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Omid 'Sekou' Wisdom's "Universal Language" + Lyrics

Omid 'Sekou' Wisdom

''God willing''
Dropping on my birth day
A little something for ya'll
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Universal Language 
[Chronicles 101:The Wisdom of Testimonies - The Kassette Bu Jahaso Vol 1 ]

[Verse 1]
It all started a little, before the days of extra touch
Nah a little further back, before tv was a sport
Maybe when Radio One, held that number one spot
Can’t really replay it all, but school was my hustle then
And these levels a manifestation
Of answers, never asked for? And many unanswered questions.
Like the times brothers, started repping crews and yards 
Or the times some brothers, tried to come up with a cause
But they must’ve cut they coat, bigger than they cloth
Tried to blame it on these city locs, like villages
But just like Braille kinda saw thru the shades of grey
Nerves to say I was biting styles, cuz I flipped a set of rhymes
But I was in my prime, spitting like ... with a moda
That woud’ve bust - unlike lip - service 
[starr ] blowing on a spliff, like I came from the east, 
Hardly acting like I was on the wild west on these blocks
[went by the name of ‘seek’]
There are many languages, yet none is without meaning.
This is a Universal Language, rhyme and reason
There are many languages, yet none is without meaning.
This is a Universal language but what is it really saying
There are many languages, yet none is without meaning.
This is a Universal Language, but is it anything?
Like the tower of Babel..Cuz mein as soon as I say it. 
You know or you don’t know what i’m saying.

[Verse 2]

By 98 the word was Hip hop in France 
Was going through evolution, the golden age
Arsenik, Lunatik, see most of the immigrants
Came from North Africa, and Afrique de l’ouest.
About the same time, Seek and Majin This
England slash France meets central and the west
Africa, dropping compositions even college kids
Up in France, appreciated, none of us was,
Always grown with the craft, but put in work, just like
Nobody becomes without going through a becoming
Like Wizzy when he was in cash money humming
This is Big Wiz, wondering when that cash money coming
Ghetto noir days no royalties ever came in
Though we made it to Mtv, 2000 and something
With the brethren Smoke doc, all African revolution, 
Till this day brothers going round and round with this becoming.

[Verse 3]
I even seen my own fam tell me I was going to flop
That I wasn’t consistent enough, to take it to the top
But I seen Kings chosen, because of they hearts 
Not because of their good looks or their sweet talks
Mein you must be the only one that is able to walk 
Through the valleys of the shadow’s of death, without your heart
Beating hard, [Man] Do you have the mind of a God
Or could it be that you have, the mind of the God
But I’ll tell you like I told who, God is you
Ye are gods, but you will never be God
Wretched and redeemable, I am likely to par
You with on top of whoever, it is that you think you are
Fire with your tongue, you are likely to start when you talk
But right before you self destruct, need man replay it all
Since the day of the fall, like the day I headed to talk my way out the gutter
With this gift given to I and yours?

Chorus till fade

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