14 ene 2013

Laid Back Radio (LBDK) On Afrihooop

Laid Back Radio (LBDK) is a pioneer of the free radio movement. LBDK was first established in 2002 in Brussels as a FM radio show (at Radio Vibration, Radio Panik and FM Brussel), but we like to think about ourselves as a digital platform for fresh content & music. 

Music-wise, our collective of eclectic collaborators, producers and DJ's accross the globe, bring the freshest sounds to your hears from a flick of their musical wrist - from soul, funk, vintage jazz, reggae to beats, latin music and hip-hop - LBDK sources top ranking sounds worldwide. 

If you like our vibe, make sure to check our hub www.ldbk.eu to learn more about our projects, collabs and partnerships. 

Listen LBDK online radio 24/7 via www.ldbk.eu/listen


Named third best music cloudcaster in 2011: www.ldbk.eu/mixcloudbestof2011

 Laid  Back Radio on Mixcloud

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