27 mar 2013

Da Video Of The Week : Chullage - RAP (Oficial Video) & Ep on #FD #TG

Letra: Chullage
Beat: Quasi OG (Lutadoriz Reg)
Scratch: DJ Extreme, Bass: Pietro Casella
Realização, Camera e Edição: Dahfiyah
Co-Realização: Chullage
Produção: BeatweenUs/Inkovinient

Agradecimentos: Tollas, Lowrasta, Ulicio, FdB, Don Nuno, Tuntera, Dj Nene, Edietox, Wolf, rapazes da Red Eyes, LBC Soldjah, Hezbollah, Souldjah, Segonhe, rapazes da Kova M, Mov I, Kastro e Submundo, rapazes da Mira, Tchola e rapazes da Alta, IPACO, Hardcore 24, Landin, rapazes da KS Drama, 12 Makakos (Mek, Cris, Zeka, Mexicano e toda e crew), Mama e rapazes de Chelas, PM Lirical e todos...

The song is a single taken from his latest EP ‘Rapressão’ which was released last year as a free download from the website of Chullage’s label Optimus.

Contacto para videos: dahfiyah@gmail.com

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Brand New "Audible Braile Ent" On Tumblr

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20 mar 2013

"Devil May Cry" by Braydz : Buy Now ₤1 GBP or more


for those that know and for those that don't.

in 2010 i released my first ever solo effort titled Devil May Cry, believe it or not it got me on an amazing status as one of the best lyricists to have EVER come out of the UK (feel free to disagree, i don't give a shit really). anyway since the release i have constantly been asked the same questions i.e "are you gonna print more copies? where can i buy it on the net? where can i download it? and are you gonna re-release it. Amazingly 3 years later the same question still pops up almost every other week.


It's not about one showing off their attractive side and being appealing for the world. Its about one connecting with their concept and believing in it

The Art is everything.

That will appeal to the world.


i did this for YOU.



released 20 March 2010



all rights reserved


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I-Party ::: I-Science Au Cunimb (Ouakam - Dakar)

I-Science et Les Petites Pierres vous invitent dans le Zion de Ouakam pour une dernière I-Date avant la tournée en régions !

STAZ : Clavier, guitare, chant
CORI : Chant
BELB'H : Guitare, chant

Johnny King : Guitare solo
Janvier : Batterie
Aboridjal : Basse
F. Manel : Choeurs
Dj Gee Bayss : Scratch

21H00 - I-LIVE with band & Dj Gee Bayss
23H00 - I-SOUNDZMIX with Dj Gee Bayss, Dj Prez, Dj Trail, Dj Look, African Headshake !

+++ I-Special Guests

Accès : Pour accéder au Cunimb, venir jusqu'aux Petites Pierres, on vous donnera la piste à suivre !

I-Partenaires : Keur Even, Jahgal, Srk, Les Récidivistes

Infoline : 33 860 77 01 / Pass : 3 000 Fcfa

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VV.AA "Digital Dynasty" 24 (Hosted By Killah Priest) #FD #TG

It's finally here: Digital Dynasty 24. Fresh off the release of his The Psychic World of Walter Reed LP, Killah Priest re-ups as host for the latest installment of the BallerStatus.com/Tha Advocate mixtape series. The new tape features nearly 50 tracks from up-and-coming artists around the world, as well as some cuts from established artists sprinkled throughout, including a handful of exclusives from Priest. "One thing about progression is being able to look back and see how far you traveled. Nearly half a decade into this Digital Dynasty sh**, it just keeps getting better," Advo says of the tape. "Not too mention having my long time homie, Killah Priest, host this one just added another level to the legacy. This volume right here is straight raw, underground, down in the basement in a cypher type of feel to it. This is so anti-industry it's not funny." Without further adieu, fans can download Digital Dynasty 24 now, via SendSpace.com, or DatPiff.com. Also, support Killah Priest by following him on Twitter @KillahPriest. And ordering The Psychic World of Walter Reed at PWOWR.com.

