4 ene 2013

Da Video Of the Week : SB.TV – Apocalypse Special "CYPHER" On Afrihooop

SB.TV – Apocalypse Special – [CYPHER] 

@akalamusic @MicRighteous @BlackTheRipper @LogicArmy 

@LadyLeshurr @iamblizzard @preditah

Publicado el 22/12/2012
I thought the world was going to end so I decided to make an epic cypher for you lot. Enjoy!

SB.TV linked up with some of the UK's most prolific lyricists for a special apocalypse cypher with their thoughts on the state of the world in 2012. @akalamusic @LadyLeshurr @iamblizzard @ItsDotRotten @englishfrank @MicRighteous @BlackTheRipper @LogicArmy

@preditah on the beat.

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