30 ene 2015

Teck​-​Zilla's Audio Chemistry: 1st Period by Teck-Zilla #Nigeria #Montreal #Preorder

Teck-Zilla's Audio Chemistry is a sonic experiment that spans the globe. Working with frequent collaborators (King K.O.N.G, Sonyae, Hua Li, Mister Rae) and overseeing dream match-ups (Canibus/Modenine, Rapper Big Pooh/Str8Buttah), Teck-Zilla has created a truly international Hip-hop compilation. An album that could also double as a map of his personal travels mastering his craft. 
The album fuses production styles displayed on previous instrumental releases (Son Of Sade: An Ode, Souled Off​:​A Dedication To Molly Molls, Fela Kuti + Ginger Baker Live​!​: Remixed) while still evolving his sound to new frontiers.


releases 07 February 2015


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