22 jul 2013

Beats For Change : The Choco Jungle Project Mix - Show #17

Worldwide music movement and label releasing soulful music and events 
that help bring awareness to important social issues.
If you're an artist, musician, producer or creative that wants 
to get involved with Beats for Change please email:

Here we go and welcome to Beats for Change’s mix show #17.

This time we’re dedicating the mix to the Choco Jungle Project which is a very cool music and social project, see this:

“In December of 2011, filmmaker Mathew Mulholland traveled into the Choco region of Colombia. The last strong hold of the Colombian civil war. The area is decimated by the cocaine trade – both jobs and prospects are scarce. Here he met and befriended 10 Afro-Colombian funeral singers. Some of the last of their kind in the world. After some negotiation, he was able to record the women singing 14 original songs they had written, in a small hut meters from the ocean. Upon returning to Canada, the recordings were eventually signed by Yoruba Records, and are currently in the process of being released, with album proceeds returned to the women of the group.”

We also have a very special guest mix at the end of dj zeida’s mix by the Potatohead people who are the beat making team of Nick Wisdom and Astrological based back and forth between Vancouver, BC and Montreal, they dropped some very nice musical gems on us, hope you enjoy and please do spread the word!

You can also find all our previous shows and track listings over at www.Mixcloud.com/BeatsforChange

Source : http://uncuthiphop.nl

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New Joint : Mansu-Li Ft. Jay Mo & Q The Don (Tanzania) - Leo Ndio Leo


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20 jul 2013

Foreign Exchange & Trompie - Re​-​connected [in​-​mix] from Re​-​CONNECTED by Trompie Beatmachine (Pretoria)

I did beats sampling the music from Foreign Exchange "Connected" album... I still hope one day the original owners will get to hear their work sampled and instead of shooting me down, will appreciate what I have embarked on.

- Trompie




from Re​-​CONNECTED, track released 18 July 2013
All credit to Foreign Exchange:
Matthijs "NICOLAY" Rook
Phonte "PHONTE" Coleman



all rights reserved


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Hip Hop Jazz On Afrihooop : "Upholding Laws" by The Jazz Jousters #nameyourprice

Moving straight on from our recent anniversary project, we are back to our scheduled Jazz Jousters project, Upholding Laws. This time around we are complimenting the great works of Hubert Laws, who is known for excelling in various genres with amazing performances on the Flute and other instruments. With over forty years in the music industry, Laws’s archive is so vast that we narrowed it down to only working with his Jazz flute compositions.

All entrants generated their own flair on a Hubert Laws track of their choosing, which resulted in contributions from Rick Mal, Bones The Beat Head, Es-K, Gadget, SmokedBeat, Stay Classy, B 3 N B i, Mr. Moods, and vocal appearances via Es-K featuring Prah, and Gadget featuring Awakening Dawn.

Cover art created by Bones The Beat Head.

We hope you enjoy!

Millennium Jazz Music 2013


released 14 July 2013



Bones The Beat Head



B 3 N B i

Stay Classy

Mr. Moods



all rights reserved


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Source : http://beattapeco-op.blogspot.com.es

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Modern Filth (L.A) Presents: @murdercassette #FD On Afrihooop

Modern Filth Presents: @murdercassette
The Obvious Joint - Adagio!
Money To Make - Trybal Men
For All Thoze - J-Force
Set It Off - Erick Sermon
As The... - Passion
Some Niggaz - Half-A-Mill
Eyes May Shine - Mobb Deep / Usual Suspect - Noyd (Broke/ Blend)
Angel Dust - Cormega
O-Zone - O.C.

