9 nov 2013

Zubz EPK Session 01 : "A Tribute To The High Priestess Of Soul" Feat Mizi and Nyambz

Publicado el 30/10/2013
It has been 8 years, almost to the day, since Zambian-born rapper Ndabaningi "Zubz" Mabuye worked on a full length project with hip hop producers Mizi Mtshali and Inyambo "Nyambz" Imenda. This had been his second studio album, Headphone Music In A Parallel World, in which Mizi appeared on 80% of the production credits, and Nyambz produced the controversial album single, "Get Out", which caused an uproar involving the political party Freedom Front Plus.

Fitting with Zubz's inclining towards social and political commentary, The trio has begun work on their second collective project, which is a tribute to arguably one of the music world's boldest socio-political commentators, the late Dr.Nina Simone. The project, titled A Tribute To The High Priestess Of Soul, makes use of samples of Nina Simone's work. The two producers craft the samples into hip hop beats and Zubz puts down the raps.

The album is being recoded at the world class Goliath Studio in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The studio features state-of-the art equipment and recording facilities, and was chosen as the home of this project because of its sophisticated, yet comfortable modern aesthetic.

The project has since produced provocative songs such as "Slave", where the super-MC and the high priestess speaks about mental, emotional and racial slavery, as well as "What They Want" which speaks to the pressure performing artists feel to give people what they want to hear. The song is introduced by a powerful quote by Nina Simone where she says: "She tried to give people what they wanted. That's a mistake really. You'll give up everything you've got trying to give the people what they want."

The project also promises a powerful line-up of international and local collaborations, the details of which the producers anent willing to let out of that bag at this stage.

Not only does the collaboration between these three artists promise to once again revolutionize music in South Africa, but also change the way albums are consumed, through a unique online solution which will also be launched together with the project. The project is set to be complete by November with the first singles set to be released in December.

Source : http://heavywords.co.za

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