26 mar 2015

The Radioactive Mixtape Demo #FD @2tukani #Bulawayo #Zimbabwe

Today marks a very special day for me. It's not only the day I "finally" release my first solo project, but it's also the day my father was born. Well, I'm sure he would have been pleased to listen to it if he was still around.

This "mixtape demo" is a compilation of some of the tracks I've done so far, dating back to the year 2013. They are not a lot though. The reason why I called it a "Mixtape Demo" is because it's a preliminary mixtape (It's not my official Mixtape). I decided to release this project so that people can have an idea of who The Activist is and what to expect when he drops the official tape/ album (which will be before the end of this year). The first track I'm going to talk about is "Who we are" which features Static and Baffy who are both upcoming, underground Hip hop artists from Bulawayo. This is a very chilled track, and has a similar concept to one of Common's old jams (You will definitely recognize the similarity if you're a big Common fan). Common is definitely one of my favorite rappers. The second track I'll briefly talk about is "Africa" , which I recorded with my rap group BYO - Building Your Origins and it featured in our first mixtape "Building Blocks". It's also a chilled jam, whereby I was rapping over a beat-box melody. My favorite line from this track is " Yes we need more positive actions/ cause actions speak louder than African accents/ ... ". If you're into lyricism , I'm sure you will like this track. The next track that I will talk about is "Freedom Activity". This track basically exposes who The Activist is, and what I'm trying to do with my music. So far, out of all my tracks, this seems to be the fans favorite. The last track is a joint I did with a good friend of mine who goes by the name "AKidWit_No_Tahg". It's my latest track, and it has an old school vibe to it. We decided to call the track : "The Bars Show" because it had a relaxed feel to it that made it sound as if we were spitting dope bars at an open mic session (Shout out to the host "Bars")

I decided to throw in a poem I recited were I talk about my city (Bulawayo). I'm also a poet who has published a couple of books/ anthologies. I've been privileged to work with prominent people such as Mcpotar , Ernest Mackina , Njabulo Moyo, and yes, Albert Nyathi. The poem is very short and sweet. I also through into the mixtape demo an instrumental that I made quite a while ago. Feel free to use it, and also send the track back to me so that I give it a listen. (I would encourage you to use the same title of the instrumental for your track , because I would love to see who's more creative, but feel free to use your title if you feel the need to). Well, that's about it for now, feel free to give me feedback on twitter @2tukani . Peace!!!

Download Radioactive Mixtape Demo by The Activist 

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