30 nov 2012

Show Case Live - Sortie du Clip "I-Time" By I-Science On Afrihooop

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Lionel Mandeix
Léo Montagné
Chef opérateur/Cadreur
Loic Hoquet
Lèo Montagné
Lionel Mandeix
Merci à
Elisa, Samuel,Babs, Assane Faye,David Lopy,Matar,S'killaz,Njayizz,Moses,Bass Sonko,Jean Baptiste Joire,Khadi Diedhiou,10 000 Problemes,Ben-J et ses enfants,Mo Ange,Killah,Xeex,Yataal Art,Les Petites Pierres...



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South African Dope Productions : Wayne Lee Robertson A.k.a Hipe On Afrihooop

Latest tracks by Hipe

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BeatMaker, Slice & Chop that Raw Hip Hop. Amateur iPhotographer @hiperdelic ----> Twitter. Instagram-----> hiperdelic
Cape Town born Wayne Lee Robertson is infamous for his classic
sample-based boom bap style and impeccable sense of composition.
Having started in 1995 he is fast becoming the go-to producer after
having worked with South Africa’s heavy hitters namely: Driemanskap,
Rattex, Ben Sharpa, Jaak, Imbube, Zubz, Young Nations, Proverb, Nemza,
Malik G and Tumi. Internationally artists such as John Robinson (US),
Mode9 (Nigeria) and Euphon (US) have had classic productions from him.
His skills have seen him provide the backdrop to TV documentaries
and adverts with Godessa, Cellblock and the late Mr. Fat of Brasse
Vannie Kaap and the late great Mr. Devious. With Hype magazine
nominating him for best producer at their 2009 awards and Pioneer Unit
making him their in-house producer in that same year Hipe is
definitely the perfect beatsmith to prepare the canvas for you to
paint your masterpiece on.


Ancient Sumerian

Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid Feature On JFX Bits #5 By Jarring Effects On Free Download

After releasing and touring their ‘4th Density Light Show‘ (4DLS) project, Ben Sharpa and Pure Solid once again collaborate on an electro-bass hip hop track featuring Ben’s sister, Tebz, which has come out today on JFX Bits #5.
French independent label, Jarring Effects, have been putting out their ‘JFX Bits’ compilations for 5 years now. They feature a wide array of hip hop, dubstep and electronic productions by some of their favourite artists. Available as an exclusively digital download, the ‘Bits’ concept was brought about to help uncover and expose artists whose work often goes under the mainstream radar and therefore doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
JFX Bits is always free to download, but that is not a reflection of the quality of the music, or the work that has gone into it. 30 artists, 2 art directors, a graphic designer and a sound engineer worked for several months to realise this project.
You are welcome to download the project for free, or you can make a donation if you wish. You can also increase your involvement by sharing the download link with your network of friends and family.

29 nov 2012

"The Story So Far" EP By Sabza The Capital S (Swaziland) On Free Download

 The Story So Far EP, let's get downloading Here

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I am not here to save the world or change the game, I just speak my mind. I am not "keepin it real", or "takin it back". I don't do boom-bap or crunk, I just make the music I wana make. Period.

