12 nov 2013

Dam Dutchess : Dam Cities 'n' Da House

About Dam Dutchess

Dam Dutchess is a platform for female hiphop artists of Dutch grounds. This initiative is set up by Studio West, and is a collaborative project that focuses on promoting Dutch-female hiphop artists and making their name & sounds accessible for the public. We believe in collaborative efforts, our goal is to combine forces and create a wave of new talent in the Dutch hip hop scene, with crossovers to neo soul, hiphop, spoken word, brag n boast, pop, reggea and r&b.

The name "Dam Dutchess" arose during the project. Dutchess is a derivative of the words “dutch” and “duchess” . “Dam” represents the cities of Amsterdam & Rotterdam, where this platform was created. The idea for a platform occured because we at Studio West feel that there are many talented females out there who have - until now - been standing in the shadows of their male-counterparts, who have dominated the hip hop charts throughout the world. We would like to change this phenomenon by giving young, talented women the tools they need to succeed and a chance to showcase their talents. Its time for a new generation of ladies to share their message!

Led by Holland's leading lady in hiphop MC Melodee, Dam Dutchess is a new movement of women who aim to make their name known in the Dutch hip-hop scene. It’s time to let the world know!

At the moment the collaboration consists out of: DJ Shug La Sheedah, DJ Mixturess, DJ LUCYLOVE, D-Luzion, Shedney Ruffin, RBBP, Donna Lugassy, Feliciana, Alexa, LogiCA & MC Melodee (coach).

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Studio West / Dam Dutchess
Wendy de Vries

A: Osdorpplein 6, 1068 EL Amsterdam
T: 0031 (0)20-4107477
E: wdevries@studiowest.nl

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See more at: http://damdutchess.com/

Dam Dutchess: Ladies First Mixtape (2013)

Dam Dutchess: The Dam Good EP (2012)

Publicado el 10/10/2013
Download 'Mash Up' for FREE | http://snd.sc/17Zuu9O

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Vocals & lyrics | MC Melodee, RBBP, D-Luzion, Feliciana, Alexa, Shedney Ruffin & Donna Lugassy.

Music production | DFRNS

Mix | Killing Skills & DFRNS

Master | DFRNS

Video director + concept | BestBeeld: Luciano Simula

Camera crew | BestBeeld: Luciano Simula. Studio West Film Lab: Fouad Boukraa, Kester Scholten, Keweul Hailand, John Li, Ramses Petronia, Gersom Naarden & Sammy van Dorp

Edit | Studio West Film Lab: Fouad Boukraa BestBeeld: Luciano Simula

Production | Studio West: Wendy de Vries

Actors | Priscilla Macintosh, Ashanti Richardson, Karlyn van de Wiel, Bigsize, Eds o' Notoire, Keweul Hailand, Cheryl Powel & Belinda van der Stoep

Make up | Didi van Rijssen

Styling | Lleta van Gom, Cheryl Powel & Dam Dutchess

Photography | Deetailsz: Dolf Dirksz. Ibo Visuals & Luigino Doran

Special thanks | Studio West, The Parlour Hairsalon, Open Studio, DFRNS, MC Melodee, Fouad Boukraa & Luciano Simula

Supported by | Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West & De Meervaart
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