2 feb 2013

Art Melody (Burkina Faso) "YAM SABAAB" On Free Download

Art Melody's husky, powerful voice has been catapulting the Burkinabé people's daily concerns into the ears and minds of hip hop lovers worldwide. Just recently, Melo performed all across France with fellow rapper Joey le Soldat, as Waga 3000, and now he blesses us with the first single off of his upcoming album Wogdog Blues, due in March.
Yam Sabaab is produced by French beatmaker extraordinaire Redrum for Tentacule Records who has collaborated with Melo on his last album, Zound Zandé. On this song, Art Melody gives love back to Ouaga and his people, as he talks about his routine growing up in Ouaga, discovering hip hop and freestyling from one end of town to the other.

Premier single "YAM SABAAB".
Extrait de son nouvel album WOGDOG BLUES.
(Akwaaba Music / Mars 2013)

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