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28 nov 2012

Universal Zulu Nation : Africa Representz

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We respect all planets as living entities in our Universe(s). If respect is not given to any planets, then the wrath of the Supreme Force will bring all types of Hell to your planet(s). All Gods of all religions lead up to the Supreme Force, The All. Although we are strong believers in the culture of Hip Hop, we realize that this is a real world, with real problems and real solutions. We strive to do our best to uplift ourselves first, and then show fallen humanity how to uplift themselves and others mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially. We believe that racism and hate are trying to rule the lives of Human Beings on this Planet so-called Earth and that only belief in the Supreme One and truth will destroy this disease called racism and hate. Universal Zulu Nation c/o Post Office Box 510 Keskeskeck (Bronx Territory) (New York Republic) Postal Zone 75; Non - Domestic [Zip Exempt” per DMM 122.32] united states America Republic Phone: 718-303-4375 Email: zulus@zulunation.com zulustaff@earthlink.net http://www.zulunation.com PEACE! Calling All Races, Nationalities, & Human Beings on this Great Planet so-called Earth & Beyond! All people on the planet should Communicate, Teach, Learn and Work with each other to raise the consciousness of all Human Beings on this great planet so-called Earth. Our Roots The Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) is the founding family of Hip Hop. It is an international grassroots community-based organization that was started by a young student named Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx borough of New York City in 1973 to empower communities by uniting the artistic elements of Hip Hop. Today the Universal Zulu Nation teaches Factology vs. belief, deals with World History, Global Constitutional Rights and International Law, Kemetic Moorish Science, Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Understanding that we can Innerstand and Overstand with Sound Right Reasoning. Our Mission Educate, develop and improve the present states of mind of adults and youth around the world. Spread our message of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice. Preserve the culture of Hip Hop and all art forms created from it and to use all styles of music, dance, written and visual art as mediums for cultural exchange, understanding, innerstanding and overstanding Provide a safe haven to for adults and youth around the world. Our Purpose UZN’s purpose is to raise social awareness, higher levels of consciousness and spirituality with ourselves and the Universe(s), through forms of expression as a positive outlet for all, also providing a forum for them to air grievances and settle disputes in a non-violent manner. UZN teaches Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and Innerstanding for Overstanding through various documents called 'Infinity Lessons" (Truth is Truth, Facts are Facts). The organization is fundamental to the continuance of Hip Hop as a universal culture that transcends all the boundaries of race, age, beliefs, sex, locality, and social status. UZN supports activism for positive change & a better life for all beings on this planet so-called Earth and beyond through various means. Our mission to preserve and elevate Hip Hop culture within communities succeeds as chapters continue to develop across all continents. The Universal Zulu Nation stands for: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Peace, Unity, Love, Respect, Work, Fun, Overcoming the Negative to the Positive, Economics, Mathematics, Science, Life, Truth, Facts, Faith, and the Oneness of the Supreme Force!

Source : Zulu Gee - Zulu Nation & Universal Zulu Nation

X Plastaz Present "Shule Mixtape" On Free Download

The new Shule mixtape presented by X Plastaz features some of Tanzania’s greatest emcees: P the MC, Fid Q, JCB, OCG, Rah-J, Jaymoe, Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi, Solo Thang, Macdamanify, TJ and Yuzzo. Started by Ziggy-Lah from X Plastaz (also known as the Soulplugger), the mixtape has been eagerly awaited by fans of X Plastaz and Tanzanian hip hop in general.
The Soulplugger did the beats and his verses were the starting point for each collabo. Tracks for the mixtape were recorded in Stockholm (Sweden), Arusha and Dar (Tanzania), Helsinki (Finland) and even Dublin (Ireland). While this is a collaborative effort, there’s already a follow-up being prepared which will feature all other X Plastaz emcees alongside Ziggy: Gsan, Yamat, Diney, Kamaa and Maria. Something to look out for in 2013… meanwhile, enjoy SHULE and witness the rebirth of Tanzanian hip hop.
Shule – Tracklist

1 Shule Intro
2 Wape Salam ft P the MC
3 Wandugu Wapenzi ft Fid Q & JCB
4 Dude ft OCG & Macdamanify
5 Yeah ft Wakazi
6 Story ft JCB
7 Achana Nao
8 40 Bars
9 Ah Ah Ah
10 Darasa ft Rah-J
11 Bang bang
12 Yupi wa Kweli ft Jaymoe
13 Mtanzania Msafiri ft Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi
14 Dereva Taxi (Temper On The Side)
15 Ndoto
16 Hip Hop ft Solo Thang
17 You Gots 2 Chill ft OCG & Macdamanify
18 Nimechoka
19 No Hook
20 Stay Low Cheza Nasi ft TJ
21 Waulize ft OCG & Mack Macdamanify
22 2Na Gadhabu
23 Tape Yangu
24 Wachaga Piga Chata II
25 R.I.P.
26 Make Chara ft Yuzzo
27 Shule

27 nov 2012

Force One "Just A Taste" : The Video of The Week On Afrihooop

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Découvrez la toute nouvelle vidéo de FORCE ONE ....elle s'intitule ...JUST A TASTE regardez 
appréciez et partagez..real hip hop from West Side Africa SÉNÉGAL STAND UP.§.///././§.



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24 nov 2012


"Au pays des légendes"...
Toute ouïe bien aguerrie y reconnaitra la touche de RODWYN
Black Zion vous emporte dans un univers Afro-krump unique
où se mêlent allégrement énergie et élévation spirituelle.

Une parfaite harmonie entre une chorégraphie dont lui seul a le secret et une rythmique toute en couleurs...
d'inspiration Afro-américaine.

