27 nov 2013

UrbanArt : Dreams Close To Home Tour : [Rough Draft] | Mooki Mooks, Skubalisto & Fuzzy Slipperz (Joburg SA)

Three Joburg-based artist friends embarked on a road trip across the country, painting murals and documenting their adventure. Painter/illustrator/muralists Lisolomzi Pikoli (Mr Fuzzy Slipperz) and Skumbuzo Vabaza (Skubalisto), and photographer Karabo Mooki (Mooki Mooks) had all been travelling overseas and on their return wanted to rediscover and better understand their home country through public art and service. The painting tour, titled Dreams Close To Home and co-sponsored by RVCA’s artist network program, took 15 days to complete.

[Rough Draft] | Mooki Mooks, Skubalisto, Fuzzy Slipperz from Corporate Nemesis on Vimeo.

Shot + Edited: Tseliso Monaheng
*work in progress

Source :  10and5.com

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