27 feb 2013

Raiza Biza - Waves ft Depth (Prod. Haan 808) #FD On Afrihooop

New Music: Raiza Biza - 'Waves'

This song is the first single from my 'Summer' album. I am very excited about putting out this project. It was written almost entirely while I was on the road performing my Dream Something LP.

It is inspired by the beautiful Summers we enjoy in New Zealand.

You can listen and download it at http://soundcloud.com/raizabiza/raiza-biza-waves-ft-depth-prod

I will be releasing my album no later than the middle of March..

I hope wherever you are, the weather is treating you as well as its treating me.


Raiza Biza


Download my new LP, 'Dream Something' for free at raizabiza.bandcamp.com/
Rapper from Rwanda, grew up in Joburg, now trying to fly in NZ. Download and share the songs as you want.
Keep in touch with me via:
Or email me rayruzibiza@gmail.com
Safe, Raiza Biza

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