16 ene 2015

3XTR3M3S by San @AudibleBraile + Hanzo Reiza @5hinobi5quad (Lesotho - Uk) #FD

- SAN is the producer, representing Audible Braile Ent.
- HANZO REIZA is the emcee, representing 5hinobi 5quad.
- 3XTR3M3S is the result of a collaborative effort between the two international artists.

- Follow SAN on twitter HERE: @iamSANhedrin
- Follow HANZO REIZA on twitter HERE: @KIReizaNinja


released 26 September 2014

- All Instrumentals produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist.
- All Lyrics by HANZO REIZA.



all rights reserved


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