6 feb 2015

Diaspora: Musings On African Sounds by Mela9 #FD #Bandcamp

My first 'official' beat tape, which contains 10 brand new tracks. This is a collection of recordings inspired by and using elements of various forms of African music, from ancient times to the modern era. I hope you enjoy it. Peace... 
- Mela9


released 25 January 2015

Produced, arranged and recorded by: Mela9 
Equipment/Instruments used: Ableton Live, SP-202, vinyl LPs & 45s, 4-track cassette recorder, Akai x-150D (Solid State) tape machine, random video clips, Alesis USB rotary mixer. Various plug-ins and soft synths, spoons, glasses, pots, pans, keys, and random field noises. Intuitive ears, imagination, patience, happiness, heartache, frustration and persistence. 
Special thanks to all those who have and continue to support my musical endeavors. You know who you are, and I love you all......



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