifetime Achievement
Chiwoniso Maraire
12. Best Freestyle
Still Yet To Be Decided By Cyphers
13. Best Video Of The Year
10/10 | Happy | Chibhodhoro | Wapamtima | NaMwari
14. Best High School Act
T-Diddz | Trex | Boneman | Teri Joc | ovadose Boys | S.O.D | Swagg Bakers
15. Best Gospel Act
Mudiwa | ILL Ceey | Prophecy | Christhood | Nowizz
16. Best Producer
Young Nash | Take Fizzo | P2DaOh | Simba Tagz | Yagi Dojo
17. Best Hip Hop Group
K.L.A.P | MMT | few Kings | Kasi Lunatics | Monkey Nuts
18. Best Album Art
The Feeling Ain’t Fair | Road 2 Fame | The Maps | Victrae | Black
19. Best Diaspora
Rhyme Assassin | Kapital K | Rhyme Beats | Kalprit | Fore Mapondera
20. Best Solo Dancer
Adrian Zenasi | Anton Banana | George Shingi | Dexter Sibanda | Yeukai Zinyoro
21. Best Positive Social Contribution
22. Best Corporate Brand Supporting Local Hip Hop
Arizona Spur Bulawayo
23. Best Club DJ
Ray Dizz | P Styles | Joe Mentro | Mark Vusani | Selekta Base
24. Best Online Media
African Hip Hop Blog | Bars 263 | Havoknation Entertainment | Sindiso Dube: Southern Eye & Newsday | Hip Hop Unleashed
You can only vote for SONG OF THE YEAR and PEOPLE’S CHOICE awards. To vote, SMS peoples choice#name of artist and send to 39436
AND SMS song of the year#name of song and send to 39436 or alternatively vote online athttp://www.zimhiphopawards.com

Source : http://www.zimhiphop.com

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12 nov 2013

"A Tribe Called Red" Feat Diplo And Friends Mix

"A Tribe Called Red" Feat Diplo And Friends Mix
Initially broadcasted on BBC 1Xtra during Diplo & Friends on Oct 20th

A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Drum (white)
A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Drum (Boreal Sun Remix) (white)
Smalltown Djs & Grand Theft - Flying (Main Course Records)
Batata y Su Rumba Palenquera - Macaco Mata El Toro (So Shifty remix) (Dutty Artz Records)
Michel Montano - The Fog (Major Lazer & Grand Theft remix) (white)
A Tribe Called Red - Sisters (Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend)
Symphony Hall (Riton & Canblaster) - Metal Arrives (Marble)
A Tribe Called Red - No Delaying (Unreleased)
Wax Romeo - Three Seashells (T&A Records)
A Tribe Called Red - Braves (white)
A Tribe Called Red - NDN Stakes (Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend)
Bunji Garlin - Differentology (Famous Eno & Smutlee remix) (white)
A Tribe Called Red - The Road (Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend)
Party Squad - Oh My (Rebel Yard records)
Kenny Jones - Come To Party (Jeffreys)
A Tribe Called Red - Tanto's Revenge (Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend)
Kairo Kingdom - Get Down (Jesse Slayter remix) (Simply Recordings)
Kai Wachi - The Plug (Kannibalen Records)
Diplo - Revolution (Boaz Van De Beatz remix) (Mad Decent)
Flosstradamus & Sliink - Crowd Ctrl (Fools Gold)
Angel Haze - A Tribe Called Red (Islands/Republic)
Clams Casino - I'm God (P-80 Footwork Refix) (white)
Busta Rhymes - Twerk It (Shilcowolf massive bootleg) (White)
Leftside - Monkey Biznizz (Jeffreys)
Munchi - Toma Essa Porra VIP ft Dj Blass (Mad Decent)
JSTJR & Black Puma - Stop (unreleased)
Grandtheft & Hedspin - Mobbin' (Jeffreys)
Aquadrop ft CRZ - A Miley (Trap And Bass records)
Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo - Rvtchet Bitch (Slow Roast records)
Victor Niglio - Jiggy Ft Mr Man (Jeffreys)
Grandtheft & Scratch Bastid - Miley (white)
A Tribe Called Red - Different Heroes (Tribal Spirit/Pirates Blend)

