1 mar 2014

Go Vote ··· Votez ··· Votad -------->>>> Teck Zilla #nevastopfighting

I hardly do this but I needs your help to get this. You don't have to register or anything, just kindly click the link to vote for my mix in the ongoing Burn residency competition. https://apps.facebook.com/burnresidency/dj-profile/3812 Thanks so much You can always leave this convo if you want to by the way. Sorry for the 'Spammish" message.

Teck Zilla is a Nigerian born Montreal based emcee beatmaker producer DJ Writer. After moving from the UK to Canada Teck Zilla has proceeded to work with like minded artists in Montreal as a producer beatmaker. He picked up the DJ bug in Montreal while watching local DJ legends like God Father dee Scott C displaying their skills on the decks and he has gone ahead to DJ for artists like Dessy Dilauro Kalmunity Freddy V and Dice B during the annual Urban Festival amongst other gigs.

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