28 ago 2013

hiphopdependency.com : For The Love Of Hip Hop (Texas - Usa)


The main aim of this site is to promote independent hip hop artists and music and showcase some of the talent that is out there.  You will find the following:
  1. Reviews of hip hop releases both current and past that I find to be noteworthy and heads and tails above the rest.
  2. Singles from artists that have been filtered from the deluge of different online resources. I will NOT feature everything from everyone.  It defeats the purpose.
  3. I will highlight a certain artist’s discography from time to time to showcase that individual’s deserving body of work.
  4. Videos that are eye catching and have artistic merit will also make it on the website.
The bottom line is that this site will be dedicated to finding the music that differentiates itself from the rest of the pack to both give the artist greater exposure to a wider audience and in turn give the wider audience something that merits listening.
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