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Woman Scream International Poetry Festival Submission Guidelines

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival
Woman Scream International Poetry Festival is part of the social mission of the Woman Poets International who also works towards the recognition of unknown talented women poets through their various activities, joint projects, and social networks. The MPI has the support of several cultural and literary institutions of importance that are partners of the events in various countries and cities.
Woman Scream includes activities such as conferences, exhibitions, outdoor activities, poetry readings, contests, and more. The various activities will involve men and women poets’ good-will ambassadors of the MPI movement in different countries and the collaboration of institutions, cultural groups, musicians, and artists who support this beautiful solidary work.
In 2013,Woman Scream is in its third year. Lesotho joined this global event in 2012 by organising a one day event, debate session and online publication of Woman Scream poems.
The festival happens through out the month of March in all participating countries and blogs.
In the case that an event can’t be organised Woman Poets International has given the administrators of this blog permission to publish poems and other material to continue the initiative online.
The focus of the festival is to celebrate women and castigate gender-based violence. Poems and other material submitted should be centered around both themes,that is they can be written around one theme or both.
If one wishes to submit different work for both themes, that is acceptable.
For those who wish to contribute please follow the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines
Poems, tracks, essays, articles and othe material submitted should be

  • Original work
  • Aligned with the theme(s)
  • Of any length
  • Sent via mail to sechabalb@gmail.com OR inboxed on Facebook to Sechaba Keketsi
  • Bear details of the author; full names and one social network username (if available) or blog/website address,      download link (incase of tracks)
  • Composed in Sesotho or English (or both)
  • Deadline for submission: 25th March 2013

  • Woman Scream Official blog/website: www.womanscream.blogspot.com
    Source : Lirycal Bacteria 
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    Mercy Dhliwayo a.ka. Xtreme Sanity On Woman Scream International Poetry Festival

    Thin Line #09_WS13


    This is the first Woman Scream (Lesotho Chapter) audio contribution. Check out Thin Line on her soundcloud page and kindly share.


    Source :  Lyrical Bacteria

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    19 mar 2013

    The #againstTHEgrain album is officialy out & retailing online!

    Limited Edition Compact Disc

    Lovely Jacket Case, Bright, Vibrant Colors. Beautiful Sticker stating this was an Exclusive SXSW Release. CD Art.

    Includes immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now  $12 USD or more

    shipping out on or around 29 March 2013
    edition of 50 

    Official SXSW "Against the Grain" T-Shirt

    These are the shirts we gave to fans during SXSW 2013. Same One!! Limited Edition
    Front and Back Design.

    Includes immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now  $22 USD or more

    ships out within 1 day
    edition of 25 

    T-Shirt and Compact Disc Combo Saver Deal!

    Get the album and a tshirt for a cheaper price when bought together!

    Includes immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now  $29 USD or more

    shipping out on or around 29 March 2013
    edition of 25 

    1"Against the Grain"04:43
    5"Frenimies" feat RealDeal03:26
    6"Separation Anxiety"04:08
    7"The Stash"02:41
    8"Blood and Bread"03:01
    10"Ativan Caravan"03:05
    12"The Ether Way"03:04


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    17 mar 2013

    Modenine presents "Boombap Teckzilla Distortion Remix"

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Veteran Nigerian Emcee and founder of the African HipHop Movement .
    Student of the True Artform
    Lyricist / poet and producer

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    Maaaaad Beats : Teck Zilla Interview whit host Dice B

    Nouvelle Génération organized this segment of “Maaaaad Beats” with producer Teck Zilla, who joins Da-P, High Klassified, Nali Katana and Ali Chaotik (rapper) in this interview series with host Dice B.

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    14 mar 2013

    Coming Back Home : Checky Blaze Tournée "Live & Direct" a Dakar

    San & Elliot : Brand new "Against The Grain" Released 13.03.2013 #streaming #bandcamp

    Released 13 March 2013
    OFFICIAL album release 13 March 2013

    San and Elliott would like to thank Mr. Riz of Block Kids on the New for engineering this project, 
    as well as Joseph Meegar, Alias, Shorty Bang, O-Nerve, and Lyrical Tip. We also can't forget our 
    perspective squads Inverse Tangent and Audible Braile Entertainment.



    all rights reserved


     feeds for this albumthis artist

    Buy Against the Grain (The Single) On CdBaby 

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    13 mar 2013

    Zubz The Last Letta (Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa) : "Stereotypes" single On #FD

    Zubz The Last Letta is a Zambian born, Zimbabwe-raised and South Africa-based hip-hop artist. He has earned his title as one of SA’s most respected Emcees through his music; three albums – all critically acclaimed and a number of mixtapes, compilations and cameos. Zubz’s attention to detail when it comes to his lyrical content has set him apart from other rappers and his insight into the realities of people in three different countries has helped colour his storytelling abilities.

    His musical repertoire has led to him collaborating with artists from all over the African continent including Liz Ogumbo from Kenya, Manifest from Ghana and Holstar from Zambia amongst others. He has also graced stages with the likes of Pops Mohammed, Sibongile Khumalo and Holland-based pop sensation Giovanca.
    Zubz has taken his artistry to a new level by adding guitar player and singer to his list of talents and skills which include producer and composer. He’s currently working on his fourth offering, which will show off these talents. The album, titled Dragon Lion Full Circle, marks a decade of being a solid voice
    in African hip hop.

