16 jul 2013

"Of Unknown Origin" by Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem (Usa)

Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem, two artists delivering a fresh musical perspective, a raw yet ethereal opus designed to give their brand of social commentary the perfect audible landscape in order to be truly felt. A progressive fusion of various musical elements well balanced with socially conscious subject matter, additive bass grooves, intelligent song writing, Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem's album " Of Unknown Origin" can be likened to the sounds of Madlib, Georgia Anne Muldrow, DJ Cam, Flying Lotus, Fat Jon, J. Dilla and others. Although there was little discussion in regards to subject matter for the album, given both reside in different areas, each artist delivers their message as if carefully planned. Some things are divine and can not be explained only felt! 

Song titles such as "Be Like U (You)" showcase the divine nature of two musical souls coming together to spread their message of originality & responsibility. The mission to create an uplifting blend of hip hop or "electronic boom bap" is emphasized on such songs as "Nightvisions" and "For the Yeah". Each song highlights another step towards spreading love across the planet, teaching the youth how to get messages across without disrespecting self. Done in the course of thirty minutes.

In retrospect, "Of Unknown Origin", a promising debut collection of progressive and diverse compositions sure to catch the ears of those hip hop enthusiasts that love on the edge.

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released 24 April 2012
Album Art: Marcellous Lovelace
Lyrics: Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem
Production: Nekaybaaw



all rights reserved


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Began the musical journey at a young age by taking piano lessons as well as playing trumpet in my grade school marching band. I've always had an obsession with sound and how it travels or reaches our ears. we each hear things in a totally different way and this is what sets my ears apart from the rest. what i hear I translate into an audible description of my truth & experiences since incarnating here on planet earth. As a teenager fresh out of high school i had my first opportunity to visit a studio with a friend so i could lay down background vocals for her project. This was the moment that uplifted me and i knew then what i should be doing with my time & life.

Spent majority of my twenties in a four part harmony all girl R&B group, in which i've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as: Xscape, Kut Klose, Da Brat, Goodie MOB, Latimore and many others. Being a member of a prominent group from Birmingham aided me the experience in working with other musicians & artists, on the stage and in the studio, from all across the country. It was during this time that i realized a true passion for songwriting which would eventually later turn into producing/production. In 2001 Nekaybaaw made the decision to leave the lovely nest of AL, her group and any contractual obligations to set her sights on conquering the world. Landing in Dallas, TX, it was here that she began to experiment and teach herself how to use music production software. Began producing officially in 2003 and has taken many years to perfect the craft of beat making. At least to my standard!

There was once a time when artists wanted to be excellent at their craft. Nowadays it seems everyone is ok with being mediocre and less likely to strive for true excellence. I am here to restore that balance and hopefully raise the bar when it comes to giving the people true quality music. You are all invited to journey these roads as i navigate through landscapes in audible ways! Restoring the love & integrity back in the music where it belongs.

Fast forward to the NOW & everything else is herstory in the making...

Stay tuned as this journey is just beginning. 

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