26 abr 2014

Da Video Of The Week : Relentless - Chub Heightz #markedmenrecords

Publicado el 25/4/2014
Title: Relentless
Artist: Chub Heightz
Composer: QXJR
Mixing & Mastering: TubztheMaestro (Marked Men Records)
Label: Marked Men Records
Publisher: Marked Men Records
ISRC: ZA15A1200004

"Relentless is a song that is meant to motivate people to never give up on whatever trials they are faced with in their lives. It's a very personal track that Chub Heightz wrote during a doubtful time in his life. He wrote the song as a way of reminding himself and his fans that no matter how tough life gets, remember that you are your biggest obstacle. If you believe that you can over come, then you shall over come. This year let's all wake up every morning with the intention to be Relentless in our pursuit of happiness, good health, wealth or whatever it is we want to acquire in life."

Source : http://www.eliasfm.co.bw

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