    Label : Quiet Riot Media

    Hip Hop Artist/Activist Zubz The Last Letta has released a second single from his upcoming album, DragonLion FullCircle.

    On July 24th of this year, Zubz released the first track from his fourth studio project; Extras. Hot on the heels of that release is his second single Stereotypes.

    Produced and mixed by Zimbabwean music composer/singer/songwriter Simba Tagz, Stereotypes is a percussive celebration of all who rise above the limits ascribed to them by society. Punctuated by horn blasts and open snares, the track immediately conjures mental images of a marching band at a winners’ parade.

    “This song is literally a toast” says Zubz, “to all who took every negative stereotype attached to their person or circumstance and turned it around to become so much more!” Lyrically the song’s powerful messaging is divided into Male (verse 1) and Female (verse 2).

    Zubz debuted Stereotypes on South Africa’s biggest youth radio station, YFM, on Friday 14 September and immediately made the song available shortly after for free download. Says the artist, “YFM as a platform represented for me a place where I learnt that there were people just like me who were doing extraordinary things in my own town! It made me want to rise above my circumstance too. So I had to start sharing that message on the same platform I learnt it from.”

    Stereotypes is only the second of many more songs that are pegged for release off the new Zubz album DragonLion_FullCircle.

    #FD Here (Right Click Save As)

    Source : http://afro-mp3.com

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    Elliott Niezel : "WOnderlAnd" EP On Afrihooop

    You’ve no doubt heard about the drug dealing or gang member pasts of the biggest names in Hip Hop music    – whether their tales of violent street life and crime are 100% authentic or mostly made up for the street cred hype, it’s rarely been portrayed as something to overcome or turn away from, yet that is exactly what California-based Hip Hop artist Elliott Niezel has done.

    His rocky past and violent, destructive ways aren’t a point of pride or a source of bragging for Niezel. No, his past was sad and messed up. His life was going nowhere until he did something about it, and he wants others to do what he has done – to rise above it and live a better life.

    “Gangs, violence, and destruction made all my musical ambitions kinda sink to the wayside,” Niezel says. “I didn't have any aspirations to start writing music and making real records until I escaped that lifestyle and my personal addictions and demons. I was addicted to every substance under the sun, and now I am addicted to music.”

    Niezel’s current healthy addiction to all things music began when he was just a kid in Santa Barbara, his hometown. As a product of poverty and a broken home, Niezel was a quick study and natural fit for the selfish and destructive lifestyle of the streets. Even though all his time and attention went to drugs, alcohol and gang living, Niezel says music never left his side, just his dreams.

    He always had the dream to become good at rap, but he just got too caught up in the non-stop fast-paced party lifestyle. Nothing else mattered, he says, until his freshman year of high school when he discovered he could freestyle and rap. For the next several years, Niezel’s hidden newfound talent was neglected and pushed aside while he wrecked his life over partying, drug dealing and crime.

    “I was addicted to negativity and thought it was the coolest thing in the world…Now I’m hooked on positivity, and I see my old outlook on life as real messed up and backwards,” he says.

    Niezel’s only moving forward in life now and is creating his funky reality-based Hip Hop with a groovy twist, or what he calls Groove Hop. His first recording project was with a lifelong friend and fellow Hip Hop artist known as Zionics – their duo is called Resorvation, and their first record was recorded on an old laptop computer with a homemade ‘panty hose and coat hanger’ vocal pop filter… Yeah, it doesn’t get any more real or ‘street’ than that.

    Now, Niezel’s a recording veteran with five studio projects to his credit, including records with Resorvation. “The Santa Barbara Legend” – his latest release – continues the Groove Hop positivity that comes from a creative soul who knows he’s very lucky and blessed to be making this inventive, honest Hip Hop from his soul instead of being dead or in prison.

    Check out Niezel’s work on Facebook or at elliottniezel.bandcamp.com, and whatever you do, listen to the message while grooving to the beat. There’s a magic in there. Music changed his life for the better, and it could do the same for you if you need a better direction.

    Niezel’s truthful and inspired positive Hip Hop proves, as he says, that “change is possible and happiness – along with a positive attitude – is possible even if you grew up with a negative mindset your whole life. Change is a real thing. It’s up to you – you can do anything you want, be anyone you want to become.”

    Released on Dec 24, 2012

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