22 feb 2015

Submit Ur Muzik on Afrihooop ¬¬¬ Sloo Pharoah #Durban #ZA "Rapping Paper"


I'm Sloo, here's my description:

Born in Durban, South Africa, Sloo has been nomadic since he was 16 days old. Living in 10 cities over 21 years. He started scribbling raps at age 11 and started taking rap seriously at age 17. Since then he has released his Simple Life EP and a full length mixtape entitled "It's About Time" with his former crew "Since Sliced Bread". Since going solo in 2013, Sloo has been working on his debut project while studying Film at the University of Cape Town. His main influences are Rakim, Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar. Sloo has dealt with depression for many years so you'll probably hear some sad boy lines in his bars. He also love bacon, pizza, bacon pizza, chicken wings & puppies. Sloo is also unsigned as fuck.

The track Rapping Paper is my unofficial remix of Christian Tiger School's "Martin Luther Vandross". It has mad boom bap feels, a simple catchy hook and some funny bars about South African life. Enjoy with bacon pizza and hot wings for full effect.

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