22 mar 2015

10 Artistes to Watch Out for in 2015 via @UrbanHypeNet by Segawa Salim

We are in an era where you can easily put your music out there for consumption. But the big question has always been ‘how are you going to remain relevant in the ever growing number of artistes on different genre scale?’. The internet has played a huge role in bringing the fans and artistes together. Last year, we witnessed a number of both old and new artistes coming up with different branding and strategy to survive in the overly competitive music scene. Here is our list of 10 artistes that we feel will have a great 2015 and breakout as huge artistes.
Abaasa is a 23 year old drummer, singer, producer and pianist. He has his own style/theme of music composition that he calls ‘Liquid Afro’. Last year, he featured on The Mith’s sophomore album and also managed to release a four track EP titled ‘Love Tape‘ that featured songs like Chips & Chaps, Time travel, You, and A cat born in an oven is not a cake. The unique sound of his own production gives him a shot to be one of the urban artistes highlights of 2015.

When i first heard about Khai Prod, he was working with Maurice Kirya on a couple of projects. Then i listened to his song titled ‘Hi’ where he featured Maurice Kirya and i started following his music journey. His weapon of music destruction is blended in his voice and soulful production. With his pre-album releases, he has created a heavy and loyal fan base, Khai Prod will have a great year. His latest sound is a rendition of Boys 2 Men’s ‘Time after time’.

I started listening to Ninja C’s music early last year when she collaborated with AirporTaxi’s Tucker HD on a song titled ‘Our Time’. Ninja C seems to haven’t figured out how good she is with rapping; and if she figures that earlier, 2015 will be hers to claim the crown. Her contribution on Baru’s beat EP called ‘Redefinitions’ portrays a lot about her as a rapper. You can listen to Ninja C’s music on her Reverbnation.

Remember the Undercover Brothers? The duo (Murungi and Kirya)that represented Uganda at Tusker Project Fame 6 together with Daisy Ejang? Undercover Brothers are really talented; the ability to blend nice vocals with multiple instrument skills makes them superb. They have released a couple of songs which include Mwagala Kilalu and Diamond ft Young Zee . I think that this year, the Undercover Brothers are going to give us more of what they have in store.

Brian is a talented singer, guitarist and vocalist. I had a chance to hear him perform at faze 2 on Buganda Rd where he plays live music every Thursday. He has that powerful voice which makes his feel comfortable when hitting the high and low notes. The way his voice interacts with his Guitar is mind-blowing. Brian needs is an audience that resonates with style of music; He should utilize his YouTube channel to build a fan base that connects with.

This Dustville Records rapper has found his way into many people’s favorite rappers’ list only because of his dope debut mixtape ‘Kiwedde’ but also his style of rapper. He raps in native language style (Lugaflow) and there’s a way he has cloned his own style. Hopefully, I think Pryce Teeba can full utilize his time and make 2015 his own. I expect to hear a lot of good stuff from him.

S.T.R.A.P (Sound that Roars African Pride) is a Ugandan Hip hop artist from Kampala, Uganda that is currently based out of Kansas. Last year, he left a mark on the hip-hop scene with his debut album titled ‘Oblivion’. S.T.R.A.P’s ‘Oblivion’ didn’t only introduce him on the hip-hop scene but it also sparked light on how futuristic his career is.

Agee released her debut single titled ‘Love’ last year and collaborated on numerous projects like Blessed Cypher, Nabakyaala, GMC Cypher, and Mr DJ. As a young female rapper, the feedback the songs generated was warm. Though, I feel like she procrastinated after her debut single. But with a promised EP, Agee will successful dip her feet deep and have a great year, musically.

Juggling careers has always never been a simple thing especially when it involves a passion and profession. Last year, Naqabiito re-branded herself from The Ginsu and she released a debut single under her new moniker titled ‘On My Own’. Even before she took a relatively simple break off music, Naqabiito(Formerly known as The Ginsu) was fierce on the mic; her level of lyricism and flow helped her to go head to head with top dudes in the game. Naqabiito is a double edged sword, she produces and writes her own music.

It’s no doubt that A Pass will not have a great year. He reincarnated with a fierce ghost in him. Last year, A Pass topped several music charts with his many songs which were obviously good. His camp recently revealed to us that A Pass has more than 400 pre-released songs with an estimation of three-quarters being super hits.

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