27 feb 2013

M.anifest (Ghana) - Blue (Chale What Dey Happen) [Official Video]

M.anifest speaks of nostalgia in this video. There's even a line that puts certain words directed at him and his recent adoption of pidgin in his rhyme in a different light. As usual, pristine visuals from the man.
The video was shot on location in Saltpond and Accra. It tells a story of longing and nostalgia inspired by living away from home. The video shows M.anifest in soliloquy whiles his mind travels to many childhood memories that remind him of home. From longing for kelewele, beans, gari (foods readily available on the streets of Accra) to girls shaking their "wele," "Blue" shows a man journeying through time, torn between melancholy and fond remembrance.
"Blue" (Chale what dey happen) is also a throwback to M.anifest's adolescent years but perhaps more importantly a historical document of the cultural shifts that hiplife/ rap spawned in the 90s. In the 3rd verse you hear and see images that serve as a reflection on the beginnings of a new wave of contemporary Ghanaian pop/hiplife music.
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