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Engone Endong ‏@EngongHitek [NEW] |Art ∞ Transmission| Part I (Mixed by Engone Endong)

[NEW] |Art ∞ Transmission| Part I (Mixed by Engone Endong)

"Art ∞ Transmission", an exploration of Arts, Cultures and Traditions that unite people.
It is also an educational way can study and appreciate the similarities between peoples through the expression of their Traditional Essence.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the beautiful Art I discovered through my musical experiences.
I have a deep love for Culture and Traditions. I think there is an Invisible Link between people, if we only we take the time to study the bond.

For this part one, we focused our attentions on the performance of Percussions (Gabon, Cuba, Ghana, Congo) during rituals and traditional ceremonies.

"Art ∞ Transmission", une exploration des Arts, Cultures et Traditions qui unissent les peuples. C'est aussi une maniere educative d'etudier et d'apprecier les similitudes entre les differents peuples a travers l'expression de leurs Essences Traditionnelles.

I hope you will enjoy the journey.
Please share the Essence with your friends.

Tracklist 1 Down the Congo By Voices Of Africa2 Ongala By Unknown (Kota:Okondja)3 Sounds from the Woods By Obo Addy4 Muerive Yo Lila By Tumba Francesca5 Si Ekungla! By Ensemble Awugha6 Dansuom By Music of the Ashanti of Ghana7 Dance of the Witch-Doctor By Music of Baoule8 Arc en Bouche By Celestin Mondjo9 Kpatsa/Toke By Obo Addy10 Autre Fragment (Mvet) By Leon Owono-Mba11 Ringleader By Shigeto

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