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Sabza (South Africa) - "The Soul EP" 2013 #FD

Sabelo Mkhabela 
Cape Town, South Africa

This playlist contains 10 sounds, total time: 35.01

I document feelings and occurrences.
Hip Hop/Poetry/Soul
"The Soul EP" zip t.co/Z5fLipo3vZ
"The Story So Far" EP/mixtape zip t.co/h8tBEj3n7l

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Dam Dutchess : Dam Cities 'n' Da House

About Dam Dutchess

Dam Dutchess is a platform for female hiphop artists of Dutch grounds. This initiative is set up by Studio West, and is a collaborative project that focuses on promoting Dutch-female hiphop artists and making their name & sounds accessible for the public. We believe in collaborative efforts, our goal is to combine forces and create a wave of new talent in the Dutch hip hop scene, with crossovers to neo soul, hiphop, spoken word, brag n boast, pop, reggea and r&b.

The name "Dam Dutchess" arose during the project. Dutchess is a derivative of the words “dutch” and “duchess” . “Dam” represents the cities of Amsterdam & Rotterdam, where this platform was created. The idea for a platform occured because we at Studio West feel that there are many talented females out there who have - until now - been standing in the shadows of their male-counterparts, who have dominated the hip hop charts throughout the world. We would like to change this phenomenon by giving young, talented women the tools they need to succeed and a chance to showcase their talents. Its time for a new generation of ladies to share their message!

Led by Holland's leading lady in hiphop MC Melodee, Dam Dutchess is a new movement of women who aim to make their name known in the Dutch hip-hop scene. It’s time to let the world know!

At the moment the collaboration consists out of: DJ Shug La Sheedah, DJ Mixturess, DJ LUCYLOVE, D-Luzion, Shedney Ruffin, RBBP, Donna Lugassy, Feliciana, Alexa, LogiCA & MC Melodee (coach).

More info and bookings
Studio West / Dam Dutchess
Wendy de Vries

A: Osdorpplein 6, 1068 EL Amsterdam
T: 0031 (0)20-4107477
E: wdevries@studiowest.nl

Follow us on:

See more at: http://damdutchess.com/

Dam Dutchess: Ladies First Mixtape (2013)

Dam Dutchess: The Dam Good EP (2012)

Publicado el 10/10/2013
Download 'Mash Up' for FREE | http://snd.sc/17Zuu9O

Follow us 


Vocals & lyrics | MC Melodee, RBBP, D-Luzion, Feliciana, Alexa, Shedney Ruffin & Donna Lugassy.

Music production | DFRNS

Mix | Killing Skills & DFRNS

Master | DFRNS

Video director + concept | BestBeeld: Luciano Simula

Camera crew | BestBeeld: Luciano Simula. Studio West Film Lab: Fouad Boukraa, Kester Scholten, Keweul Hailand, John Li, Ramses Petronia, Gersom Naarden & Sammy van Dorp

Edit | Studio West Film Lab: Fouad Boukraa BestBeeld: Luciano Simula

Production | Studio West: Wendy de Vries

Actors | Priscilla Macintosh, Ashanti Richardson, Karlyn van de Wiel, Bigsize, Eds o' Notoire, Keweul Hailand, Cheryl Powel & Belinda van der Stoep

Make up | Didi van Rijssen

Styling | Lleta van Gom, Cheryl Powel & Dam Dutchess

Photography | Deetailsz: Dolf Dirksz. Ibo Visuals & Luigino Doran

Special thanks | Studio West, The Parlour Hairsalon, Open Studio, DFRNS, MC Melodee, Fouad Boukraa & Luciano Simula

Supported by | Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West & De Meervaart
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