19 jun 2012

Smooth Hip Hop To Feel Deep Inside : Musiq Man On Afrihooop

His music is real, truthful, moving, and also very varied. Abiola Otusanya A.K.A ‘Musiq Man’ is an extremely talented Artist, Composer, Performer, multi-instrumentalist and Engineer of Nigerian origin currently residing in Brighton. He generally works with the RnB, Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop genres and developed his love for music from the Age of 8 when he taught himself to play the keyboard. 

At the age of 15 Abiola sang and played the keyboard for a Church Choir where his passion for music grew dramatically. Abiola is currently working with other talented musicians including Rappers, Singers and Songwriters in his locality and has produced/composed a track featuring the US rapper Jon Hope, US rapper Pyinfamous, and French rapper Kahifa titled “Life”, on which he also sings the chorus. He was once involved with the Brighton based band Vortection and is now playing in Grace Obika’s Band (London) and The E.M.E (Brighton) as a keyboardist. 

Abiola has a large number of beats that he has composed and has recently released an album containing his best work so far entitled, “The Journals”. He can be found performing live at various venues in Brighton and London. 

Abiola breathes and lives music, which will soon be heard and appreciated worldwide. 

For more information, check him out at:  http://www.musiqman.co.uk/

Free download the Net Tape On Bandcamp

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