18 nov 2013

The Sage (Maputsoe, Lesotho) - State Of Affairs (Prod. Suuth)

Written and performed by: The Sage (of Library Productions)
Produced by: Suuth (of slumREC)
Recorded and mixed by The Sage at Library Productions
Artwork by: Johnson (of Library Productions)
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Verse 1:
Sometimes I just zone and write bars everyday,
nothin' much, you know, I just... scribble the page,
Writing rhymes is an escape and how I relax,
And all of my good days ends with lacin' a track,
But ignore all o' that, this one is taking me back,
To the days of getting beats and first starting to rap,
Back then it was...kinda cool for rapping dudes,
'Cause pretty much everyone sorta had clue,
What it means to emcee, and not wastin' a beat,
It was sorta like, not being snide when you greet,
Girls being discrete,
Music and heartbeats,
Sacrificing your seat,
Man, all o' that feat,
Yeah, man, you know, back in the day it was kinda cool though, it's
not like today, man.
Nowadays cats is like....
Verse 2:
Living the lavish from rhymes that are average,
I do wonder if in niggas domes there's a cabbage,
Or just vegetables that are not quite edible,
Broiled so much that they've lost all minerals,
The key-point, niggas make weak-ass joints,
With beats sounding like a good reason for annoyance,
The message is clear so let me get to the point, it's...
You cats ain't real, you're just flamboyant,
The fact is today, there's less respect for the art,
And everybody wants to see their name on a chart,
I mean, last I seen, it could easily drop,
So I dare you, a dare to write some shit from the heart,
Basically, nowadays when you rhyme there's a catch, it's:
You need to be aware that it's a fallible practice,
If you want a sewage where your mouth will drain,
Join this industry and find faeces aside your name,
Do away with your decency, your pride and shame,
To proclaim your legacy of risin' fame,
This illusion has hip hop in a perilous clout,
I know a few Do know what I'm talkin' about,
And it may not even help tryna speak out,
But seriously? We need to back-track and re-route,
Sometimes I just feel like we can bury this corpus,
Have this era in a permanent stage of rigor mortis.

Source : http://www.africanhhb.com
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