23 may 2012


A Thousand Words Media presents State of Emergency The Cypher 
Artists : Taffie, Young Haze, Shukid, Mtapa, Ace Tha Don & Kapella
Audio Prod. By GnX Music (Kenya)

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  • This cypher should be called Taffie, Young Haze and Kapella, coz they killed this shit
  • this guys are mekin it BIG,theaz no doubt bout it in my mind..its only a matter of time!!
    hehe..n lurv tht guy Mtapa,he gave the cypher an edge,different sound!#gudStuff
  • lol hater speach
  • THE AUDIO IS OFF !!! common men !
  • waaaaah! bidii ma jamaa
  • Kibaki needs a chill pill...
  • :):)... Taffie I love the suit.... :)
  • eish man!! even camp mulla weren't famous at first, so let them be n stop haitin!!!
  • Ras ameifinya jooooooooooooooooo!!! akna nan wana...... Kenpleton!!
  • Dude, that wasn't necessary. Cut these guys some slack, there's nothing wrong with trying. It's haters like you that artists talk about when the actually make it. No doubt, these dudes are dope, at least a few of them is bound to make it big. So I suggest you quit hating and raise your standards, being an asshole wont get you far. Trust me.

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