27 dic 2012

"This Is Not An Album" by Non Applicable On Free Download On Afrihooop

London born emcee Non Applicable recently dropped his debut release ‘This Is Not An Album’ for FREE download. Stand out tracks are ‘Y R U Boastin’ featuring Ricko Capito and ‘Beef Starts’ featuring West Londons Theme. This is eight tracks of head nodding dopeness from start to finish dont sleep on this FREE download its SICK! Non Applicable is defintley one to keep an eye on.

released 27 November 2012

Vocals: Non Applicable
Guests: Kalldean, Ricko Capito, Theme
Production: Jetsun, Haka Beats
Mixing & Mastering: Emma Vie
Design: Bodz

check the video to "Internal Convo" here:


shot by Bodz





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