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The 'Growl' CD​/​LP by Ira Lee #nameyourprice


Equal parts face melting and heartbreaking. An absurd punishment for the guilty discoveries of sound and science to the sick, twisted, sycophantic romance of the human condition.

Joining forces with the creme de la creme of international groundbreaking experimental artists and musicians Socalled (Montreal, QC) Thavius Beck (Los Angeles, CA) PNEU (Tours, FR) Scream Dream Baby (London, ENG) GelRoc (Los Angeles, CA) Dj Emoh (Boston, MA) and Joseph Loughborough (Paris, FR / London, ENG) 'Growl' is Ira Lee's LAST and FINAL album.


1- Tacking a piss in the kitchen sink
2- Strike
3- Better versions of now (Produced by Thavius Beck)
4- Heather
5- Ed (Produced by Socalled)
6- Time machine to “93 (Feat. Scream Baby Scream)
7- Why don’t you love me?
8- The photographer (Produced by Thavius Beck)
9- Underarm Fat (Produced by JB-Pneu)
10- Rap Life (Feat. Gel Roc and DJ Emoh)
11- The black guy always dies (Produced by Thavius Beck)
12- Dragonheart (Produced by Thavius Beck)
13- Black bug (Produced by Virtual Flannel)


released 23 October 2012



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