24 feb 2015

Pawcut "Maverick" @RadioJuicy / Urban Waves / hhv.de Artikel-Nr: 406486 #Germany #BuyNow #2015

Pawcut, one of Germany's most prolific producers is releasing his first solo-vinyl. Although his records with Flofilz, Zen-Zin, Katharsis, The Unused Word or Headtrick just came out , the producer from Minden doesn't take a rest, creating more music from dirty drums and dusty samples. The original meaning of Maverick is "cattle without branding "and the music reflects pawcut's refusal to follow customs or rules .The MCs such as N-Omega, Zen-Zin, Pseudo Slang, John Blazini, Exodus and Billy Woods give the listener an anchorage and complete this sonic narrative. The LP is the upshot of Pawcut's longlasting struggle for a unique sound experience .You can now put on your record-player, spinn it again and again without getting bored for a second.

***Testpressraffle : https://www.facebook.com ***Pawcut is giving away a test pressing of his "Maverick " album that dropped on Radio Juicy *s Bandcamp today !
To Enter :
1.Testpressraffle : https://www.facebook.com/321497244548529
2. CLICK ON THE PICTURE ! (dont comment on reposts ) 
3. Share and Like this post /picture 4.Comment in which way you would tag Pawcut's music if u had to for ppl that never heard of him #jaydillabiter #wackemochit #dustcore, you dont have to please me to win.
On the 6th of March ill tag the winner here and write him a Pm Good luck Paws

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