17 ene 2015

Eodub International Hip Hop Festival - Kampala - Uganda #End_Of_The_Weak #Hip_Hop_Festival

Publicado el 16 de ene. de 2015
Eodub International Hip Hop Festival happened on 25th Oct 2014 at OPEN HOUSE, in Kampala, Uganda.

Video by Re# Studio


Our Hip Hop Festival is the first locally rooted international Hip Hop festival in Uganda and focuses on revitalizing the Uganda Hip Hop community from the country’s regional towns and within Kampala.

The Festival aims to provide Ugandan Hip Hop Artists from the northern, eastern, western and central regions opportunities to participate in cultural cooperation by learning about the history of Hip Hop, experiencing the cultural elements, and performing with artists from around the world.

End of the Weak (Eodub) was founded in 2000 as one of the few weekly platforms in NYC where hip-hop performers were able to hone their talent. What started as a small Open Mic in the back of a restaurant has grown into NYC’s longest-running weekly hip-hop show and an International Hip-Hop movement.

End of the Weak has expanded into 15 countries across 5 continents and 22 cities around the globe. Our MC Challenge has given thousands of artists all over the world a new medium to test their talents. The non-confrontational tone of the EOW MC Challenge and the talent of the MC’s that compete in it have catapulted our success and allowed to us bring together hip-hop lovers across the world.

Eodub is now a multi national entertainment lifestyle brand. We produce events, multimedia and clothing that represent our uniquely global hip hop flavor.

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