Source : http://beatboxradioshow.blogspot.com.es

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Keor Meteor Feat On "Raws - Three" By Raws Quintet (Tokyo)

Various Artist - RAWS​-​THREE 

01. RAWS Quintet - Raws-three 
02. Ill.sugi - Raws 
03. Bugseed - Raws3 
04. Pigeondust - Oldschool Life-tips 
05. Yoshinuma & NF Zessho(from Enpizlab) - In the Eyes
06. Keor Meteor - Stevie 
07. Tajima Hal - Find0ut 
08. Yagi - Isn't she lovely 
09. Kuroyagi - She isn’t love me 
10. Dizzie Tripp - r4w2(three) 
11. Gudamanss - Backflip Killerness 
12. Pigeondust - Ringring Answerphone 
13. Qujorre - Boundary of watermasses 
14. Doooo - Lunchtime & B.K. 
15. Arμ-2 - Lovely,Love Me 
16. Ogiyy - Isn’t She Lovely

Raws est un intime événement organisé dans un petit club de Tokyo ou se rejoignent les beatmakers de cette même ville ainsi que les connaisseurs.
L'idée, un "jazz band" se produit pendant une petite heure, concert enregistré et redistribué aux beatmakers qui auront alors 1h pour s'exprimer à travers un sample tout frais.
RAWS-THREE est le troisième projet de RAWS compilation avec à l'intérieur quelques beats au bon goût... -.childMidori

RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beatheads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beatmakers have an hour to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot.
RAWS-THREE is the third installment in the RAWS compilation series compiling these incredible creations.  -Danny Masao Winston

今回は新世代ヒップホップTHE OTOGIBANASHI'S "Closet"のプロデュースをするDooooやOilworksからリリースが決まっているArμ-2、LHW?よりKuroyagi、Yoshinuma&NF Zesshoの2人などなど底抜けな才能と未来を秘める90年代生まれのビートメーカーが最高にカマしてくれました。


released 23 February 2013
NEXT RAWS-FOUR / March 22nd(Friday)
FB : www.facebook.com/events
Photos : www.facebook.com/media/set/
official web>> ampcafe.jp?p=4553



all rights reserved


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Source : http://beattapeco-op.blogspot.com.es

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Da Video Of The Week : Jae5 Feat Randy Valentine "Bad Boy Pull Up" On Afrihooop

Out Now ft Bad Boy Pull Up Video

Publicado el 19/07/2013
J.O.A.T in Association with Hemp Higher Present JAE 5 - BAD BOY PULL UP Ft RANDY VALENTINE.
Taken from Jae 5's Debut EP "TRAPPIN DUBZ"
Available to buy Itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/album/bad-bo...
Amazon France: http://www.amazon.fr/Bad-Pull-feat-Randy-Valentine
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bad-Pull-feat... 
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Bad-Pull-feat-Randy-Valentine 
Amazon Japan: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Bad-Pull-feat... 
Amazon Germany: http://www.amazon.de/Bad-Pull-feat-Ra...

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18 jul 2013

Icesis (prod. MaMa G) by Yani Mo On #FD

Icesis (prod. MaMa G) by Yani Mo On #FD

Cocoa butter and bobby pins. that's the secret, y'all.

Uon rilly wannit widda yung g.

LP droppin' this winter.
Vibe for now, doe.


Released 17 July 2013


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Drunken Monk of Gen3 - Perils of the Sentimental Album Sampler

Producer of Gen³ , Collabo project and Group with Ancient C.O.I.N.S member Holy Smokes, Shaka Amazulu the 7h and Drunken Monk


Gen³ - Zig-Zag Universe (Zu World Single)

first single from Gen³, a superhero comic collective of 2 MC's and a producer featuring Wu-Tang affiliate Holy Smokes from Ancient C.O.I.N.S, Shaka Amazulu The 7h and producer Drunken Monk.
The single released on ODB's death date features Brooklyn Zu's Buddha Monk as a tribute to the great ODB and Juleunique from the West coast adds on the remix




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Melo Drama Lentshabeng (Botswana) On Afrihooop

Thuto Melo Pheto, Gaborone, Botswana
Outer Space eventually, Botswana

Source : http://www.eliasfm.co.bw/botswana-hip-hop-bang-metermelo-pop/

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Nomadic (Botswana) : Letter To My Countrymen Vol 2 On #FD

Nomadic formerly known as T, started his rap career in the mid 90's, and later becoming a member of the legendary P-Side crew. His inspiration into hip-hop was the way it brought words to life, and how awareness was cultivated through its social commentary and sharp witted lyrics. 

