24 feb 2015

SOVEREIGN TRAX Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Culture Steez "Sovereign Trax February" #Australia @hannah_donnelly

1.Iron Link - Kin and Kings
2.Birdz - All We Know
3.Provocalz - Stolen ft. Lady Lash
4.Mau Power - Bad Mans World
5.Gekkz - Ain’t No Lady ft. Mad Madam 6.Caution - No Pain, No Gain
6.Razzy Mak - Proud Aboriginal
7.Dubbzone x Drumma G - L.K.O
8.Killah B - Drop Dat
9.Seeka - Talk About Me
10.Coedie Ochre Warrah - Visions
11.Sneak1 - 4 My Brothaz
12.The Medics - Wake Up
13.Robbie Miller - Sunday
14.Chris Tamwoy - Healing
15.Robert K Champion - Left My Childhood Behind
16.James Henry - Why We Won’t Stand

Cover Art by Gabi Briggs

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists that wanna contribute to Sov Trax playlists email sovereigntrax@gmail.com

A sovereign music blog. 
on wurundjeri land | Melbourne, Australia

Sovereign Trax February playlist is hurrrr to get you through the week

Get on that nue shiii from Birdz Lady Lash X Provocalz and chill acoustic wit the yung genius Chris Tamwoy and heaps moaaar

Yaama // Sov Trax February playlist [nue & old trax] from contemporary and experimental Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

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