31 oct 2012

Tutuuse feat Don MC Kapata :Ugandan Hip Hop On Afrihooop

Tuliwano tuliwano Tutuuse.... featuring Don Mc Kapata....Off The Upcoming Album "Victory Music" out early 2013
Stepped off the Plane like, Eh, Ntuse
Ask them about me, Babuuze
Bout that guy, that went by, that name
Bad Guy in the Rap Game,
Bamuyitaani? Ruyonga
Need a Beat Killed? Tewali Nsonga
Flows we keep chilled, no need of a refill
Do whatever we feel, keep it all the way Real,
And if They still want Beef, we grill
I got no problem overpaying for the Heat Bill
Still, that young un running it on Nakasero Hill
So if you’re trying to tell me about emcees on my Heel?
Hold on…..
Bridge 1
( Wait A Minute x8 (Let’s Go!)
Wait A Minute x8 (Let’s Go!)
OooooohWeeeee!!! )
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Tutu tutu Tutuuse
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh Nabo Bategeze
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Tutu tutu Tutuuse
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Nabali Bategeze
Stepped in the Club like, Eh, Gwe
Batugambye Nti Walokose
Ate Siyegwe Wakose
Oluyimba “God Movesi” Ne Jose?
It feels like I’m messing with everybody
Atteneding every service, present at every party
Your Hottie wishing she could show me her brassiere probably,
Sorry, we’re monogamous over here, Mami
So I’ll be, the oddest sight at the Bar,
Trying to finish sipping this sprite through the straw,
Performing this track, give the DJ dap
Then sliding out the back while she’s trying to stop me like
Bridge 2
We don’t ever ever front (Repeat)
Bcoz we know who got our back (Rpt) Ru!
And if we left anyone (Rpt)
Tell them we’ll be right Back! (Ey!!!)
They don’t know that we’ve arrived? (Rpt)
Someone tell them that we Have! (Rpt)
Little Mama Wanna what? (Rpt)
Whoa Now it’s like that? (Whoa Now)
Hold On!!!...
Bridge 1

DOWNLOAD IT  via Bandcamp or Reverbnation.

R.I.P Lexa Julius : Arusha Vibes on Afrihooop

On it..will be up today@Jcb Makalla Benjie Benjamin Boyolocal Parsalaw

AlienZik Listening Party Au Yengouléne

AlienZik Listening Party - Samedi 10 Novembre 2012 au Yengoulène

23 oct 2012

Gaston Bandimic En Euskadi *** Amazing ***

Koza Nostra (Dakar - Senegal) Coming Soon

Source : Djib Anton On Fb

Mikigold & Fatoosan - Female Hip Hop Mix On Free Download

This guest mix by dj’s Mikigold and Fatoosan from Belgian hip hop collective Supafly is a special one for the ladies. 
Well, scratch that, it’s actually for everyone who appreciates skilled female emcees. An hour-long mix with a focus 
on hip hop’s femme fatales
Mikigold & Fatoosan: “We have been following the people of The Find Magazine for a while and we feel really connected 
with the music they promote and the vibe they share. Thank you for that! Supafly promotes hip hop and female emcees 
too. Therefore, we were really glad when The Find asked us to make this special female mixtape! We gathered emcees with 
a story to tell and beats that make you groove.”
“This mix is our BIG UP to all the wonderful female emcees who brought/bring a positive message to the hip hop culture!”

Quizas — AnaTijoux
Fastlane — The Internet
When The Weather Fades — Pat D & Lady Paradox
Heart of the City — Amanda Diva
yo aprendí — Danay Suarez
Blackman — Georgia Anne Muldrow
Celestial Sunshine — Tiff the Gift
How clever — Incksalonius
Universal Soldier — MC Trey
UPS (Dunc of DTMD Remix) — Boog Brown
Still dope feat Empress Sharhh — DOOM
Lizzy Love mixdown — Vel the Wonder
String Em Up — Hopie Ft. Moe Green
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life — Yarah Bravo
Kill Screen Main Vox Up — Jean Grae
5 O’Clock — NonChalant
the backflip — akua naru
Body Rock — Rita J
Bridge the Gap — Tribeqa ft Dajla
Don’t Front — MC Melodee x Cookin Soul
The Transition Remix — SigNif
Track 12- Why I Write — Tarica June
Believe Me — Rapsody
What I Do — Gavlyn
Next Levels — King Geedorah ft. Stahhr
Verbal Battle — Jeru the Damaja & Miz Marvel

Free Download

Source : The Findmag.com
Artwork by Madame La Belge: www.madamelabelge.wordpress.com

21 oct 2012

Akhlou Brick Paradise Léragoul Ci Nopp Yi “New Single “ En Free Download

  Class’Chic Records présente
Akhlou Brick Paradise
Léragoul Ci Nopp Yi “New Single “ 
Disponible sur toutes fréquences Fm et en free download

17 oct 2012

Deetahmusic (Montréal - Canada) On Free Download On Afrihooop

Deetahmusic by Deetahmusic

Creative Commons Licence
Masterpiece Status by Deetah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.deetahmusic.com.

