4 mar 2014

Submit Your Muzik : "The Rush" by Rootwords - Official Artwork And Teaser

This is the official artwork and teaser for the debut album "The Rush" by Rootwords .

Short Bio //

Rootwords was born in the United States (of Zambian origin) and grew up in Switzerland, where within the last decade he has become an undeniable talent in the international hip hop scene, to keep an eye on. Since the age of 16, he cultivated his love for hip hop, the underground scene and explosive beats. “A world citizen rapper” is a good way to define the aesthetics of this artist who, through his texts and music, expresses his attachment to multiculturalism, diversity, and the world in general.

He has shared the stage with high profile artists, such as IAMCypress HillPublic EnemyDead PrezMethod Man and Redman, at festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival.

His first album, The Rush, will be in stores in Switzerland on the 28th of March and in France on the 7th & 8th of April, and will allow you to discover, if not yet, a rich urban sound with modern influences of hip hop, soul and reggae. In this album, Rootwords holds dear to the sounds he blends by reflecting a world that is in constant expansion, where boarders are crossed and where people interlock.

**Digital Release Date To be Announced Soon**

For more information, please visit ::

Official Website : www.rootwordsmusic.com 
Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/rootwordsmusic 
Twitter Page : www.twitter.com/rootwords 

Publicado el 14/02/2014
New Album « The Rush »
Release date in Switzerland
March 28th, 2014
Kinyama Records / Irascible

Release dates in France
April 7th, 2014 (digital platforms)
April 8th, 2014 (Cd's)
Soulbeats Records / M'A Publishing
Believe Digital / Harmonia Mundi

Music produced by Kinyama Sounds

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