20 may 2012




Nimoh Futuristic ‎Blakfella Thebigfella welcome to Micworms!how u doin?
Blackfella TheBigfella Hey, whats up. Wats up

Nimoh Futuristic Kindly define w@ HipHop is to u!
Blackfella TheBigfella Am good mrembo, hows u
Blackfella TheBigfella Well, to me HipHop is a culture, life style.

Nimoh Futuristic I'm gud!W@ inspired u to get into the genre ? 
Kindly break it down to me :)
Blackfella TheBigfella Well, to me i can say HipHop music is what i grew up listening to. From the message the hiphop artists raised, i was inspired. Ballancing both the problems we face and also the good times in life, i learned the skillz in the process.
Blackfella TheBigfella And like wine i belive i am getting better as time goes.

Nimoh Futuristic Worrd so wen did u start? N who wea u listening to?
Blackfella TheBigfella Since HipHop is a lifestyle i can say nilianza kitambo...lol, i began writting back in High skul but proffessionaly, i began recording in 2009. I waslistening to kalamashaka, Biggy smallz, jayz and many more american rappers.

Nimoh Futuristic Tru i got th@..Biggy smallz the mayor the rap slayer:) … so w@ was tha first jam u recorded n wea?Also tell me abt the recption it got..
Blackfella TheBigfella I recorded my 1st jam with my childhood friend BaB-Sule at Ufuoni records and the jam tittle was 'kazi tunafanya', the reception in coast was crazy. The jam was No.1 at KayaFm for a whole month. It was crazy

Nimoh Futuristic Nyc do u av a link n i like the way Ufuoni still represents HipHop...
So from ua single w@ was nxt for Blakfella?
Blackfella TheBigfella Blackfella became who he is Today. :-). I got 
the comfidence to start doing my own single after N.J.E encoraged me that i Had what it Takes. I have later recorded and been featured in so many projects with both local and international artists.
Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.

Nimoh Futuristic Kindly lemmie know w@ projects u wea involved in..
break it down til now...
Blackfella TheBigfella Got featured in The "Ufuoni family mixtape" which had Abbas, Ukoo Flani, G.O.B, mwaka utanje, Hustla-j just to mention a few. Worked with a female rapper MIA(uk), Juliani ,Prudence(TPF) , kevlexicon(USA), any many coast artists. 
Solo projects: recorded Aliye juu ft leon on the hooks, Once Told (video out http://www.youtube.com/fellayo),
I Know and many othe  unreleased (in upcoming album).
Blackfella www.youtube.com Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Nimoh Futuristic Impressive so w@s ua marketin strategy ?
How do u manage to get the music to the capital for airplay considerin
ua from Mombasa?
Blackfella TheBigfella Mombasa is my Home but i am currently staying in Nairobi. I do alot of Social networking, mostly online marketing. I also travel alot so i get to meet so many people and i marketmy self in the process. I also belive in talking to everyone for opinion without judging.

Nimoh Futuristic So livivin in the two towns??msa n nairobi..tell me 
w@differences n simmilarities av u noted in the Hiphop industry 
between the two
Blackfella TheBigfella I belive as an artist you need different environments to be at a certain state of mind and to get different outcomes. Mombasa has alot of tallent and so does Nairobi. What makes it defer is the Day to day life, shengs slangs, culture and beliefs. Advantage wise, nairobi is top. This is because Nai is the capital of everything so  you are guränteed to meet everyone and 
everything is available
Blackfella TheBigfella Also alot of people invest wisely in the music business than Mombasa.

Nimoh Futuristic Nyc...so tell me abt ua video ..the concept behind it n w@ u workin on @ the moment?
Blackfella TheBigfella ‎"ONCE TOLD" video was directed by Brian kyallo and the (i am the future) crew. It was shot in the Ganjoni area of mombasa, this was so as to catch the coastal feeling and its achitecture. The video shoot was graced by coast Astists Fikra teule, Hustla jay , Producer N.J.E, masella and some beautiful babes......lol http://www.youtube.com/fellayo www.youtube.com 
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Blackfella TheBigfella The initial plan was to do it on top of bima tower so as to catch  the whole of mombasa but its was so windy up their and no bariers. 16 floors was too high for every one, so we opted for Ufuoni records roof top and some shots in a Tuk Tuk.

Nimoh Futuristic W@ project r u workin on at the moment??
Blackfella TheBigfella Working on my 1st album, also done new collaborations with new artists eg. Enkori, Nafsi Huru...., got  featured in a soon to come mixtape by PointBlank, Checkmate, Man Njoroo, Bab-sule and Nafsi Huru produced by Mojay of Audio Kusini Working on the next video for the single "I Know" and looking foward to working with more artists from different genres and orígin.

Nimoh Futuristic W@ do u think the HipHop community shuld do to 
make corporate world embrace it?
Blackfella TheBigfella Be more business minded and goal driven, investwisely to get good hold of the right market, Stop sidelining çourselves and feel as if we are not wanted or supposed to be doing what we do best. Sale our products in more professional way and support each other. Nothing is imposible, HipHop is gaining its respect back when it comes to corporate industry.
Nimoh Futuristic Coool,wuld u say music run in the fam coz ua sista is a Femcee too:)w@ do u do other than music?
Blackfella TheBigfella Anything can be sold for the right price. Its time we exausted the  other side of business in Art.
Blackfella TheBigfella Well, u can say so. She is a good upcoming female rapper and she is getting better. Other than music, i am a young entreprenuar/ businessman. Deal with Scrap metal and PA sound. Also a student of business and IT 

Nimoh Futuristic Nyc thanx so much for ua tym :) b gud n wish u well!
Blackfella TheBigfella Thank you nimo and keep doing the good works.

I appreciate you time and Jah Bless.

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