24 feb 2015

Pawcut "Maverick" @RadioJuicy / Urban Waves / hhv.de Artikel-Nr: 406486 #Germany #BuyNow #2015

Pawcut, one of Germany's most prolific producers is releasing his first solo-vinyl. Although his records with Flofilz, Zen-Zin, Katharsis, The Unused Word or Headtrick just came out , the producer from Minden doesn't take a rest, creating more music from dirty drums and dusty samples. The original meaning of Maverick is "cattle without branding "and the music reflects pawcut's refusal to follow customs or rules .The MCs such as N-Omega, Zen-Zin, Pseudo Slang, John Blazini, Exodus and Billy Woods give the listener an anchorage and complete this sonic narrative. The LP is the upshot of Pawcut's longlasting struggle for a unique sound experience .You can now put on your record-player, spinn it again and again without getting bored for a second.

***Testpressraffle : https://www.facebook.com ***Pawcut is giving away a test pressing of his "Maverick " album that dropped on Radio Juicy *s Bandcamp today !
To Enter :
1.Testpressraffle : https://www.facebook.com/321497244548529
2. CLICK ON THE PICTURE ! (dont comment on reposts ) 
3. Share and Like this post /picture 4.Comment in which way you would tag Pawcut's music if u had to for ppl that never heard of him #jaydillabiter #wackemochit #dustcore, you dont have to please me to win.
On the 6th of March ill tag the winner here and write him a Pm Good luck Paws

Angxl Hxze “GXMES” #Tsalagi #Cherokee #FemMcs #GXMES #Indigenous_Music

flower child//artist//visionary//dreamer//reader//avid shit talker//writer// and sometimes I make raddd tunes

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Jovi ‘Big Vulture’ ft. Rachel #Cameroon @NewBellMusic ¬¬¬ Via @OkayAfrica

Cameroonian rapper samples an Igbo sermon in "Big Vulture" ft. Rachel 
Written by Jovi. Produced by Le Monstre.

Via ----> http://www.okayafrica.com

World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem by Various Artists (mixed by DJ LaJedi) #FD #FemMcs #WomanPower ¬¬¬ Via ¬¬¬ @Nomadicwax

The World Hip Hop Women project is back with 19 of the finest emcees in hip hop. Nomadic Wax, World Hip Hop Market and Dj LaJedi present, “World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem,” the second volume of the groundbreaking WHHW mixtape series. Representing 17 nations, these women in Volume 2 embody hip hop in a way that extends beyond the role of emcee. These artists are integral and evolutionary members of their respective communities. They are socio-political activists, journalists, fashion designers, cultural ambassadors, educators, b-girls, wives, partners, and mothers. “WHHW: SoundSIStem” gives you dancehall/reggae inspired hip hop from Canada, Brazil and USA, heavy bars from Detroit to South Africa, sexy island sounds plus neo-soul vibes from Mexico to the U.K. and hip hop soul from The Netherlands. The “World Hip Hop Women” mixtape series is a celebration of the feminine contribution to hip hop culture. WHHW are some of the most clever and fierce emcees in the game, period. 

Track Listing:
1. I.B.G (IamBlackgirl) - "Uprising" (Canada/Prod: Lou Piensa)
2. Maya Jupiter - "Phenomenal" (Australia/USA/Prod: Maya Jupiter & Aloe Blacc)
3. Medusa - "Nheb niitch Hyeti" (Tunisia/Prod: Olof Dreijer of The Knife)
4. D.S. Sense - "Get In The Flow (Technique)" (USA/Prod: Planet Da Majestic)
5. Witnesz - "Rock Superstar" (Tanzania/Prod: Maneke)
6. Leli (K­lidas) - "Mucho Rap (ft. Malian & Zero Plastica)" (Cuba/Prod: Dj Nio of Zero Plastica)
7. Lurdez da Luz - "Ping Pong" (Brazil/Prod: Leo Justi & Leo Grijo)
8. Moyenei (Estreya Morena) - "Kero Tanto'" (Chile/Mexico/ Prod: The Salazar Brothers)
9. Sarina Leah - "Travellin’" (UK/ Prod: Te1 productions)
10. StaHHr - "Sankofa" (USA/Prod: Calzone)
11. Shedney Ruffin - "Lost in Amsterdam" (Netherlands/Prod: Coert Cremers)
12. Sadahzinia - "Den Eimai Kanenos" (Greece/Prod: B.D.Foxmoor)
13. Jezzy P - "Todo Está Bien" (Mexico/Prod: Camba Beats)
14. Loop Luna - "Loop Lunatica" (Italy/Prod: Turi)
15. Devour Le Kenyora - "The Climb" (South Africa/Prod: Mx dafreshprince)
16. Ancestress and Yilinhi - "Speak the Truth" (Australia/Prod: 1st Spawned)
17. Jessica Care Moore - "Tiger Stripes (ft. One Be Lo)" (USA/Prod: D-­Will)