We also saw the birth of Tswana rap from the Nomadic one, in tracks such as Malalaswii and Watagwan. At the time, a nappy headed reserved brother, he decided to release the now classic Soul Aqua lp, under P-Side records, fusing in it an eclectic sound, ranging from reggae, drum n base, soul, poetry and of course hip hop. His follow up was the Journal Trails compilation album released 09 January 09. He's on the Happy Hour album (Scar), Beat Premiers Main Event, The Bk Proctor Vol 1 Mixtape, Ultitude Sound Mixtape, All Kasi Fm Mixtape, Imbube Street Mixtape (S.A.), The Surrealists, Konkrete's Dekonstruction, Apollo Diablo's Rise Again Lp, but to name a few. Also a beat maker, we checked out his production on the acclaimed Andreattah lp, 1981 was a good year. He's currently working on his upcoming Nomadics Quest : A Travellers Journal album. Stay tuned for release dates.

Straight Link 4 #FD : http://www.reverbnation.com/nomadictheartistthemcee/songs

Source : http://www.eliasfm.co.bw

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Zubz The Last Letta (SA) - My Distress Feat Pebbles

Rated as Africa’s Hip Hop ambassador, Zubz penned his first rhymes at the age of 12. After graduating from varsity he won a major battle at legendary club 206 and graced the stage alongside Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Black Thought and Jeru da Damaja at Black August.His grooming as an award worthy artist started with his highly acclaimed first album/mix tape,Last Letta. He has gone on to pen three albums Listener’s Digest (2004), HeadphoneMusic in a Parallel Universe (2006)and the 2009 release Cochlea: One Last Letta. Throughout this he’s stuck to his definition of Hip Hop: True, Lyrical, Brave and wholly Zubz

Release date : July 13th 2013

Straight Link 4 #FD https://soundcloud.com/zubzthelastletta/my-distress-log-date-january

Source : http://heavywords.co.za/

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"Pick A Dream" by Tumi And The Volume (SA) On #FD

On #FD here : http://thevolume.co.za/

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Tumi And The Volume (SA) – POWA Mixtape on #FD

Tumi And The Volume – POWA Mixtape On #FD

The Powa Mixtape features: 
Radiohead, Mos Def, Zubz, Tuks, PRO, Chen Lo, Zaki, Molemi, KG, 
Lebo of Voodoo Child, John Mayer and Akona Ndungane.


 1. Taxi by Mos Def
 2. January 23rd
 3. Sun King by The Beatles ft. Molemi
 4. Crush Boy
 5. Saida Bangu by Curumin ft. PRO
 6. The friend called ‘R’
 7. Crossroads by John Mayer
 8. DNA by The Kills ft. Zaki and Tuks
 9. The maids bathroom
10. Peter Piper by Run DMCf
11. What We Seek by Yesterday’s Pupil
12. Womanhood
13. Another Summer Without Sun by Ootz ft. Reason and Lebo Mochudi
14. How Low by Jose Gonzalez ft. Chen Lo and Zubz
15. Left the house and walked home
16. We Are by John Robinson ft. Ben Sharpa
17. Alas ft. Zubz, KG, Chen Lo and Tracey Lee
18. This will pass
19. Gangsta
20. The Butcher by Radiohead ft. Proverb
21. I said no
22. POWA Remix

Source : http://heavywords.co.za / http://www.25tolyf.com & http://clekzo.com
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16 jul 2013

"Of Unknown Origin" by Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem (Usa)

Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem, two artists delivering a fresh musical perspective, a raw yet ethereal opus designed to give their brand of social commentary the perfect audible landscape in order to be truly felt. A progressive fusion of various musical elements well balanced with socially conscious subject matter, additive bass grooves, intelligent song writing, Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem's album " Of Unknown Origin" can be likened to the sounds of Madlib, Georgia Anne Muldrow, DJ Cam, Flying Lotus, Fat Jon, J. Dilla and others. Although there was little discussion in regards to subject matter for the album, given both reside in different areas, each artist delivers their message as if carefully planned. Some things are divine and can not be explained only felt! 

