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Submit ur Music : #LAURYNHILL "Hazadas of Those Guyz" On Afrihooop #FD #2013

Hazadas of Those Guyz
Ambition & fast Cars
Militia Republic

Our key artist Hazadas of Those Guyz drops his first single off the project 'Ambition & fast Cars' released on July 25th via our soundcloud [www.soundcloud.com/blackageinc]. The track aptly titled '#LAURYNHILL' is an embodiment of his life before artistry and Hip-Hop thus very much relatable to the general public. He speaks or rather raps about how people are quick to forget who you are and what you've done once you make the simplest of mistakes. Of course in relation to the current legal troubles of Ms. Hill not withstanding. The track samples Smokey Robinson's 'Ooh Baby Baby' synced with lean hard hitting bass tempos worthy of a club banger. He's taking his own-made technique of rap by using a somewhat ignorant outlet (party/club scene with the beats) to try and inject pure sense and artistry in the form his inspiration Ol' Dirty Bastard & J. Dilla did so well. He believes as an artist they are given that platform to provide entertainment and knowledge at the same time..not necessarily in that order! The title track and cover art made by IICripples is of Ms. Hill who happens to be among a handful of his inspirations as an artist. The Ep 'Ambition & fast Cars' is due out 2013/2014, with writing done and recording underway.

Hazadas is managed under Militia Republic which is a subsidiary of BLACKAGEINC.

I know it's a cliche but it's true - every story starts in the sunset when all hope seems lost then comes a miracle. The thing is I actually wish it started that way. I'll probably not make it in this industry and be anotther name that never was...bye hater!!

You see I'm not to big on fading into oblivion. Best believe amma be heard through the sewer line, pumps and everywhere. I realized something the other day, 'THERE'S A LOT OF DESERVING MCs' out there. Only difference is H is going to make it. Like I said before, if they the s***,..then guess I leave in a sewer. They say there is no such thing as cockiness but overbloated confidence - that's my category. In this industry you have to be smart and watch your step as you go. I Hazadas, don't want to miss a beat in the road to success. I don't shun hate 'coz it multiplies your stakes. With my current state...my stakes are practically over the roof!

But enough about me...haha, kidding, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! I see you met my ego, he's H..you know, the shot-caller. I don't believe a person's persona in retrospect affects the outcome of his life at all. I owe H one. Hell I owe him my life! He's the bad-a$$ and I'm the hang on:). Anyway, I like to say my other persona isn't afraid of anything or anyone, matter of fact he has a rhyme like that in one of the songs " I'm young and fearless, I fear none/ On the real though I forgot to fear some!". He even forced me to write this article!

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