released 17 February 2015
Produced by World Hip Hop Market & Nomadic Wax
Exec. Produced by Greg & Magee
Directed & DJ-Mixed by DJ LaJedi
Hosted by Jessica Care Moore
Audio Mix & Mastering by Daniel Cantor at Notable Productions/www.notable.com
Cover Design by Dj Nio - www.djnio.net

For interviews, media inquiries, or for more information please contact DJ LaJedi at unlimitzzzzz@gmail.com or Greg Schick at greg@worldhiphopmarket.com



all rights reserved


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SOVEREIGN TRAX Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Culture Steez "Sovereign Trax February" #Australia @hannah_donnelly

1.Iron Link - Kin and Kings
2.Birdz - All We Know
3.Provocalz - Stolen ft. Lady Lash
4.Mau Power - Bad Mans World
5.Gekkz - Ain’t No Lady ft. Mad Madam 6.Caution - No Pain, No Gain
6.Razzy Mak - Proud Aboriginal
7.Dubbzone x Drumma G - L.K.O
8.Killah B - Drop Dat
9.Seeka - Talk About Me
10.Coedie Ochre Warrah - Visions
11.Sneak1 - 4 My Brothaz
12.The Medics - Wake Up
13.Robbie Miller - Sunday
14.Chris Tamwoy - Healing
15.Robert K Champion - Left My Childhood Behind
16.James Henry - Why We Won’t Stand

Cover Art by Gabi Briggs

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists that wanna contribute to Sov Trax playlists email sovereigntrax@gmail.com

A sovereign music blog. 
on wurundjeri land | Melbourne, Australia

Sovereign Trax February playlist is hurrrr to get you through the week

Get on that nue shiii from Birdz Lady Lash X Provocalz and chill acoustic wit the yung genius Chris Tamwoy and heaps moaaar

Yaama // Sov Trax February playlist [nue & old trax] from contemporary and experimental Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

23 feb 2015

Riky Rick’s #ZA ‘Boss Zonke’ (Official Music Video)

Publicado el 20 de feb. de 2015

Music video by Riky Rick "Rikhado Makhado" performing Boss Zonke. 
(C) 2015 Makhado Makhado Agency
The Album Coming Soon.

Director / Editor: Adriaan Louw
Producer: Imran Hamdulay
DOP: Deon Van Zyl
1st AC: Nelis Botha & Jared Paisley
PA: Malcolm Cross,Courtney Spencer & Taariq Dien

Special Thanks: Boyzn Bucks, Golda Rabe, Bontle Modiselle, Lisa Jossie, Kay Morgan, Didi, DJ Feel, Jiga, Eyadini, Lvovo, Dreamteam, Bhar, Danger, Afrotainment, DJ Boonu, Cassper Nyovest & Family Tree, Puma, Major League, Peppa, Fournsix Vandal,James Tuft, Jonathan Coetzee, Nabheel Jumat, Rolo Rozay, They Know, Distribute, Paul Ward, Shaun Reid, Kalabash Tours & Transport, Media Film Service, Nkuna Travel & Tours, Pro Events Security, Zone 6 Venue and Everybody who came thru to shoot with us.

Via ¬¬¬ http://www.okayafrica.com

Radio Juicy Presents "Onmywaysumwhere" by Pawcut (feat. N-Omega & Zen-Zin) | 'Maverick' | LP - Out February 24th

'Onmywaysumwhere' by Pawcut is the second single from his debut LP "Maverick" out February 24th on Radio Juicy.
Pawcut @pawcut
Zen-Zin @zen-zin
N-Omega @n-omega

WholeWorldBand | Reason | A Thousand Words #Johannesbourg #ZA

Publicado el 22 de ene. de 2015
Download the FREE WholeWorldBand iPhone and iPad App Now via the iTunes store: http://bit.ly/WholeWorldBand

My name is Reason and I’m a rapper, I’m an MC, an entertainer, I’m a musician I’m an artist, an entertainer, a creative and I’m here making music with the rest of the world, I hope you enjoy what we created, we made it straight from scratch for you to you and its by us, it’s a thousand words, picture that.