Song titles such as "Be Like U (You)" showcase the divine nature of two musical souls coming together to spread their message of originality & responsibility. The mission to create an uplifting blend of hip hop or "electronic boom bap" is emphasized on such songs as "Nightvisions" and "For the Yeah". Each song highlights another step towards spreading love across the planet, teaching the youth how to get messages across without disrespecting self. Done in the course of thirty minutes.

In retrospect, "Of Unknown Origin", a promising debut collection of progressive and diverse compositions sure to catch the ears of those hip hop enthusiasts that love on the edge.

Places to purchase album:



access hip hop:


twitter: @Nekaybaaw™




released 24 April 2012
Album Art: Marcellous Lovelace
Lyrics: Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem
Production: Nekaybaaw



all rights reserved


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Began the musical journey at a young age by taking piano lessons as well as playing trumpet in my grade school marching band. I've always had an obsession with sound and how it travels or reaches our ears. we each hear things in a totally different way and this is what sets my ears apart from the rest. what i hear I translate into an audible description of my truth & experiences since incarnating here on planet earth. As a teenager fresh out of high school i had my first opportunity to visit a studio with a friend so i could lay down background vocals for her project. This was the moment that uplifted me and i knew then what i should be doing with my time & life.

Spent majority of my twenties in a four part harmony all girl R&B group, in which i've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as: Xscape, Kut Klose, Da Brat, Goodie MOB, Latimore and many others. Being a member of a prominent group from Birmingham aided me the experience in working with other musicians & artists, on the stage and in the studio, from all across the country. It was during this time that i realized a true passion for songwriting which would eventually later turn into producing/production. In 2001 Nekaybaaw made the decision to leave the lovely nest of AL, her group and any contractual obligations to set her sights on conquering the world. Landing in Dallas, TX, it was here that she began to experiment and teach herself how to use music production software. Began producing officially in 2003 and has taken many years to perfect the craft of beat making. At least to my standard!

There was once a time when artists wanted to be excellent at their craft. Nowadays it seems everyone is ok with being mediocre and less likely to strive for true excellence. I am here to restore that balance and hopefully raise the bar when it comes to giving the people true quality music. You are all invited to journey these roads as i navigate through landscapes in audible ways! Restoring the love & integrity back in the music where it belongs.

Fast forward to the NOW & everything else is herstory in the making...

Stay tuned as this journey is just beginning. 

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KZ-TheSoul Plugger 1#New Hip hop Beat - Mothers

1#New Hip hop Beat - Mothers

Chop, Sampling, Soul Music, Hip Hop And More diff types..
Music is what brings us together..
Band Members: KZ-TheSoul Plugger
Artist Name: The Soul Plugger Beats
Active Since: 01/08
Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
Location: Stockholm, SE

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15 jul 2013

DyMe-A-DuZin (Brooklyn) Feat Elbee Thrie, the late Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Joey BadA$$ and Sheriff PJ - A Portrait of Donnovan

DyMe-A-DuZin - A Portrait of Donnovan.

Production: #BNFB, Dante Ross, Emile Haynie, Harry Fraud, Omen, Plain Pat
Lead Single: Memories

Brooklyn lyricist DyMe-A-DuZiN has released his latest project, A Portrait Of Donnavan. 
The 15-track set includes previously-released songs "New Brooklyn" and "Memories." 

As one of New York's most promising up-and-coming emcees these days, Phony Ppl member DyMe-A-DuZiN unveils his latest work, A Portrait of Donnovan on this site today. As the tracklist and the Harry Fraud-produced jam "Memories" have previously indicated, the Brooklyn native presents a cohesive body of work that encompasses 15 tracks featuring the production work of the likes of Grammy Award winner Emile Haynie, Harry Fraud, Dante Ross, who also oversaw this project as A&R, as well as lyrical contribution from fellow NYC-rhymesayer Joey Bada$$, the late and great Capital STEEZ, and many more. Thus, it paints a clear picture of the skills, artistry, and unique perspective that DyMez has to offer to hip-hop’s world stage. Executive produced by Plain Pat, Jonathan Kaslow and Donnovan Blocker himself.

Joining the Warner Bros. signee on Portrait are Elbee Thrie, the late Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, 
Joey BadA$$ and Sheriff PJ, while production is handled by Dante Ross, Harry Fraud, Omen, 
Plain Pat and more.

