18 feb 2015

DIE REK Presents ----> @ChrisJay "High" + Lyrics #FD #AfricanFemMcs #WomanPower

HIGH is a pleasurable awakening to the pure lyricism, fluid vocals and crisp storytelling that are ChrisJay. Produced by Detroit Soundsmith
Cream of Beats, HIGH combines ChrisJay's craft with meticulous samples and crunchy snares that are the basics of this harmonious good. An undeniable love song, this joint is bound to leave an impression on your soul.
That's her 1st single off of a new project dropping in the 2 months



1st verse

A supernatural high
I've finally been revived.
Feel like I can finally fly
Beyond these earthly skies
It's like Peace
Almost like it's washing over me
And I can see
You got my head light
I feel so free
And I don't think there's any other place
That I would rather be
Besides here in your arms
Or with you lying next to me
I mean that bug
Did bite deep
I got you in my dreams
Now I'm talking in my sleep
I see you everywhere
Your face is so fair
Your mind's so aware
And you got these little songs that you sing
And when you do
I'm singing along too
Is this what love does do?


And forever stuck together
This bond will remain
We got this siamese connection
Now attached at the brain
I'll pass on any surgery
Cause I don't need this fixed
The only way we'll plant our seeds
And learn what living is
Protect from weeds
We'll still stay HIGH
Ready to grab your hand love
I know it's time to fly
Ready to grab your hand love
I know it's time

2nd Verse

I let this love be uncontrollable
I didn't fall in
I chose to dive
it's my rise
My swagger
My style
became my reason why
Like my first born child
It's just about the mid of day
Let's bask for a while
I found my being
When you met me
Now I love to love your love
And be loved by your love
I once met a smile that could light up the room
But in you there's this glow
That undoes hell's doom
And that grin is contagious
Even more than a yawn
And when I'm lacking oxygen
Your that breathe that I'm on
You got my whole being minty fresh
Taste what I said?
Let's grab eternity
Your my forever friend


released 12 February 2015
Prod By 
Conect with @DIEREK 
Conect with @chrisjayonline



all rights reserved


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