27 abr 2013

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) : Mount Isa - "Stop"

IHHP artists in partnership with North West Queensland Primary Health Care (Medicare Local), Mount Isa City Council and Mount Isa Flexi School, worked alongside the talented students from Mount Isa community to create the health promotion music video called "STOP". IHHP was privileged to visit Mount Isa - Kalkadoon Country talking about health issues around tackling tobacco and dangers of petrol sniffing, social and emotional well being. If this song is any indication of the future leaders of the Mount Isa community, then look out, because they are strong, proud and DEADLY!!! This song is guaranteed to make you think twice about smoking and sniffing. Power to the young leaders, may your voice be heard, may you stand proud, black and strong.


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Raiza Biza At Ponsonby Social Club 27.04.2013

Samedi 27 avril 2013

22:00 (UTC+12)

Risque de pluie 22 °C / 15 °C


RAIZA BIZA our Rip it Up's Who's next Artist- performing live tracks from his Debut EP 'Dream something' and his latest release EP 'Summer' at Ponsonby Social Club 
(152 Ponsonby Road , Ponsonby, Auckland 1011) with support from ZANE TEE

Raiza Biza is an up and coming underground Hip Hop Artist, who has just featured in the latest Rip it Up magazine as a 'who's next' Artist to look out for.

Raiza Biza is a young rapper based in Hamilton/Auckland. His lyrics are often reflective and introspective, and accompanied by soulful jazz-influenced instrumentals. The Raiza Biza story is one of a young immigrant trying to adjust and find his place in a new land.

His EP release, the Dream Something LP, was well received and showed his range in subject matter. It also served as a showcase of some of the talented producers that NZ has.

Raiza Biza has just released his second EP 'Summer' and is currently busy promoting it nationally around New Zealand. 

You are welcome to listen and learn more about Raiza Biza in the following Links.

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22 abr 2013

Duplex by FloFilz x Pawcut : Digital Album #name your price ··· Duplex Cassette Tape #soldout

Digital Album

Immediate download of 21-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Buy Now  name your price

Duplex Cassette Tape

Limited edition 50 copies on black cassette with original artwork by Alex Brade & made with love at Urban Waves Records.

Includes immediate download of 21-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Sold Out

Music produced by FloFilz & Pawcut 
Face A : tracks 1-10 by FloFilz 
Face B : tracks 12-20 by Pawcut 

Includes 2 bonus tracks : 
11 & 21 only for digital download

additional credit: 
- Slowy & 12Vince on track 5 
- Joe Space on track 8 
- Killah Trakz on track 14 
- Chachi Kamikazi on track 16 
- Zen Zin on track 18

Artwork by Alex Brade 
Cassette Tape made by Urban Waves 
Radio Juicy 2013


released 21 April 2013



all rights reserved


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Back To The City - Hip Hop Festival | The Line Up 27.04.2013 Newtown (South Africa)

The festival is currently in its 7th year, having attracted a patronage of  15.000 in the recent past. Target for this year 20.000. Back To The City has become an iconic day nationwide, as it is the biggest outlet and platform for the Hip Hop community. Consequently, making it one of the biggest cultural experiences in Africa.

MCs: Abdus, Aby Fab, Articulate Artists, Devour, Flabba, Frat Pack, Future History, Gigi Lamayne             Gingerbread Man, H2O, Hydrochloric, Ifani, Infa, Jay Stash, Kwesta, Lastdays Fam, Maggz, Maxhoseni, Nadia, Neo Beats, Pitch Black Afro, Proverb,Reason, Revivolution, Space Man, Sbuda P, Siya Shezi, Social Commentary Forum, Toolee Stark, Towdee Mac, Tumi,  Zeus,  Zuluboy                                                                                                                                  

Djs: C-Live, Deeboi, Dolla, Fanta, Herbalist, I.D, KGB, Kenzhero, Tha Cutt, X, Zakes, Blaq T