"Fearless" by Diabolo (Alien Zik) On Free Download On Afrihooop

DowntownSoul is proud to present Senegalese emcee Diabolo's debut LP "Fearless", entirely recorded in West Africa with local producers and artists, and yet with an unmistakably global hip-hop sound. Coming to fruition since 2010 following a collaboration between Diabolo and Beat Thief for what would eventually become the project's title track, this LP offers an eye-opening look into the quality of the Senegalese hip-hop scene and marks DowntownSoul's second international project. 

An extremely charismatic emcee whose talent and flow transcend language barriers, emceeing in French, English and Senegalese slang, Diabolo offers listeners straight up anthems such as "Introverti" and "Side ba Side", as well as more traditional boombap such as "Nama God Rey".

Already receiving acclaim from as far afield as Canada, where his track "Galaxie Technik" was voted most popular single onjointhehiphoprevolution.com, DowntownSoul is excited to be working with him.


released 10 October 2012
Alien Zik , Fla the Ripper, Kosa Nostra, Fam and friends from Japan to Washington DC !!! Special thanks to Pa Ibeu, Loss & Tross!! WA Bromx Corner, WA Dogg Pound, Boy Nar !!! Zero Seral !!!!!



all rights reserved


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La Blanche (Bonus) from "Shared Vision" by The Fusionists

Lavish, Lou Piensa, Hazer, Silex, Oxymore, Ebonic Raven, Dr. Mad
Produced by Dr. Mad


La Blanche (Bonus Freestyle) - 
(Lavish, Lou Piensa, Hazer, Silex, Oxymore, Ebonic Raven, Dr. MaD) 

Flow fire I'm higher won't retire require the entire empire/ I'm not a lighter filled with gas like a lighter/ I'm kinda tighter/ But tryna' live fat, with a cat, and a stack/ Outside the crib is a gucci mat/ I attack and in fact, I know how to act/ You lack my click clack split u like a Kit Kat/ Forget the chit-chat I'm where the heats at/ 

Lou Piensa 
Ladies and gentlemen, my sentiments are never in favour of bettering unlawful settlements/ Now let 'em in/ We better win/ We crossed more deserts than bedouins/ A veteran, I've done more late night shows than David Letterman/ I still love H.E.R. though I met her when/ She was a better lover when she listened to her own soul instead of men/ In the dead of night, I remember when she woke me up and pumped me with Adrenalin/ Schools were pushing Ritalin/ 

Je vis la rue seul ou avec le crew/ Je ris à la vue de ton faux rap de fou/ Je crache le feu, toi tu baves gros/ Je cache mon je, dans ma tête c'est le chaos/ Et les gars, yo! Il faut vivre je veux rire, ivre de rap music/ Tu t'affaiblis, moi je taffe mes rimes/ On vient buter la concurrence mesquine/ Aka Jacques Mesrine/ Dans ma vie je veux rire avec mes potos/ Du soleil, du croco/ Du Lauren, des bonnes gos et du pollen/ 

Ayo, new born babies, welcome to the circus/ As you grow up and become conscious/ Let your instincts lead you to you purpose/ Worst comes to worst, worst/ Ups and downs, words hurt/ Words, will free you from the bad clowns/ Believe in what you can accomplish/ Then, t-t-take actions its all that counts/ 

Dr. MaD 
''Hey, y'a rien qui compte, hein!'' 


