14 oct 2013

M.anifest Accra, Minneapolis, Ghana "Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America" in stores, itunes and www.manifestmc.com

Best Rapper of the year at 2013 Ghana Music Awards. BBC's The Strand tipped M.anifest as one of four artists to watch for in 2012. Featured on 5 songs on Rocket Juice & the Moon - an album by Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Flea (Chili Peppers), & Tony Allen. M.anifest released his sophomore album "Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America" in September 2011 to critical acclaim - including top 10 album of the year honors in the Star Tribune. In 2010, MTV spotlighted M.anifest as a hot new artist to look out for on the program "Seven." He was voted City Pages “Songwriter of the Year” after his critically acclaimed 2007 debut Manifestations. He has been described as an artist with “an incredible gift” (the run off groove) who possesses “the kind of assured, joyful, ruminative voice that made Mos Def into Hollywood's favorite conscious-rap star" (City Pages).


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