25 jun 2012

End Beginnings by Lesego Rampolokeng & the Kalahari Surfers

Lesego Rampolokeng 

(born 7July 1965) is a SouthAfrican writer, 
playwright and performance poet.

Version General / mains terminated

chorus season 

sewermen    hewer-men of semen 

venereal parasites 
broken aerial combatants 
verbal penitents 
official-slime-snout    slug-genital 
putrid-orificial    human mains terminal 
          the generals walk free 
specifics crawl in lock-down 
horrific cute as electric     mock crucifix 
the lynch-mob is jesus     (aryan fractricks
"come down the tree     clown monkey" 
tropics give up forestry in human currency 
         we have a general amnesty
Source : Project Muse

Original 1989 release plus 2 extra tracks. Album download includes scans from original CD cover of framegrabs from the William Kentridge's short film "Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City after Paris" (1989).

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