Un vrai bonheur pour les... Initiés, et tous ceux qui oseront
entrer en transe pour accéder ... Au pays des légendes."Au pays des légendes"...
Toute ouïe bien aguerrie y reconnaitra la touche de RODWYN
Black Zion vous emporte dans un univers Afro-krump unique
où se mêlent allégrement énergie et élévation spirituelle.

Une parfaite harmonie entre une chorégraphie dont lui seul a le secret et une rythmique toute en couleurs...
d'inspiration Afro-américaine.

Un vrai bonheur pour les... Initiés, et tous ceux qui oseront
entrer en transe pour accéder ... Au pays des légendes.



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La Problématique Dans La Culture Hip Hop Par Sam P.Beaudry

La Culture Hip-Hop                                                                                                                                                 

Démarche d’intégration en sciences humaines (300-301-RE)  
Département des sciences humaines
Cégep de Saint-Laurent
Le 14 Novembre 2012




INC​.​O​.​A​.​S​.​T​.​NITO [Explicit] by Green Hypnotic - Montreal (Canada)

Mysterious but cocky rapper, Green Hypnotic was born in Montreal, Canada. He moved to Vimont (Laval) in his late childhood at the age of 12. He's now 24 but he is still inspired by the 80's and the 90's. Very young, he got introduced to the music and he was passionate about videogames and technology. He his in a group called COAST LIFE.
He is now part of a hip-hop collective called ALAIZ.

Dream Something LP by Raiza Biza - Kigali (Rwanda)

NO BAD SOUND STUDIO - Montreal (Canada)


Crée en 2007, le Studio Nobad Sound est une initiative de la Maison des Jeunes de la Côte-des-Neiges qui cherche à offrir un espace artistique ouvert aux jeunes musiciens. Situé à Côte-des-Neiges (le quartier le plus multiculturel de Montréal), le local comprend un mini studio d'enregistrement ainsi qu'un espace de répétition et de spectacles. Des ateliers d'écriture, de chant, de rap, de production musicale, de dj et de performance y sont également offerts chaque semaine.

7 nov 2012

9th Wonder & Buckshot - What I Gotta Say

New music from 9th Wonder & Buckshot's album, 'The Solution,' out Nov. 13th on Jamla/Duck Down Music.
Fans in the New York Tri-State can catch 9th Wonder & Buckshot, Murs and Sean Price performing live at Santos Party House on November 13th: http://tktwb.tw/SPnT8C.
Opening DJ Sets by Young Guru and DJ Meka. Flud Watch giveaways throughout the evening.
'The Solution' Pre-Order Link: http://bit.ly/9thbuck
Snapback & Free CD Bundle: http://bit.ly/P7ydf4

5 nov 2012


Producer extraordinaire Djay Juls presents “The Jungle Book Beat Tape 2″.
This latest tape features established stars like Sarkodie, EL, YaaPono and new and upcoming acts including Bilsrayoe, LadyJayWay, Ndex just to mention a few.

Fans of Juls and new listeners alike will be entertained throughout the tape, which in summary is an eclectic fusion of jazz, hip hop and afrobeats.
“The Jungle Book Tape” will most definitely go down as a classic tape by this talented Ghanaian producer, who as the “Intro” to the tape suggests has worked with virtually all the top artistes in Ghana today and when one listens to the tape, it will be clear why he’s one of the most sought after producer, not just in Ghana, but on the continent as whole
Follow Juls on twitter @djayjuls
Follow Cryme Records on twitter @crymerecords

Source : http://crymerecords.wordpress.com/

Rapsody - The Drums ft. Heather Victoria, The Soul Council

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Rapsody is the new force in hip hop, and she's blazing the trail for a new generation of emcees. Culture Over Everything.
Rapsody is the new force in hip hop, and she's blazing the trail for a new generation of emcees, showcasing effortless lyrical mastery in an age of celebrating the culture of a hip hop renaissance. "Hip hop in its essence is real; I'm still hearing every rhyme."

She is the protégé of Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder, the first lady of North Carolina super crew Kooley High, and one of the first artists signed to Jamla Records/It's A Wonderful World Music Group. As the brainchild of 9th Wonder's true school resurgence, Rapsody consistently sets the bar high for all emcees, male and female alike. Paying homage to her hip hop godmothers MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill, this Snow Hill, North Carolina native represents much more than just the female side of hip hop culture; she is an emcee who represents hip hop culture beyond the lines of gender, proving that anything the boys can do, she can do, too, and better. Her virtuosity and dexterity behind the microphone highlight her presentation, and her humble demeanor attests to her constant pursuit of improvement with every beat and rhyme.

