19 dic 2012

Afrihooop's Bests 2012 In Review : Got my own Awards

Afrihooop's Best 2012 

Favourite Song Of 2012

Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid Feature On JFX Bits #5 By Jarring Effects (South Africa)
Bril Fight 4 - Hard Luv (Senegal)
State Of Emergency (S.O.E) The Cypher (Kenya)
Lesego Rampolokeng & the Kalahari Surfers "Heavyweight" (South Africa)
G.a.b 'n' Rapsom Rank, Hip Hop Subterannean Hiphop (Port Harcourt, River, NG)
Rex T "Topeuma" (Senegal)
Omid Sekou Wisdom "Universal Languaje" (Gambia) 
La Blanche (Bonus) The Fusionists (Montreal/Canada)
Flexy Jilly "She Loves Me" (Senegal)
Ouagaougou Zone Démocratie Foutaise (feat. Al Peco) (Burkina Fasso)
Human Power By Con-Fuze Prod By O (Zimbabwe / South Afrika)
Book-3 Da Monsta Fire Feeling Freestyle (Senegal)

Artist / Group Of 2012

CashinoNDT (Nigeria / Uk)
Bril Fight 4 (Senegal)
Rhyme Assasin (Zimbabwe) 
Webster (Montreal / Canada / Senegal)
Spoek Matambo (South Africa)
Ramson Badbonez (Nigeria / Uk)
@iamSANhedrin (Nigeria / Lesotho)
Ricardo "Emrical" Lamour (Montreal / Canada)
The Federation (South Africa)

Album/Mixtape Of 2012

Wellcome To The Mad House - BLNRB Berlin - Nairobi Connection (Germany / Kenya)
United States Of Africa - EngongHitek ReeKordz (Gabon/ Montreal)
R'aperitif By Bril Fight 4 (Senegal)
Skivintage Rizly • Pretoria • South Africa : Block Kids On The New [EP] (South Africa)
Elom 20ce - Analgézik by Asrafo Records (Togo)
Holla​@​Braydz by Braydz (Nigeria/Uk)
The Fusionists "Shared Vision" (Montreal / Canada)
Maidu & Sanhedrin - Masterd Skill by Audible Braile Entertainment (Lesotho/Southafrica)
Apex Zero - Pulse of The Awakening (Uk)
Kuti + Ginger Baker Live! Remixed By Teck-Zilla (Montreal / Nigeria)
X Plastaz "Shule Mixtape" (Tanzania / Neatherlands)
Blak Madeen & Tragedy Khadafi – Militant Minds EP (Usa)
Ramson Badbonez Remixes (Nigeria/Uk)
Inc.o.a.s.t.nito [Explicit] by Green Hypnotic - Montreal (Canada)
MHP And Rapsom "Joint Venture : Ghost Of ‘94" (Nigeria/Uk)

Video Of 2012

Lowko - Playing With Fire (Music Video) [@MCTVUK @Lowko_official] (Uk)
Ill Thought - Tenchoo & Utopia (TheJumpOff 2012 Champion) (Uk)
Matador "Hip Hop Attitude" (Senegal)
Rodwyn - Au Pays Des Legendes (Cameroon)
Apex Zero Ft. Omeza Omniscient & Emceekilla - The Key To Our Survival (Uk)
Murs & Fashawn "Slash Gordon" By Duck Down Music (Usa)
Rabbit Kaka Sungura : "The Swahili Shakespeare" (Kenya)
Ricardo "Emrical" L'amour "Combien De Morts"
Sir Jamal's "T · Killa Man"(Senegal)
Ben Sharpa and Pure Solid – ‘Heroes’ (South Africa)
Take It Higher BLNRB Berlin / Nairobi Connection (Germany / Kenya)
Jam Jarr - I Am Not Here (by Stacey Howell and Zoë McLean) (South Africa)  

Dj Of 2012

Dj Ise (Usa / Nigeria)
Bamba Nazar (Sudan / Neatherlands) 
Fonkeemonk (Ghana / Belgium)
Dj Mike Love (Nigeria) 
Yemi a.k.a Deejay Yemster (Nigeria / Uk)
Dj Zeyna (Senegal)

Labels/ Producers Of 2012

EngongHitek ReeKordz "Engone Endong" (Gabon/Montreal)
Class'chic Records "Dasupacreator" (Senegal)
Tentacule Records (Burkina Fasso)
Audible Braile (Lesotho/Southafrica)
Teck Zilla (Nigeria/Montreal)
NoBadSound (Montreal)

Smooth Hip Hop Best Artists Of  2012

Musiq Man "Musiq"(Nigeria/Uk)
Deetah "D.F.S Vol 1/2/3" (Montreal / Canada)
Wes Felton "Handle With Care" (Washington Dc)
Raiza Biza "Dream Something" LP  (Kigali - Rwanda)
Sabza The Capital S "The Story So Far" EP (Swaziland)
Juls" The Jungle Book Beat Tape II (Ghana)
The Underground Railroad Network By Turn Nation (Uk)
Voicetag "Electronic Tongue Jazz" (South Africa)

FemMc's Of 2012

Keny Arkana "Tout Tourne Autour Du Soleil" (France)
Rapsody "The Drums ft. Heather Victoria, The Soul Council" (Usa)
Edwine Myra Evenya - Myra La Seule Et Vraie Rappeuz Au Togo (Togo)
Zay B Lipangile - Aina Shobo (Tanzania)
Trae Yung - I Will (Zimbabwe) 
Wolf Chanda Wolf "Rabbit" (Freak Niggi) (Zambia)
Mc Coco – Enfant de la rue (Cameroon)
Awa Bling - Dormi Geetleh Awa Bling produced by Omid Wisdom for Suufd'Or / GoldenDust (Gambia)
@ShiShiOfficial Feat @JablonT2K "I Like" (Prod by Jusa Dementor) (Zimbabwe)

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