BFG Bhubhesi Liver, Okmalumkoolkat /Dirty Paraffin, DJ Vardz

Most Wanted

Bo$$ Players, FSU MOB, 2GB, Quest Boys, UDC MSE, SB, TIU QST DS NVS Lunar

Amen Couture
Cheese Girls Jozi Mental Kreative Beings N.O.T.E Clothing State Of Guru Styla Gang Unpluged

Festi Web : http://www.backtothecityfestival.com/
Source : http://heavywords.co.za

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19 abr 2013

Making off du Clip de Kmal Radji (Benin) On Afrihooop

Making Off Brand New Clip Kmal Radji Aka Natural Sunshine 

Directed by Drahmas A.k.a Omofresh for HORISHALFILMS

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Nothing On Me ft VH, Chub Heightz, C-Real, Zeus & Chris Kimms On Afrihooop

1st Single from the upcoming C.O.D.E "Made in Africa" mixtape featuring VH (Marked Men Records), C-Real (Ghana), Chub Heightz (Marked Men Records), Zeus & Chris Kimms and produced by QXJR (Marked Men Records)

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Marked Men Incorporated (Botswana) On Afrihooop

Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd aspires to become a leading and reputable Group of Companies within the SADC region and become recognized within the global village through innovation and creativity.

Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd is a group companies that was established in 2007 and registered in 2010. It was founded by brothers Vaughan Mutambarah, Tatenda Mutambarah, Arthur Mutambarah and Topo Matlhape.

The company comprises of Clothing Line, Entertainment & Events Management Company, and is looking to expand into Real Estate and the Food sector. The respective companies under the group that provide services within these sectors are as follows;

- Marked Men Clothing (Pty) Ltd - Clothing.
- Marked Men Entertainment (Pty) Ltd - Entertainment/Events Management/Marketing & Advertising.

Fundación                2010
Situación geográfica        P.O.Box 211202, Gaborone
Productos                Clothing, Entertainment, Events Management, Marketing & Advertising

Información de contacto

Teléfono +267 71 644 310
Dirección de correo electrónico  info@markedmeninc.com

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Da Video Of The week : Marked Men Records (Botswana) : JUMP OFF MUSIC VIDEO


Source : http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkedMenEnt

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Khwezi Mphatlalatsane : Botswana Hip Hop On Afrihooop

Born 13th July, 1984 at Princess Marina Hospital, to a Xhosa mother & Swati father,he was grew-up in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone. First year of high school was in Johannesburg, South Africa. Within the very same metropolis, Khwezi fell in love with the art of emceeing circa 1998. His means of expression were through writing thought-snippets in the form of poetry. 

Khwezi recorded his first track in 2003 at P-Side studios with Gofaone ‘Goof’ Mapitse (Ramco) who produced it. His first performance was held that same year as a curtain raiser for Mista T, now known as Nomadic. 

In 2004 Khwezi met up with the band Khoitrans, an ensemble comprised of Bonolo ‘B-Note’ Mogotsi, Moratiwa Molema, Myizer Matlhaku & Shafiek Kimmie. Along with aforementioned B-Note, Khwezi recorded his first single ‘Vatsey’ in 2005 at Swett Shoppe. The track features Moses Khumalo, a renowned jazz saxophonist who passed away in 2006. Due to managerial ineptitude, the recording deal with Swett Shoppe went sour in 2006. 

2007 had Khwezi randomly recording at yet another studio, Madd Labb Productions with the likes of Illushen, D.O.G, King Ming & Buckshot. A tally of four tracks was the result. 
Through Fishmaan, Khwezi was introduced to Mex of Mexyland Studios in 2008. Around the same time People of Religious Nature (P.O.R.N) was born, comprising of Ngozi Chukura, Phenyo ‘Shorti Bang’ Maswabi & Khwezi Nsibande. 