Noir d**** de Youssoupha On Afrihooop

Le 25 mars 2009, le journaliste Éric Zemmour porte plainte contre lui pour « menaces de crimes et injure publique », et remporte son procès contre Youssoupha, après la mise en ligne de la chanson À force de le direteaser de l'album Sur Les Chemins Du Retour, dans laquelle Zemmour est cité nommément : « À force de juger nos gueules, les gens le savent, qu'à la télé souvent les chroniqueurs diabolisent les banlieusards, chaque fois que ça pète on dit qu'c'est nous, j'mets un billet sur la tête de celui qui fera taire ce con d'Éric Zemmour ». Le 2 juillet 2012, La Cour d’Appel de Paris a finalement jugé que ces propos n’étaient pas diffamatoires car ils « n'excédaient pas les limites admissibles en matière de liberté d'expression artistique ». Ce jugement interfère donc le précédent, datant du 26 octobre dernier. À cette époque, le tribunal correctionnel de Paris avait rendu un jugement défavorable au rappeur, l’obligeant à verser une somme en guise de dommages et intérêts au chroniqueur : 800€ avec sursis, la directrice de son label EMI, Valérie Queinnec, devait payer 500€ avec sursis, et ils devaient tous deux également payer 1 000€ de dommages et intérêts et 2 000€ de frais de justice à Eric Zemmour.

4 nov 2012

Lowko - Playing With Fire (Music Video) [@MCTVUK @Lowko_official]

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3 nov 2012

We will get the revolution televised : Project Okoa Hiphop (Kenya)

Dear Kisima Awards Committee Members :

We know that you are well since you decided to get all wiered with you awards.
On to the point... there is a major difference between hiphop and genge... how the hell is the self acclaimed Godfather of Genge a HIPHOP award winner??? Do you people even know what hiphop is in the first place?? Did you do your research before renaming Genge as Hiphop (no ofens)?

You slogan says "Making Legends" Funny!!

We have Hiphop legends in the hiphop industry and also new artists who are awesomely good at what they do and you just decided to pick the Godfather of GENGE! We as a family we are offended by this... But that is you we do not blame you for it but please next time do your research properly...GIVE TO CAESAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR.

And just to help you out Google more on Kenyan hiphop. na hii ni uchokozi hatupendi.

We just thought you should know and by the way.. we dont need your help..we will get the revolution televised just dont mix up your awards next time..... no wonder those other guys dropped out.

À propos

is a social network Magazine about Kenyan Hiphop. The Editorial team is a group of Hiphop philanthropists in Kenya from across the region therefore the magazine is about the hiphop and all what goes down where when and how real time Untammed and Uncut!!

The Underground Railroad Network (UK) On Afrihooop

The Underground Railroad Network is a global collection of producers, rappers, singers, writers, and art and music enthusiasts who stand as a unified entity for the promotion and distribution of original forms of music and foster artistic cooperation and engagement between its members.

The album provides a good variety of hip-hop sounds and styles ranging from the gutsy intensity of TeckZilla's compositions and the smoothness of Swarthy Soul (UK) to the engaging beats of Black Intelligence. Also featured are productions from Dead Serious from Switzerland, Kammokane, Es-K, and Alfred Greem. It also abounds with amazing storytelling and magnificent rhyme saying by reverberant eMCees and rappers who paint lucid pictures and show off amazingly structured craftsmanship. The Underground Railroad Network album is put out as part of the international hip-hop movement.

1 nov 2012

History Of Music Chapter # 1

 By Pioneer Gigant



It's not our intention to make an exhaustive study on any particular music style, as there are loads through the internet,  but rather to show a list of the main styles which were important for the development of modern music grown in and from the USA and to show how they've influenced one another.
From African music to Blues and Jazz, from Cuban Habaneras to Funk and Soul to Rap and New Jack Swing, from Mento to Ska to Reggae and Dancehall, from Boogaloo to Salsa, from Electro to all the Electronic music we have nowadays, we'll explore how these patterns marked the evolution of modern music into the 21st century.
I would name a few musicians that led changes in this evolution in music but wont extend much in that sense, giving only a general idea of who or how certain styles evolved in the next ones in the chain of music history.