Depuis mes treize ans, j'appuie sans raison/ Sur la gâchette de mon stylo bille/ Dans ma maison en cachette j'écoutais des cassettes au style hostile/ Gars, Faut que je me sauve par n'importe quel moyen/ Sauf par l'illégal bordel moi j'en ai vu plus d'un/ Faire la bévue alors j'affirme mon refus/ Le rap mon refuge, la rage m'arrache la trachée/ Rangez vos clic clic, ouais je suis un chic type/ Pacifique et pas si vite, ne pas courir après le gent-ar/ Plutôt sourire que frapper le gendarme/ Ma drogue c'est la littérature/ Ouais j'hallucine quand je lis mes ratures/ Je suis le meilleur auteur et j'mets la hauteur/ Malheur aux autres, les concurrents/ Vont nous courir après, cons courants!/ 

Ebonic Raven 
It's the velociraptor, stopping your laughter on this track,when rappin'/ I'm cracking backs and ankles like Kurt Angle slamming bastards/ My reminiscence of essence, infecting intersections/ Expelled your temple from it's sector like the rhyme inspector/ ''Protect ya neck'' like Method, then step into my direction/ For my perfection as an adolescent had you stressing/ I'll jab a dagger in ya clavicle, to have you shattered/ The name's Ebonic and I'm dropping knowledge for my scholars/ 

Dr. MaD 
Nul besoin de jouer les durs à cuire sur ta couverture de vinyle/ Le tout repose sur la somme et la substance de tes principes/ Et j'insiste sur la technique puis la pratique/ Ainsi le doc manie mieux le beat et le rythme qu'un flic manie le flingue et le fric/ Mine de rien ma plume flanche de temps a autre/ J'attend l'aube blanche et fout le bordel sur le terrain de l'autre/ Arme de destruction massive ou simple arme blanche/ Roule avec NBS, Massive et le mec Mad en blouse blanche/


from Shared Vision, released 22 June 2012



all rights reserved


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15 oct 2012

"Fearless"- Produced and mastered on (Cubase 5) By Uness Le Beatmaker

New Trap Beat
"Fearless"- Produced and mastered on (Cubase 5) By Uness Le Beatmaker
Merci pour votre soutien.
"Talented forever"

Blak Madeen & Tragedy Khadafi – Militant Minds EP (2012) [Usa] On Freedownload


1. Intro

2. Militant Minds

3. Remain Calm
4. Ready For War (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Blacastan)
5. Trials & Tribulations
6. Millenium Movement
7. Step Into My Zone
8. Nothing I Can Do
9. Militant Minds (Remix)

Source : www.djbooth.net

G.a.b 'n' Rapsom Rank, Port Harcourt, River, NG Hip Hop Subterannean Hiphop

"In The Music" By Subjects (Produced By Rapsom') Freedownload On Afrihooop

14 oct 2012

MHP And Rapsom "Joint Venture : Ghost Of ‘94" On Afrihooop

MHP And Rapsom Drop 
The Highly Innovative Collabo Album: Joint Venture : Ghost Of ‘94.

The Joint Venture: Ghost of 94 is a collaborative effort by two Artistes Rapsom and MHP. "The Growth" is the first single, and it was produced by Rapsom. 

Download The Cd HERE

Elom 20ce : Interview sur Dope Muzik Addict.com

"Je parle des choses que je vis, des choses qui me blessent la rétine. Je vis en Afrique, 
un continent où presque tout est à reconstruire. Je veux participer à cela. Je pense que 
la culture a un rôle déterminant à jouer dans la reconstruction de l’Afrique. 
Je fais une musique que beaucoup de jeunes écoutent. Ce serait dommage de ne pas 
utiliser ce canal pour porter le message d’une Afrique meilleure, forte et unie." 
Thanks to Dope Muzik Addict

Elom 20ce – Un activiste pas comme les autres
                                    Interview sur Dope Muzik Addict.com 


Danny Brown- Grown Up Remix 
Sample Anything Remix Contest 
Produced By Teck-Zilla For Str8Buttah Productions


"My Art" An Afrihooop Album On Flickr

Bril Radio ActivityDeejay AfreekaWa Secteur Z  "Mayday"Blitz The AmbassadorStarGaston "La Foi"
Toussa SenerapRhyme AssassinAm-O-Niak#makingsomedopenoiseBril Feat Mario X RhymesHealth
SankofaColorfull StarsFlexy JillyCreativityVoice TagAudeejays
S'killazP.p.s Da WritahSilatigui 2012Rules Of a Creator's LifeInfinitoDope Noise Entertainement
My Art, un álbum en Flickr.

13 oct 2012

Da Video of The week : Matador "Hip Hop Attitude"

Nouvelle Video de  Matador "Hip Hop Attitude" en attendant le single de l'album 
"Vox Populi" qui arrive le 03 Novembre 2012

Source : Amadou Fall Ba 

Acerca de Amadou

Directeur du Festa2H :Festival International de Hiphop et de Cultures Urbaines Dakar Senegal
8 édition 12 - 22 Juin 2013
CEO Hip Hop Akademy
Co Directeur Urbanation BBOY
Tel : 00 221 33 853 24 22


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