14 ene 2013

Muthoni "The Drummer Queen" On Afrihooop


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Since 2009, Muthoni's sound has been described as Afro-Electro : an edgy mix of loud African drums & rhythmic patterns with Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronic/Dance, RnB, Soft Rock, Floe-try & Other experimental sounds creating an intoxicating fusion of sounds


Welcome To The Disco EP 
Date : Aug 2011
Label : Africa Unsigned
Singles : Welcome To The Disco, Tippie Toe

The Human Condition 
Date : Nov 2009
Label : PenyaAfrica/Muthoni Music
Singles : Mikono Kwenye Hewa, Life

Mambo Bado 
Date : Feb 2008
Label : Muthoni Music
Singles : Cool Waters


Feelin' It : Muthoni DQ
Producer : Musyoka (Decimal Records)

Vile Inafaa : (Muthoni DQ ft Octopizzo
Producer : Wdillie)

Mikono Kwenye Hewa Remix feat Sasha P (Nigeria) 
Date : Dec 2011

In addition to numerous performances, collaborative experiences and experiments, find listed below notable milestones of The Drummer Queen's music work experience so far

CEO/Founder Blankets & Wine Festival
Date : November 2008 - to date

Incubate Festival, Netherlands
Date : September 2011

Sauti Za Busara : An annual international festival in Zanzibar
http://www.sautizabusara.com/ : 
Date : Feb 2011

Selam Festival see 
Date : Sweden > November 2010, 
: Ethiopia > Jan 2011

MTV Africa nomination "Best New Artist 2010"
Date : December 2010

Bring the noise : A collaborative mash-up project by the British Council blending african artists and UK artists and Producers
Date : September 2007 - March 2008
In her previous lives, the girl currently known as Muthoni Ndonga aka "The Drummer Queen" was among other things the head of Shaka Zulu's harem , a cunning street urchin who converted into a renown mystic healer in current day Armenia, a polar bear, a Chinese dumpling maker and a fierce General under Napoleon. Her adventures run concurrently with the 300 wars, the invention of the envelope and the discovery of whiskey. In this life, Muthoni Ndonga is a living breathing singer of the hero variety.

This embodiment of talent is a songwriter-flow-poet by night and creative-social entrepreneur by day. She is the founder & CEO of Blankets & Wine which is East Africa's premiere music experience. Blankets & Wine is a monthly picnic-style family friendly music festival showcasing emerging genres of Urban-African music

When she trans-nights between sleeping, waking, eating and breathing, she brandishes her sticks as, (**insert victorious sounding horns**) THE DRUMMERQUEEN (DQ). Since 2012, MDQ has embodied an element of persona-the rapper and you'll find her singing off all her music under #BayssLady

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