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M3nsa Ansah (Ghana) : No.1 Mango Street on Afrihooop


Album Track Listing:

 1. No.1 Mango Street feat. Ryan Ansah
 2. AfroFunkin’
 3. Adjuma
 4. Anaa
 5. Biribi W’om (We Don’t Know) feat. Samini
 6. We Go Rock
 7. Fanti Love Song
 8. Asm Pa feat Samini
 9. No one Knows
10. No one Knows
11. Kelewele Pimpin’
12. Dream (Misuudi)
13. Yn Koo (Let’s Go!)
14. Anoma feat Cage
15. BRKN LNGWJZ feat Wanlov the Kubolor (F.O.K.N Bois)



Bookings: info@afropoplive.com

+44 208 310 9147






From one half of FOKN BOIS, the renowned Ghanaian duo behind world-wide acclaimed short film Coz Ov Moni comes No.1 Mango Street – the international debut album by MC, singer and producer M3NSA.

Having conceptualised and performed on the hilarious Coz Ov Moni (known as the world’s first pidgin musical) with Wanlov Kubolor, and produced the bulk of its soundtrack, 2010 has been an incredible highlight in M3NSA’s 12-year music career.

The film itself premiered in the UK and the US, has been accepted at the Rio International Film Festival (Brazil), and at the Pan African Film Festivals in Los Angeles and Cannes.

It was screened at the Black August Festival in New York, where M3NSA blessed the stage with Hip-hop icons Dead Prez and Talib Kweli.

It is also partly the inspiration for No. 1 Mango Street, a nostalgic yet contemporary take on the place M3NSA grew up in Accra. Here, at a young age he produced songs for the legendary founder of Hip-Life, Reggie Rockstone, (a blend of Highlife and Hip-Hop) and also released the single “If You Don’t Know”, nominated for four awards by the pan-African music channel, Channel O.

Opening a 14-track set, the title song concisely rounds up the many musical influences of Ghana’s number one beat maker: Nu-jazz, Soul, Hip-hop, Afro beat and High-Life delicately underscore sweet harmonies with his guitarist cousin Ryan Ansah, yearning for the place he still calls home. M3NSA paraphrases, “I talk about going back to pick up from where I left things at, and where everything started. It's about acknowledging exactly where I come from and bringing all those experiences with me.”

M3NSA’s father Tumi Ebo Ansah was a guitarist in the British afro-pop collective Osibisa, while his mother taught him how to play the piano when he was eight. Now living in London, he enjoys the unique global positioning that cosmopolitan city allows.

And No.1 reflects this:
From the breezy pensiveness of the first single, the Nigerian soul singer Asa-sampled ‘No One Knows’, to the party-starter Adjuma (“work”) which could easily be as large as erstwhile Hip-hop club anthem ‘A Milli’ was. Just with the benefit of a dialect switch here and there.
With snatches of Twi and Pidgen, the clever rhyme schemes and narratives are what make this album universally relatable. Says M3NSA, “You don't have to be into African hip-hop to listen to the album, you just have to be into music.”

That wide-reaching relevance will be the reason why you may have heard M3NSA’s work on legendary North London producer/DJ Richy Pitch’s Ghana-inspired Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch LP (on which he wrote 6 tracks). And also why you will have seen him opening shows for Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Little Brother and the Gorillaz. Not to mention recently rocking the mic with Damon Albarn, The Gorillaz, Tony Allen and Amadou and Mariam at the Africa Express events in France and Spain.

No.1 Mango Street is one of those albums which will help bring to the menu what Hip-hop has been missing for a long time – an authentic, everyday perspective which made the genre fun and enlightening at the same time.

