31 jul 2012

United States Of Africa Mixtape On Free Download

United States of Africa mixtape ~ by Engone Endong by EngongHitek ReeKordz

Beatmaking the Kultures...

EngongHitek Reekordz is an independant music label based in Montreal (Canada).
Created in 2000 and led by the Beatmaker/Producer Maitre Engone Endong (as known as Shogun), 
the labels's mission is to bring back the Essence and Philosophy of the Holy MotherLand.

Influenced by Great Masters and Afrikan Legends , Shogun's work is a real journey, a panel of colors 
and flavors, sights and souds, and untld stories about Mighty Men living in our Traditions.

After fructuous collaborations as producer of international hits "Invasion Barbare" and Destination Gabao", 
EngongHitek Reekodz' long awaited first album will be released soon.

In meantime, thanx for visiting www.engonghitek.wordpress.com, we will update it on the regular with 
brand new trax straigt out of the Sun and pictures of the making of EngongHitek's next blaze project: 
Maitre Angone Endong album, produced, conducted by himself.

Stay tuned. Akiba.
For more info on the film "United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop": 
Pour plus d'infos sur le film "Les États-Unis d'Afrique: Au dela du Hip Hop": 
Remerciements a Phi Group.
Tracks compiled by Yanick Létourneau, Parker Mah and Engone Endong
1- "L'esclave (intro)" Thomas Sankara
2- "Presidents d'Afrique" Positive Black Soul
3- "Tout ceci ne vous rendra pas le Congo" Baloji
4- "Questions Noires (Sarkozy Diss)" Lord Ekomy Ndong
5- "Degage" Awadi et Sami Dorbez
6- "I'm a African (skit)" Dead Prez
7- "MenelikDub (Episode 9)" Engone Endong
8- "Qui a tire?" Smockey
9- "Quitte le pouvoir" Tiken Jah Fakoly
10- "Du riz et des Armes" Apkass
11- "jerkjerkjerk" (Bleach skit)
12- "Fire" Maga Bo feat Xuman
13- "Le Silence des Gens biens" from "Presidents d'Afrique"
14- "Ancetres (intermission) Engone Endong
15- "Bienvenue a Poto-Poto" AURA
16- Interlude by Lexxus Legal
17- "Mbil Biang (Episode 10)" Engone Endong
18- "Guerre sans Gloire" Elome Vince
19- "Le Cri du Peuple" Awadi
20- "Stoppez les (criminels)" Awadi
21- "J'en peux plus" Smockey feat Bouba Mendy
22- "L'Afrique doit du Fric" Tiken Jah Fakoly"
23- "Liberation Day" Okoss/Engone Endong
24- "Ntoto" Fredy Massamba

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