23 ago 2012

Hiphoplifeandtimes.com On Afrihooop


Welcome to Hip-Hop Life & Times, a new Hip-Hop website, magazine, blog, e-zine what ever you want to call it, we don’t mind! The site is owned & run by myself Stix. You may of heard of me from some of the posts I used to put on Stand Up UK, if not don’t worry its cool, I’m just glad that you’ve found the new site!
So this is the site and how will it differ from the other thousands of Hip-Hop blogs on the planet? Simple, our aim is to be upfront with news on all the latest from the world of underground Hip-Hop from the UK as well as reporting on some of the better releases coming out of the USA.
If you have something that you feel should be on our website then please do get in contact as we are always looking for content and are interested in taking on new writers.
I hope you enjoy Hip-Hop Life & Times as much as we do…
Stix, Editor & Chief

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