27 dic 2012

Da Video Of The week : "Smile" first video from the Fusionists's Shared Vision album On Afrihooop

Dr. Mad's Story : First I did the drums. then got the sample. then chopped it. then sequence the beat. then Lavishh came up with a hook. then he wrote a 16. then Silex & Marley did the same. then we recorded. then we mixed. then the mastering. then the art cover. then the photo shooting. then the press release. then the manufacture. then the million phone calls. then radio interviews. then the rehearsals. then release party. then more radio interviews and more shows. then the storyboard for the video. then the shooting. then post-production. then the release party for the video. then youtube.
But like my man 'eQ' said: Drums First.
You right Lou, watching this whole process is the best feeling.
Shouts to The Fusionists (The talent) & Beto (The video!) TR3S (The engineer) & Vox Sambou (The man) Sarah Linhares (The organisation!)

And everybody who made this possible. I'm Super Sayen Humbled...

MC's: Lavish, Silex, Marley, De Jazz, Ebonic Raven aka Wizzard
Beat Production: Docteur Mad (Alaiz)
Video direction: Beto Arpaiz (Alquimia Verbal), Lou Piensa (Nomadic Massive) and Marley
Camera and Editing: Beto Arpaiz (Yos-B Productions)

Smile, first video from the Fusionists's Shared Vision album.
The Fusionists is a group that came together through the Nobad Sound Studio, a community studio administered by Maison des Jeunes de la Cote-des-Neiges where daily free workshops on rap writing, beat-making and performance are offered. The studio is coordinated by Lou Piensa of Nomadic Massive and Docteur Mad of the Alaiz collective.

What makes you smile?

Link for the album:

Nobad Sound Studio
3732 De Courtrai
Montreal, Quebec

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