12 sept 2013

Botswana Hip Hop Throwback Thursday (Zeus-Gijima) Video + Lyrics via #eliasfm.co.bw

Subido el 13/07/2009
Hit single by Zeus, a rapper from Botswana

Verse 1
Ke a fisa this year
that’s a fact whether or not ke relesa this year
its been a long time coming now listen Im here
all you rappers EMI, Gallo, Sony to Sheer
Ya’ll better step up your rhymes
or in one sixteen Im taking all of your shine
and making it mine
freestyle not making a dime
you wonder who Im
Names Zeus pleasure is mine
if ever a rhyme
that’s dope should be put on rewind
this is the time/ pure skill this refined
ke dinako tsa teng
that’s my mother tongue utlwa ka motswako wa teng
I don’t give fuck if you think motswako wa khenya
I throw a little English in so ba nkutlwe ko Kenya
morafe already told you ska rasa wa e senya
so when you this track ska harassa listen up uhh

Hook (call and response):
Gijima Ntwana
Son Im coming at you
Gijima ntwana
Jo when I catch you Im’a smash you
Gijima ntwana
Nigga run

Gijima ntwana
your sixteens all weak di tlhoka o gyma ntwana
dima ntwana
don’t care about beemer ntwana
or which TV presenter no mo skeema ntwana no
ke ja motswako ke go tima ntwana
wa tuka wa re o molelo ke tla go tima ntwana
Im throwing punchlines at you, thiba ntwana
nah that aint funny o tshega riba ntwana
spit dope so your peeps can bu
write more inspired shit than Shakespeare in love
screaming gangsta gangsta like MC’s is thugs
Im here the save industry like Jesus blood
don’t drive shit so they like he’s a scrub
my come back two words “yo mama” what
that’s right Zeus setting off the drama what
break out the rhyme proof vests, get out your armour what!

Hook (call and response):
Gijima Ntwana
Son Im coming at you
Gijima ntwana
Jo when I catch you Im’a smash you
Gijima ntwana
Nigga run

Verse 3
Like Malcolm Jamal Warner
e tla o bona
on stage he’s contagious skare ga go warna
stepped on your kicks oops sorry ga ka go bona
yo those are Nike’s?
nah that aint likely
yo they just might be
made in China just practice Tai-Chi
a big boy heavy rapper never take me lightly
resemble a young Ali when I jab a man
your flows money son so says Jabba man
props to the veterans
luck to the rookies
I win the Heisman trophy touch down and boogie
looky looky
you crumbled like a cookie
gamble wit your life and Im the mad bookie
thinking that you Freedy four fingers
get you injured
busy thinking o le ninja
kea go jela boss re a baba di ntshang
spit fire on the beat bo re thola income

Gijima Ntwana
Gijima ntwana
Gijima ntwana
Nigga run

Source : http://www.eliasfm.co.bw

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