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Da track Of The Week : Omid Wisdom " Cross and Checks [ Right or Wrong] [+ Lyrics] On Afrihooop

Omid Wisdom

Cross and Checks [ Right or Wrong]
Produced by EXP of Deaflab Records
Written by Omid Wisdom - Suufd’or [Goldendust]
Mixed and mastered – Jaxle Records by Omid Wisdom/Baye Leimu [Jaxle Records]

Around here, life was all about cross and checks
Either you got it right or wrong - crossed or checked
When I done a lot of wrong like – checked, then crossed out
There’s the urge to rebound like – it’s the cross I check
You got it twisted – crossed eye chick
A hustler, why wouldn’t I wanna cross out checks
Pirates, I’m trying to build upon that chest
Anything lesser than that quest – crossed, ‘I’d’ chat
Can’t treat this like bugs, trying, crush my chips
Like hackers, quick to get the approach cross checked
Different manoeuvres – draughts when they cross that chess
When I cross the streets - I cross I check
The drug squad - quick to have you all crossed and checked
Suspect I, clutch zips, clustered crest
Cuz the ghetto pitch – line’s when it cross that clef
It’s gaymen zip – minus one, kilohertz clocked
Can’t decipher the codes, crossed fire chuck
Word to body bags, scenes – crossed and chalked
They’ll never want us to adjust, tryina cross our chuck
But unlikely a ‘’Sidekick’’ - crossed out +Chuck+
As I scope to cross goals – crossbar checked
I adapt – mo kilo’s – across that chest
Ever thorough, so I go – [like] – cross that chick
She might have caught up crap, trying come across like cheat
A cross chit, with a crush to caress that chap
Who the hat fit, rock – baseball cap
Tho’ I love to hit and run - stadium claps
I’m bout seeing things clear – radium x
On pseudo culture creator’s - concepts
Lights, camera, action – contents
From cusp’d out crescents, crosses across chest
Acting like chieftains, that chair that conquest
But crash test checks, have ‘em crushed, crutches checked
In context, it’s complex, concave, convex
Stress ? Gratitude expressed ? Gwaan like vex?
Gotta love it – breadcrumbs in deep fried croquet
Put it on a ‘note[$]’, steady stepping – just like crotchets
Tho’ I’m never scared - no +Dave Croquett+
Only the God, got the power over cross and checks
Only the God, got the power over cross and checks [yo]


Life was all about cross and checks, cross and check, cross or checked
Only God had the power over cross ‘n’, cross and checks was like right or wrong – check , check
Life was all about cross and checks, cross and check, cross or checked
Only God had the power over cross ‘n’ checks, cross and checks was like right or wrong – check check
Life was all about cross - cross - cross or checked
Only God had the power over cross ‘n’ checks, cross and checks was like right or wrong – check check
Life was all about cross and checks, cross and check, cross or checked
Only God had the power over cross ‘n’, cross and checks was like right or wrongs – check check

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Echo "The Dead-End" Kid · Will Costello · New Zealand · On Afrihooop


  Will Costelo


Echo, The Dead-End Kid.
New Zealand · soundcloud.com/echo_tdek

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13 jul 2013

Da Video Of The Week On Afrihooop : Zaiid (Tanzania) "Who Dat"

Publicado el 12/07/2013
(WHO DAT - Official Music Video)
VIDEO Directed by ZAiiD & Mecky Kaloka
Edited by Mecky Kaloka
Thanks to KiTo & Mawio

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Dry (Congo Brazza) brand new Video "Econome"

Économe c'est le nom que porte le premier extrait du nouveau projet de DRY, rappeur au style très tranchant , ce mc originaire du Congo Brazzaville n'est plus à présenter aux vrais suiveurs du rap français. lui qui à fait ses premiers pas avec son groupe INTOUCHABLE dans lequel il partageait la vedette avec DEMON ONE . membre actif du collectifMAFIAK1FRY , DRY  à enchaîner des succès , des tubes et des tournées .Aujourd’hui hui considéré comme un exemple par la sexion d'assaut avec qui ils forment la famille WATI B ,  Dry n'a pas encore dit son dernier mot .Ecoutez son nouveau son et savourer la vidéo 

Publicado el 11/07/2013
Le nouvel album, "maintenant ou jamais", sortie le 14 Octobre 2013.

"Econome" extrait du nouvel album de DRY, "Maintenant ou jamais", disponible sur iTunes:
http://bit.ly/dryeconomeitunes ||

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DRYofficiel ||
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LAMIRALDR ||

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