Khwezi also got to know a team of American exchange students based at the University of Botswana. These were Daniel Schwarts (Photographer), Sebastian Modak (Djambe,Conga &Drums/Percusions) from Colombia, Raphael Verrazza (Keyboardist) from Mexico & Pat Arp (Bass Guitarist/Vocalist) from Texas. This ensemble formed the backup band for P.O.R.N, along with Zimbabwean natives Dominic ‘Mex’ Mandindo & Langa Khumalo as the sound engineers. The album Word Truth Fortune [W.T.F.] was recorded but never released. Due to the exchange students heading back to their respective countries & remnant P.O.R.N artists (Khwezi, Ngozi, Phenyo) having creative disputes, all this led to a split up. 
In 2009 Khwezi set his attention on a solo project, which includes some tracks recorded with the band. He intends to release the tracks he did besides the P.O.R.N album, hopefully in later in the year as he has had to reconfigure the album several times to suit the genre of music that he does. Producers featured on the album are Mex, B-Note, Mark Sunners, Krafty, & Man-E. Behind the live tracks are Pat Arp (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Sebastian Modak (Drums/Djembe) & Raphael Varazza (Pianist). Recordings were made at Mexyland Studios, Altitude Sounds & XLT Productions. 

Featured artists are Konkrete (Altitude Sounds), Nomadic (Independent), King Ming (Independent),Illushen (Madd Labb Studios) Samba T, Short Bang, Fishmaan & Baba Sbomo with crème de la crème vocalists Ngozi Chukura, Pat Arp, Mark Sunners & Bundu Lama. The album name is ‘STARDUZT’. The single, ‘Back Then’ which features Fishmaan & Bundu Lama are already enjoying airplay on local radio stations and reception is good. 

Discography & Features: 
Over the years, Khwezi has worked with some of the Botswana’s elite in the industry. These are some of the Album/Mixtape art covers and track listings: 

2011 saw the release of Khwezi’s first Mixtape, Between the Lightyears, which is a collection of both album and mixtape material from various studio sessions. It features the likes of Kebuileng, Zuziwe, Mark Sunners, Konkrete, Samba-T, King Ming, Aether and SA-1. On production is none other, Bonolo ‘B-Note’ Mogotsi, Alias/Mark Sunners, K-9, Mex and Obizzy. Arranged and mastered at HeavenSent Studio’s and distributed/marketed by Lapologa Magazine. 

2010 was the planned year of release for Khwezi’s solo effort since working with People of Religious Nature [P.O.R.N]. Starduzt features titans like Nomadic, Apollo Diablo and Bundu Lama to name a few with production from B-Note, Alias, Man-E and Mex. This album has not been released officially as the due date is yet to be announced.

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The Home Of Botswana Hip Hop By Elias Tebogo On eliasfm.co.bw

The Home Of Botswana Hip Hop

Born and raised in Francistown by Catherine Elias, Tebogo Elias grew up listening to kwaito mostly by Odirile Sento aka Vee and Eskimos. He then relocated to Selebi Phikwe at an early age but still visited his roots.

He finished his Junior School in Phatsimo Community (2003) and later on went to Selebi Phikwe Senior where completed his studies in (2005). He then went on further and did two years in University of Botswana as Bachelor of Science student in 2006.

In 2009 he relocated to Canada for further studies to study Mineral Processing Engineering through a joint work of W.U.S.C and the Department of Student Placement in The Ministry of Education (Botswana).

During his stay in Canada he got to enjoy some of the best Botswana Hip Hop Music he had ever listened to through some free downloads on Facebook and twitter.

On his 3rd year listening to this music he took upon himself to launch an Online radio station (Elias FM) which he discovered through YouTube Tutorials on online radio stations and trial and error instances .He kept building this project which he later managed to focus it into making sure that more people got fully exposed to one of the genres that is really slept on from his country.

After absolutely discovering by mistake this new project, he was then faced with a challenge of now organising the music. So, he started listening and collecting more on daily basis but now with a purpose of creating something other people can enjoy .He also spent more time on the internet to learn more about managing a website/blogs and other Online radio Stations and kept doing that throughout building the project with doubts at times but never looked back up to this day.

ELIAS FM is the biggest goal he has ever set for himself to achieve after his Mineral Processing Engineering Degree. While pursuing his degrees he still find time to work on this project with the hope that one day it will be as he visualised it when watching YouTube Tutorials.