To record alongside Reason, and a host of other stars, download the FREE WholeWorldBand iPhone and iPad App Now via the iTunes store: http://bit.ly/WholeWorldBand

Like Us On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wholeworldband

Follow Us On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wholeworldband

Or go to www.wholeworldband.com for more details

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22 feb 2015

Submit Ur Muzik On Afrihooop : Song Submission: "Get That Money" O.P.U Featuring T-BRO & Lethal #FD #Uganda

O.P.U  (@opumusic) is a Hip Hop Artist hailing from Uganda in East Africa and is currently managed and
promoted by O*NATION in partnership with R.


Hip Hop / World Music KAMPALA, UG  UG

Akua Naru x Terence Nance : SHORT FILM #IndieGogo @DamnedDistribution

Akua Naru has teamed up with acclaimed Director Terence Nance to produce a film based on her new and soon to be released album "The Miner's Canary." We are asking our supporters to help us raise funds to make this film happen. I believe we all know how important it is that we tell OUR stories. This film will allow us to do just that. We begin filming next week in Marseille, France, and need your support to help us reach our funding goal. We have a list of perks for you in exchange for your contributions (album pre-orders, vinyl, etc). Your support is appreciated. Thank you

Pawcut #Germany "Bumblebee" Radio Juicy #Avi #2015

Publicado el 18 de feb. de 2015

Kitchen with Kz The Soul Plugger ft Oscarblesson - In The Kitchen # Avi #TZ #Stockholm

Publicado el 21 de feb. de 2015

Sarahmée #Sénégal #Montreal "SUR UNE PLANETE" Brand New Video + Lyrics #Woman_Power #AfricanFemMcs

Publicado el 9 de feb. de 2015
"Sur une planète" deuxième single de l'album de Sarahmée à venir.
Téléchargement sur iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sur...
Facebook: http://goo.gl/43tbIE
Twitter: http://goo.gl/jYnK73

Mgmt: makram@mkm-enter.com, badalee971@hotmail.com

Contact Promotion France Music Media Consulting

Contact Promo Afrique : Geneviève Charron: genysphere1@gmail.com

Directed/ Réalisé par Sixteen Pads Films
Stylisme: Joanick Giroux
Make-up: Stéphanie Barrette


Toutes les nuits se ressemblent
Dans tes bras?
Dis moi
Pourquoi ce soir je ne te reconnais pas?

(Couplet 1)
Entre parenthèse
Souris avec ton coeur
Montre moi ta peine
Ailleurs que derrière ton phonetel

On a balancés nos rêves
Jetés par la fenêtre
Fais moi danser comme ta conquête
Bien cadencé tu me fais tourner la tête

Sur une planète
Du moins peut être
On s'regarde dans les yeux
On ne baisse pas la tête x2

Toutes les nuits se ressemblent
Dans tes bras?
Dis moi
Pourquoi ce soir je ne te reconnais pas?

Je ne sais plus où aller
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
On ne sait plus s'aimer
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
On s'est condamnés

(Couplet 2)
Je n'veux pas de coeur dur comme de la ferraille
On n'a plus de conducteur on a déserté les rails
Nourris par l'angoisse on se texte des images
Dire je t'aime en face tu n'as plus le courage

Dis moi si tu m'aimes et la couleur de tes yeux
Je veux te connaitre ici le ciel est encore bleu
Dans les films tu sais ils finissent toujours heureux
Nous on se lève le matin avec le coeur coupé en deux

Je cherche mon destin
Comment aimer son prochain?
Je ne rêve plus de beau prince
J'ai nourris tous mes chagrins

Sur une planète
Du moins peut être
On s'regarde dans les yeux
On baisse pas la tête x2


Produit par Koudjo, guitares: Diego Montenegro, bass: Fido Carlos Hoyos
Arrangements par Tom Lapointe

Submit Ur Muzik On Afrihooop ¬¬¬ D'An Musa GRLA Ft Billy Banger (Prod By D'An Musa) #Ghana #FD #2015

Gorilla is the 3rd single off the #Cloud9EP by Ghanaian based Rapper'Producer @D'An Musa which features @Billy BanGer and co-produced by @KaySo. The verses are menacing and the beat is electrifying with alternative Trap and South African samples this is a definite banger.

