4 may 2013

"Verbal Arts" by SAN (Lesotho) and Dr. LEKTA (United Kingdom) on #FD #RT

You have now entered the mind state of Dr LEKTA and SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist. 

The story that has through time become known as VerbalARTs begins with Dr. Lekta travelling through the wasteland still struggling with his split personality Hip Hopkins. Along the way he meets a fellow traveller, beat smith and warrior by the name of San, the Instru-Monumentalist. San informs Lekta of a place not too far off called the City Of Realms where its inhabitants are a people polluted by wack music. Together, they agree to embark on a quest for the city with righteous intention of cleansing it of this plague. In preparation, San forges a sword for the Dr and explains that if he proves successful in freeing the city from the musical mediocrity that enslaves it, he will find purpose and in turn be rewarded with a remedy for his split personality.

As the Dr explores the City of Realms, slaying anyone verbally and physically in his path with fine crafted beats provided by San, the two are unstoppable on their journey and the story of the Dr lives on.


Released 03 May 2013 

VerbalARTs is produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist (Lesotho) with Lyrics by Dr. LEKTA (United Kingdom). The eP is mixed and mastered by Mr. RIZ of Block Kids On The New (South Africa) and features emcees ELLIOTT NIEZEL (California) and SLIM PICKENS (Boston)




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