Listen To Elias Radio Here

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18 abr 2013

The Holstar And Poison Hertz *Universalanguaje* 26.04.2013

From Zambia To Argentina



1.Universal Language
2.Man Of The City Featuring Chisamo
3.The Industry Cat (Freeverse)
5.What Do We Do Featuring Chisamo
6.Archetypes Featuring Al Kan-I
7.Posse Cut Featuring Raiza Biza, Synik, Dominant 1, Third Eye, DJ Naida, Teck-Zilla, Al Kan-I.
8.Dear Nikitta
9.The State of Hip Hop Featuring Yung Verbal
10.Time Featuring Zone Fam and Fortress

Official Release Date: Friday April 26th 2013

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Nomadic Massive Live In Paris 21.04.2013

Fotos de la biografía
Nomads in Paris 

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"Any Sound" Ep By Nomadic Massive On Afrihooop

released 16 April 2013
NOmadic Massive "Any Sound" ep

-Nah Murderah
Produced by Nomadic Massive

-Any Sound
Produced by Lou Piensa

-Meant For me
Produced by Waahli

-Throwback ‘13
Produced by Dr. Mad (ALAIZ)

All bass played by : Rawgged MC
All guitar played by : Ali Sepu
All trombone played by : Modibo Keita
All trumpet palyed by Hichem Khalfa
All saxophone played by Vincent Stephen- Ong
All drums to percussions played by ButtaBeats
All additional guitar played by Waahli
All lyrics written by their performers
All tracks mixed & Mastered by Kevin MoonStarr « PTR Music »
All recordings done at Bazy Studios by Lou Piensa, Butta Beats, Waahli and Rila
Radio Host : Sebastien Olscamp alias « Slim Samba »

Nomadic Massive Productions. All rights reserved 2013

Management : Marc-André Sarault  info@nomadicmassive.com

Booking Québec : Jean-François Guindon contact@coopfauxmonnayeurs.com  514-312-7142

Booking Canada / US : Bill Smith, Eye For Talent bill@eyefortalent.com  650-595-2274

Booking Belgique : Philippe Kopp, Live Nation philippe.kopp@livenation.be  +32 2 708 80 81

Booking France : Benoit Ferdy  benoit.ferdy@musicaction.fr



all rights reserved


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W i s e ☥ O n e : C O S M I C * C O M P O S I T I O N S * r a d i o * v o l u m e 1


Door Of The Cosmos - Sun Ra
Travel The Spaceways - Christoph El Truento
Brew Session (Featuring Stainless Steele) - Josh Hey
What They Want From Me Feat. K -Young Black Preachers
Fatima Feat Floating Points - Cinnamon
Few Days[FewNytes] - Knxwledge
For The Love Feat. Adad, Yaw & Denmark - Tensei
How Many Emcee's (Wun Two Remix) - Black Moon
Rehuscope - Flako
Unthnkable - Knxwledge
Twin Stars Of Thence - Sun Ra
Blunted - Christoph El Truento
Fungi - Home Brew (Produced By Christoph El Truento)
Mixed Saber - Al_Pd
Too Early - Slamagotchi
Post98 - Mndsgn
Birds.I.View - Def Sound Feat. Nikko Gray
NoDelay - Ohbliv
Am Weer - Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie
Over - Broke/
Track Off Whale EP - Wun Two
Interlude Track Off RaizaBiza & Max's Fed Up EP
World Is Love - BMB aka Space Kid
The May 4th Movement - Digable Planets
Recrackment -Twit Uno
Can't Wait (Wun Two Remix) - Redman
Gill Scott Heron Tribute - Prof.Logik
Unite - Ahwlee
Cinnamon Potion - Raaghe
Miso-Shiru & B.Haru - Lemon Shark
The Difference (Reprise) - Sango
Only.You - Color Plus
Blastit - Shabazz Palaces
Blues Through Bedlam - Oisima
Desert II - Shah Marg
The Truth - Rise