Thank you for the continuous support. Its truly appreciated.

Stream & Download - http://bit.ly/1yFEKNU

Twitter  @North_buoy

Submit Ur Muzik on Afrihooop ¬¬¬ Sloo Pharoah #Durban #ZA "Rapping Paper"


I'm Sloo, here's my description:

Born in Durban, South Africa, Sloo has been nomadic since he was 16 days old. Living in 10 cities over 21 years. He started scribbling raps at age 11 and started taking rap seriously at age 17. Since then he has released his Simple Life EP and a full length mixtape entitled "It's About Time" with his former crew "Since Sliced Bread". Since going solo in 2013, Sloo has been working on his debut project while studying Film at the University of Cape Town. His main influences are Rakim, Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar. Sloo has dealt with depression for many years so you'll probably hear some sad boy lines in his bars. He also love bacon, pizza, bacon pizza, chicken wings & puppies. Sloo is also unsigned as fuck.

The track Rapping Paper is my unofficial remix of Christian Tiger School's "Martin Luther Vandross". It has mad boom bap feels, a simple catchy hook and some funny bars about South African life. Enjoy with bacon pizza and hot wings for full effect.

REDRUM – DOGBEATS #Burkina @tentaculerecords #Buy_Now

Redrum, beatmaker and producer for Art Melody, Joey Le Soldat, Anny Kassy and Charles X, releases a powerful beats album featuring 12 hip hop productions, tinted with hints of soul and jazz, following in the footsteps of hip hop greats such as Rza, J Dilla, 9th Wonder or Apollo Brown.


released 12 February 2015



all rights reserved


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Via ¬¬¬  Tentacule Records

Submit Ur Muzik On Afrihooop ¬¬¬ Ajo #Uganda #RapMusicISing #FD #Elevating_African_Hiphop

Rap Music I Sing

I go by the name AJO am a HipHop/ Rap recording artist from Uganda in East Africa and i just released a mixtape titled "Rap Music I Sing" on the 2nd of Feb 2015
“AJO”, real name Ariong James Oscar is a Ugandan born and raised HIP HOP/ RAP recording artist and song writer.

Born to a Dr. Atai Anne and Mr. James Okaali. Ajo has established himself as a vibrant and outspoken rapper with an impressive emulsion of wit, literacy and character in his lyrics a skill which has led many to describe him as an intersection of hip hop talent.
Ajo’s ambition and love for music predates his initiation into the hip hop fraternity, “he always loved music, as a child he used to wake everybody up early in the morning with his humming or chanting away to some orchestra in his mind” – Dr. Atai Anne.

Ajo started listening to hip hop music round the age of 12 shortly after his primary school. He fell in love with the message, the attitude, the freedom, the intricacy and the respect this genre of music commanded. It was during this time that he started to write cover versions to his favorite hip hop songs and gradually he developed his lyrical skill.

In his high school, AJO together with a few of his school friends formed a music group they called Clean Block Gang (C.B.G). Ajo and his peers strongly worked on their music and content development, “he wrote lyrics on almost everything; his locker, his book covers, his jean trousers and every piece of paper he could find” – Abel lubulwa (member of the C.B.G).

Ajo went further to record a couple of songs like; Rap music I sing, Rap city, Take it down easy then he teamed up with one of the best music producers in Uganda, HANNZ TACTIQ, together with whom he did his first radio smash song, NEVER BACK DOWN on which he featured Lethal and Hannz tactiq himself. This song went on to enjoy radio streaming and made it to a music chart on one radio station, HOT 100.

Ajo didn’t stop there; he later got in touch with a former rapper turned producer, Joe Tumwebaze aka J.T founder of Yego productions, a record label and it’s here that AJO fully embraced his passion for a hip hop music career. Mentored by J.T, he mastered his craft and worked on his first music compilation titled “Rap Music I Sing”, a piece that takes the listener through an in-depth understanding of him as an artist and a human being plus an appreciation of his lyrical and content maturity.

AJO is definitely a must listen to artist with an ambition and talent enough to be the best rapper in Africa and probably cross continent.

He is one every aspiring rapper should look up to and every old rapper should look out for.

Here is a download link to the Mixtape