Mixed By w ☥ s e 1

Artwork By Jordan Cuthers Clark


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The Holstar & Poison Hertz – The Industry Cat (Freeverse) #FD On Afrihooop

The Holstar & Poison Hertz – The Industry Cat (Freeverse) 

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Da Video Of The Week : All for Luga Flow by Bana Mutibwa (Uganda)

All For Luga Flow is another Ghetto Gourmet production. Bana Mutibwa expressing His Love For the movement that made him who he is. The Luga Flow Movement :- a term for UGANDAN HIP HOP, or rap in Languages. all for Luga Flow was produced and directed by Joseph Mbida from Ghetto Gourmet DENMARK.
Note| This is not a beef track.

Bana Mutibwa :
Born Walakira Richard in 1989 at St. Francis Hospital in Nsambya (Kampala), Bana is a Hip Hop activist who raps and talks for Hip Hop in Uganda. The Music and entertainment Young Achievers Award winner is also member of the Luga Flow Army, a rap group that fronts and protects the uniqueness of rapping and emceeing in local languages.

An ambassador of the Global End of the Weak in Uganda which is a Hip Hop culture improvement programme that is currently running the End of the Weak MC challenge across Uganda, he advocates for languages so he calls himself the Luga Flow Revolutionary Activist.

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Dj HellBlazer & Pawcut Present Pure Dopeness (Special Interludes) by Sinoptic Music International

released 17 April 2013



all rights reserved


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14 abr 2013

Sitou Koudadjé "Things We Done" On Afrihooop

Sitou Koudadjé, qui a terminé son album 21 Grammes et dont la sortie est prévu pour Fevrier 2013, vient de mettre à dispotion une « webtape » intitulé Things We Done. Regroupant des morceaux à l’ancienne (2002), des freestyles et quelques raretés assez récente, ce projet rétrospectif a pour but de présenter le travail de l’un des Dangereux Dinosaures Sitou Koudadjé, d’ici là d’autres volet devrait voir le jour.

Dans Things We Done, 21 titres où l’on retrouve Sitou entouré de son équpe Dangereux Dinosaures, mais aussi 99 Infantry, Mamas et Mens, Elom20cd, Nature Réelle, Liber, Antoche Gentile, Snake, HMD, Doumsi, Lasmo, R.A.O Staff, So Pik, Pira, Koffi Anani, OPJ de Zinko et Pj.

 1. Écartes Tes Ieuzes
 2. La Vérité Surine
 3. Viens Voir
 4. 27200 Styles
 5. Decolonise
 6. Ma Détermination Est Comme Un Diamant
 7. Interlude Amour D’un Nègre
 8. Sans Swagg Ni Punchlines,
 9. On S’adapte
10. One Shot Freestyle Studio
11. Inspiration Meurtrière
12. Freestyle Radio Léquipedenuit 106.3Fm FPP Part 1
13. Où Sont Les Trophées
14. Rien De Bon
15. Révolution
16. No Way To Hide
17. Déni
18. Toumtinaré
19. Messes Noires
20. Ray Charles « Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying »
21. Big Bro

Télécharger Sitou Koudadjé Things We Done

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Elom 20ce Feat Live Band en Concert le 02.05.2013 á Lomé (Togo)

Jeudi 02 Mai au "Mandingue Jazz Club" á Lomé (Togo)

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11 abr 2013

Boiler Room "New York Rap Life" On Streaming 2nite 11.04.2013

Wu Tang Clan & Def Squad present live
 Method Man, Redman, Street Life, Mc Cream, Eyes Low, Large Professor, 
Tragedy Khadafi, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck & Masta Killah.

When: Friday the 11th Abril 01 AM - 05 AM (Gtm)
Where : Streaming Online from BoilerRoom

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Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience : THE 5TH L Saturday April 13th 2013 Mount Rainer (MD)

Saturday April 13th
Joe's Movement Emporium
World Arts Focus
3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
The link to purchase tickets : https://joesmovement.secure.force.com/ticket

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